KIOTR Chat Transcript for 6-24-06

Topics of Discussion:  Astonishing X-Men #15, & X-Men 3 - The Last Stand

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Kirayoshi I appear to be early
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anhayla hey!
anhayla I saw you after you left
Kirayoshi Hey back
Kirayoshi Thought the chat hadn't started yet.
anhayla I was off reading this really good story, where Illyana returns and...
Kirayoshi Oh? anyone I know?
anhayla lol
Kirayoshi Just finished the chapter today
anhayla I saw it when I went to find the address to get here.. so I had to go read it
anhayla not done yet
Kirayoshi Ah.
anhayla I need to read faster lol
Kirayoshi Take your time.
anhayla *sounds of pages turning*
Kirayoshi I was looking at to see if there were any advance reviews of Superman Returns
anhayla anything?
Kirayoshi A few.
anhayla I like the actor, he's a cutie ^.^
Kirayoshi So far, 82% give it favorable reviews.
anhayla not bad
Kirayoshi I want to see Kevin Spacey as Lex.
anhayla what did X3 get, dare I ask?
Kirayoshi 57%
Kirayoshi Just shy of a 'fresh' rating.
anhayla well, not as bad as it could have been, I guess
Kirayoshi I'm waiting for it to hit the discount theater, myself.
Kirayoshi Is it just me or does Storm in this look like Chianna from Farscape?
anhayla it was as good as the first two, if thats any indication
anhayla lol, yes she does, abit, now that you mention it
Kirayoshi My brother gave it a favorable review.
Kirayoshi Seriously, I'd have preferred to see her in a mohawk!
anhayla now that would have been great, but Halley would never do it
Kirayoshi Correction: my brother didn't review the movie for the Salt Lake Tribune, someone else did.
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Kirayoshi Yo!
anhayla Hey!
Amokitty Hey guys!!!
Amokitty Beat me to my own party I see! :)
anhayla early birds
Amokitty Kirayoshi, your story was fantastic. What a nice surprise!
Kirayoshi Thanks
anhayla *reads faster*
Kirayoshi Don't give too much away, Anhayla hasn't finished it yet
Amokitty Guys, I think you should know something..... a troll came to the room yesterday named"Lonewolf21" I fear for a reappearance.
Kirayoshi Oh dear...
anhayla SOme people are sick
Amokitty I was so pissed, I couldn't think straight.
Amokitty At any rate the names LoneWolf21, Joey1, and Joey Meyers - are now retired from the usernames that can be used in this room.
Amokitty No one may use them now.
Kirayoshi Glad to hear that.
Kirayoshi Some respect please.
anhayla absolutely
Amokitty Why???? I just don't get it. Why would someone try to hurt us like this?!
Kirayoshi Small minds, small hearts--
Kirayoshi if we're talking males, probably small other things as well.
Amokitty No kidding!
anhayla tee hee
Amokitty I just realized Anhayla, you've haven't see the room til now. what do you think?
anhayla its great! ANd I haven't been kicked out once!
Kirayoshi Same here.
Amokitty LOL. It's not going to happen either!!! Thank God, this room's a keeper.
Kirayoshi That first chat, it was practically a running gag!
anhayla my cat? just did a back flip... lol
Amokitty I know! I'm still so sorry about that. I guess the 3rd time's the charm.
Amokitty Whoa..... mine can't do that!
anhayla the applause... ummm... startled him :)
Kirayoshi Oh, I had an idea for a done-in-one story.
Amokitty The sounds feature - yeah, I'll grow tired of that at some point.....
Amokitty Please tell us.
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Kirayoshi Piotr visits a market in Brighton Beach to pick up some groceries for a birthday gift for Kitty, and meets an old friend from when he first came to New York.
Amokitty Hiya, Honey!
amocaT howdy..
Amokitty Oh-uh. Not Anya! Is it???
amocaT hey all.. well, you three..
Kirayoshi The old friend now owns his own shop and had just hired someone to assist at the cash register.
Kirayoshi His new employee turns out to be Anya Marakova, who has fallen on hard times.
Amokitty Holy crap, K!
Kirayoshi Turns out that she married shortly after leaving Piotr, and had a kid.
Kirayoshi The kid was a mutant, and the father abandoned them.
anhayla *Kitty just puched Wisdom* Squee!
Kirayoshi Thought you'd like that.
anhayla bless you
Amokitty She decked him, but good! Peter smirks. Loved that!
anhayla and done. :)
anhayla lol
anhayla it was great
anhayla I'll post a proper review later K
anhayla So now Anya has even more reason to loathe mutants?
Amokitty Yep, my review shall post tomorrow!
Kirayoshi Actually, she was torn at first, because a) it's a mutant but b) it's her daughter!
Kirayoshi Maternal instincts win out, I am pleased to report.'
Kirayoshi I see her as regretting some of the things she said.
anhayla oh, I didn;t see that, I read it as... the father was a mutant. soory
Kirayoshi I always figured she was more shocked than indignant about seeing Piotr armor up.
anhayla right right
Amokitty Anya seemed so closed minded, that's kind of a relief. I can't wait to see her reaction to Peter!
Kirayoshi I liked Jeremy and Lia's story where Anya was a card-carrying member of Stryker's crusade, but I like to think that some people can change.
Kirayoshi I personally can't wait to see Kitty's reaction to meeting Anya.
Kirayoshi Piotr hadn't told her about Anya at this time.
Amokitty Yeah, I think that was "Jealousy". Do you plan to use this story as a sort of follow up to that?
Kirayoshi So her initial reaction will be something like, "Omigod, I saw you in that version of The Nutcracker just before I moved to New York, you were awesome!"
anhayla is that the one where she is a guest at Stevie's dance studio?
Kirayoshi My story is in a stand-alone universe.
Amokitty Yes, it was Anhayla. That story was so good!
anhayla I love that one
Amokitty When do plan to post it, K?
Kirayoshi Hopefully in a couple of weeks.
Amokitty Woo-hoo!
Kirayoshi I also want to get back to my Spider-Man fic, The Goblin Wars.
Kirayoshi I heard rumors that there's a teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3 playing with Superman Returns.
Amokitty You've left that one on the back-burner for quite a while now, haven't you?
Kirayoshi Wanted to get a few other things out of the way.
anhayla we don't mind, if they are liotr related. ;)
anhayla Kiotr
Amokitty I'm not sure what to think with the Superman movie. I mean, Lois has a kid. Kinda weird.
Kirayoshi It's supposed to be five years after Superman 2, ignoring 3 and 4.
Kirayoshi Which I like.
Kirayoshi Personally I didn't warm up to Margot Kidder's Lois.
anhayla I ignore 3 and 4 myself... lol
Amokitty Heh. I ignore 3 & 4 myself, actually!
anhayla Margot Kidder is scary
Amokitty Yeah, that! LOL.
anhayla lol
Kirayoshi Wouldn't give Clark a tumble but was all over him when she found out he was Superman.
Kirayoshi If I were Clark at that point, I'd have tossed her a spare Superman suit, said, "Have fun, sister," and flown off to see how Lana's doing!
anhayla celebrity chaser
Amokitty It DOES make Lois seem..... petty, doesn't it?
Kirayoshi One of the things I like about the post-Crisis Superman is that, despite initial attraction to Supes, Lois fell for Clark.
Kirayoshi Although I'll admit that I enjoy Grant Morrison's All Star Superman.
Amokitty Yes. She loved Clark for what he truly was like as a regular person. I'm getting rather tired of people bitching about their marriage. I like it.
Kirayoshi Anyone here see Kill Bill?
anhayla I saw both
Amokitty Sure did! I also own them.
Amokitty Beware the Hansa sword!!!
anhayla lol
Kirayoshi There was a scene in KB 2 where Bill(David Carridine) discussed Superman, pointing out that unlike other heroes, Superman is the real person, while Clark is the disguise.
Kirayoshi "If on your travels you should encounter God, he will be cut."
Amokitty Well, that USED to be true. But we all know that Clark is the real deal.
Amokitty Ha! Kiiiii-yah!
Kirayoshi I understand that the new movie leans more toward the classic view.
Amokitty *sigh* I thought we were all past that.
Kirayoshi Haven't you heard? The only couple that's allowed to be happily married in comics now is Ororo and T'Challa.
Amokitty Jesus.
anhayla *snicker*
Amokitty I hate everything about that.
Kirayoshi Wha, you didn't like Frank Cho's pic of Kitty as the bride's maid?
anhayla Is the wedding out yet?
anhayla lol
Amokitty But could you really see her face in that pic???
anhayla Another PINK dress
anhayla this girl has how many of those now?
Amokitty Kitty and Ororo have better taste than that!!!
Kirayoshi Seriously, the only way we could identify her as Kitty is the fact that Lockheed was close to her!
Amokitty I know!!!!!
Kirayoshi Meanwhile, I have a new favorite pic of Kitty now,
Amokitty Oh yeah?
Kirayoshi "Now it's my turn."
anhayla I didn't want to believe it, but Lockheed was the clincher
Amokitty You could barely see Lockheed either.
anhayla Speaking of which
anhayla are there any panels in 15 I need to upload for Madripoor Rose? I didn;t see any
Amokitty I soooo wanna see Kitty kicking some Hellfire ass.
anhayla but I wanted second opinions
Kirayoshi I'd go with the last two pages, just for that homage shot from UXM #132
Amokitty Anhayla, I asked her the same thing the other day. She said that she saw some scans on scans daily, so I guess she's good.
Amokitty I thought that was a nice tip of the hat, as it were. Cassaday obviously admires both Smith and Byrne.
Kirayoshi Anyone else look at Logan in this issue and think of X2?
Kirayoshi "If you light that thing in here, you'll spend the rest of your life believing that you're a six-year-old girl."
anhayla lol
Amokitty Yes I did! Cassie screwed him over and THEN some!
Amokitty Moose!!!
Kirayoshi Assuming that is Cassie.
Amokitty Yeah......
anhayla Blindfold says "We're going to lose another one." any ideas?
Amokitty Oh God, that scare me.
Kirayoshi Another student maybe?
Kirayoshi Personally I want to see Kitty face Cassandra.
anhayla Hisako's mega power up was great!
Amokitty I pray it's not Hisako. I REALLY like her.
anhayla Kitty's taking them all down, one by one... watch lol
Kirayoshi Maybe she's the mole?
Amokitty Cassie is responsible for Carmen's death.
anhayla I think it's blndfold
Kirayoshi "Hello. My name is Katherine Pryde. You killed my father. Prepare to die."
anhayla is she?
Amokitty Yes!!!!!
anhayla lol
anhayla I wasn't reading at that time
Kirayoshi She sent the giant Sentinel to destroy Genosha, remember?
anhayla nope
anhayla :)
Kirayoshi Grant Morrison's run.
Kirayoshi It was later revealed that Carmen was present at the time.
Amokitty It's in X-Men Unlimited #36 I believe.
anhayla I've got about a .. six year gap
Kirayoshi Yeppers.
Kirayoshi Is that reprinted in the Mekanix tpb?
Amokitty Yes, it is. :)
Kirayoshi Thought so.
Kirayoshi And oddly enough, XMU #37 was another Kitty-centric story too.
anhayla now, let me see if I got this straight, Cassie is Xaviers evil twin?
Amokitty I'm really surprised that Peter allowed Shaw to whup him like that.
anhayla Peter obviously not thinking straight
Kirayoshi The impression I'm getting is that the HC is manifesting the team's greatest fears.
Amokitty Yes, she is. I think fetal boxing is silly, but hey, that's just me.
Kirayoshi In Piotr's case, his rage was magnified.
Amokitty I'm wondering if Emma, Cassie, or Ellie is messing with his mind.
Kirayoshi Or this Perfection person.
anhayla but the "maybe you already worked you pent up feeling out on little Miss Pryde..." comment 0.o
Amokitty Oh My God.
anhayla yeah, not real pleased there
Kirayoshi Yeah, Shaw was pressing all the right buttions.
Amokitty Peter has GOT to know that Emma spied and then told Shaw!
anhayla as long as they dont go through the "Did he/she really mean it " angst and actually TALK to each other
Kirayoshi Anyone else wonder if there's a connection between Kitty falling through the floor in #14 and falling through the Earth in #15?
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Amokitty Hey Rose!
Kirayoshi Madripoor Rose!
MadR Hi all
anhayla HI MadripoorRose
Amokitty Idin't make that connection. Hmmm.....
Kirayoshi Just occurred to me.
anhayla It woul dmean that whatsherface was involved in the first aoccasion and ... ewwwwww
Amokitty Ha!
anhayla hmmm nice typing
Amokitty What else could you expect from me?
Amokitty LOL.
anhayla no me! 0,o
anhayla :)
Amokitty Yeah, well, it's no secret that I suck badly at it.
Kirayoshi Although oddly enough this does prove that Kitty's phased form is resistant to extremes of heat.
Kirayoshi She was phasing through lava!
Amokitty I thought that anyway. She phased that family through a burning building, didn't she?
MadR Saw the new chapter of Family Reunion, Kirayoshi, but haven't reviewed yet. In short: yay!
anhayla I am teh worst at typing ::wacko
Kirayoshi Thanks, Mad
anhayla she phased the whole team through a thermo nuke or what ever it was the sentinel shot at them
Amokitty Doubtful, Ms. teacher Anhayla! ::tongue
Kirayoshi True.
Amokitty Your typing I mean..
anhayla my typing is really bad...
MadR And we have a new writer at the Kiotr lj comm, Wicked True. Very sweet kiotr-married snippet posted there.
Kirayoshi Saw that.
Kirayoshi cute
anhayla I saw it, but haven't had a chance to read it yet
Amokitty Yes! Thanks for sending her, Rose. Also for the fic recc.
Kirayoshi Oh, and did you see those links I posted for two stories by Personifcation of Fluff?
anhayla fic reccs are good
Amokitty K, too!
anhayla they make me crawl out of my Second Life hidey hole
Amokitty *laughs* Are you in your third life yet, now that summer's here?
anhayla no, firmly ensconsed in Second Life though, lol
MadR K, yep. Don't think Fluff's around any more tho....if we give Wicked True some reviews maybe we can coax some more fic from her.
Kirayoshi She's still writing, but she's been mostly in Inuyasha and Full Metal Alchemist.
Amokitty I've definitely got reviews to do tomorrow! BTW, I'm high again, Rose! I don't even wanna be, I hate these pain meds, but there ya go, huh?
anhayla Wheee!
MadR So...Astonishing 15. Am I the only one who hopes we trade Wolverine for young Master Howlett for a few issues? Because that's comedy gold right there.
Kirayoshi Judging from the covers, we'll be seeing him at least through #17.
Amokitty I know. the moose thing kills me everytime!!!
anhayla oh my gosh, so funny!
Kirayoshi That is just sick and wrong on so many levels that I can't begin to quantify them!
anhayla tee hee
MadR Kind of fits one of Whedon's archetypes....the wimp creating a tough-guy persona. Spike. Andrew, from Buffy. So not surprising he went back to Origins for material.
Amokitty I fear for Hank. I really do.
Kirayoshi I'm still trying to figure out where this fits in continuity.
Amokitty I've given up on that.
anhayla You'll hurt yourself, K!
Kirayoshi I'm figuring this takes place after Civil War, and this means that we'll lose the Sentinels on the front lawn.
anhayla AXM is a world unto itself
Kirayoshi And probably the 198.
Kirayoshi Which I approve of.
Amokitty I never liked the ONE business from the get-go. It doesn't work in all the books.
anhayla See, and I always figured it was way before
anhayla like we're still in the first weeksof school
Kirayoshi I mean, what is the logic here? Protect the few remaining mutants by having them all in one place where they can be easily picked off by a large bomb?
Amokitty Yeah, except all the students are now dead.
MadR It's really tough to keep all this straight without access to a comic book store, I know that.
anhayla is that from civil war?
Kirayoshi No, that's from Decimation.
anhayla I only rea AXM, so it's real easy for me
Kirayoshi They haven't used the large bomb yet, but you know someone in Congress is thinking of it!
anhayla nothing else exists. :)
MadR By the time the trades come out and I start piecing the storylines together, they've already moved on to another big multibook event.
anhayla nods
Kirayoshi I do hear that Brubaker's run on UXM might be pretty good
Amokitty I'm getting ready to drop a few books. It's costing a lot of money for a lot of mediocrity.
anhayla nods nods
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xakko hi there!
anhayla Xakko!
Kirayoshi I need to swing by the shop next week for All-Star Superman and Justice.
Kirayoshi Xakko!
Amokitty Hello Xak!
MadR Hi Xak
xakko sorry i'm late...
Kirayoshi The Lost Warner Brother!
Amokitty We're glad you came !!!
xakko cousin... i think :)
Amokitty On a serious note, I've warned K and Anhayla. A troll may try to spoil our fun tonight. Someone named LoneWolf21 came to chat last night.
xakko Justice is just awesome, K
xakko really? that's just incredibly... yuck
Kirayoshi Hey, it's Alex Ross, how can it be less than awesome?
anhayla sick
Amokitty I was furious.
MadR People are awful
Kirayoshi We're all doing a slow burn about that, Xak.
xakko well, i'm still not too sure on Universe X and Paradise X
Amokitty I plan to ban any assholes forthwith!!
Kirayoshi He only did the covers.
Kirayoshi and some character designs.
xakko wasn't a lot of it his ideas, tho'?
Kirayoshi Yeah, but I don't know how much creative control he had on that one.
xakko like trying to make Nightcrawler and Piotr become... well, their polar opposites
Kirayoshi I suspect that things went beyond his original story when the sequels were brought in.
xakko ah... ok then...
Kirayoshi I mean, they tried to like Wolverine to Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur!
Amokitty OMG.
Kirayoshi Mainly because of the similar hair-styles.
Amokitty Weren't they in Fallen Angels?
xakko it was supposed to be a Unified Field of Marvel Comics... and everything became interconnected
Kirayoshi DD was, yeah.
Kirayoshi A little too much.
xakko so did i miss everyone's opinion of AXM#15?
Kirayoshi Fast paced
Amokitty Does it make anybody else mad that Shaw was goading Peter with Kitty like that? How DARE Emma tell Shaw what happened!
Kirayoshi And the X-Men got owned!
MadR Xak: I'm hoping we keep Master Howlett for a few issues. Heh.
xakko heh, Rose, me too...
Amokitty Do save me! *snickers*
xakko i'm still of the opinion that it's an Emma psychotic breakdown
Kirayoshi Could get old fast.
anhayla Is anyone concerned about Scott, at all?
Amokitty No. Not really. j/k!
Kirayoshi My theory is that Emma was forced to work with the HC, but set things up to stop them.
anhayla lol
anhayla me neither
Kirayoshi I figure she left Scott in his catatonic state in the lab so no one would think he's a threat.
anhayla set Kitty in place to stop them
MadR I don't really know what's happening with Scott....but I think Emma would try to protect him....I think she does love him as much as she's capable of it.
Kirayoshi I figure that somewhere along the line she'll drop the shields around his mind and he'll be back, guns and eyes blazing!
anhayla WHat happened to "we deal with her first" They didn't do much to her
Kirayoshi I also suspect that she brought Kitty in as a wild card.
Amokitty But she's allowing it to happen. Does she not trust Scott enough to let him know what's going on?
Kirayoshi Remember that speech in #2? She wanted her to watch out for her?
xakko it's really, really hard to tell
anhayla They repeat parts at the end
Kirayoshi And the speech was referenced again at the end of this issue.
anhayla I love Whedon
MadR If Emma did give Kitty and Piotr a little push into each other's arms....maybe the bad guys expected them to be busy getting busy during the attack?
anhayla yeah, distract them while she deals with Scott?
Kirayoshi Oh I hope that's not the case.
Amokitty God, me too!
Kirayoshi Otherwise we'
anhayla I loved the pan out to Kitty looking at the unslept in bed, after Emma says "he was alright before we went to bed"
Kirayoshi Otherwise, we'll have them second-guessing whether they're really in love with each other or not.
anhayla amen
Amokitty Yeah. Can't fool Kitty!
Kirayoshi Very nice touch.
MadR Trying to figure out what Whedon's thinking, and I keep coming back to that one BtvS where Buffy spent the ep in bed with Riley while the rest of the gang saved the day....
Amokitty I swear, I don't know what to think. If I were Scott, I could never bring myself to forgive her.
Amokitty LOL../
anhayla *snicker*
Kirayoshi Sorry, but Riley had all the personality of Wonder Bread!
MadR He's from Iowa. He has an excuse for that!
Kirayoshi Plus he hit Willow!
Kirayoshi No one hits Willow and gets to be the good guy!
MadR Not hard enough
Kirayoshi HEY!
Amokitty So's James T. Kirk. HE'S not wonder bread!
anhayla umm, well...
anhayla *crickets*
Amokitty LOL.
Kirayoshi Seriously, Mad, what's your beef with Willow? Just curious.
anhayla My niece in law is ringer for Willow
anhayla *a* ringer
Amokitty She's got some beautiful hair then1
MadR Kira: she's just a victim of bad plotting that makes me froth at the mouth
Kirayoshi I like Alyson Hannigan.
anhayla well, when it's dyed red, lol
Amokitty Yeah.
xakko she's half-Kitty, right? with Buffy as the other half?
Kirayoshi I'm not wild about some of her movie choices though.
Amokitty That's the way I understand it, Xak.
MadR I seriously thought JW was leading up to Willow as big-bad and Buffy having to kill her.
Kirayoshi Joss has stated that he's used Kitty as the template for most of his female characters.
Kirayoshi UGH!
Kirayoshi As if Season Six wasn't bad enough!
anhayla Summer AND Kaylee
Amokitty UGH!
MadR And after she raped Tara I lost all respect for the character.
Kirayoshi Even River to a degree!
anhayla lo
anhayla I meant River
Kirayoshi Summer Glau would have made a great Kitty in X3.
Amokitty I STILL think River is similar to Illyana.
anhayla I totally agree, K
Kirayoshi Just remember, Mad. BtVS went off the air in Season 5.
Kirayoshi The show that aired on UPN doesn't count!
Amokitty Ellen Page had this stupified look on her face for half the movie!! Drove me nuts!
anhayla slack jawed, I believe is the term
MadR Kira: heh. Good way to think of it.
xakko * feels more comfortable missing the movie.
Amokitty Yep. That would be it.
Kirayoshi Seriously, no one looked good in Season 6!
anhayla or "mouth breather" ::wacko
Kirayoshi Everyone was mired in their own depression, no one was acting like the best friends they were supposed to be!
MadR Yuh know, since I got into X Men Evolution before I seriously got into the comics...I always thought Michelle Trachtenburg/Dawn Summers would be good casting for Kitty.
Amokitty That could apply to the movie too K. but that's me.
Amokitty When Kitty first joined. Yeah, Michelle could do it.
Kirayoshi Maybe.
Kirayoshi As long as the writers refrained from val-speak.
xakko i still wish Whedon had directed X3
Kirayoshi I want to see him do Wonder Woman myself.
Amokitty Me too. Oh Xak, I thought it was awful.
Kirayoshi I'm waiting for discount theater or DVD.
Amokitty You haven't seen it K?
MadR I'm waiting for dvd too
xakko i'm kinda hoping it plays with Superman Returns at the drive in...
anhayla I didn't think it was any worse than the first two
Kirayoshi Like I said, discount theater.
Kirayoshi They still have drive-ins?
xakko sure, we have 3
Amokitty I miss going to drive-ins. Not any around where i live anymore.
Kirayoshi Same here. not for years.
xakko i think i may go see "Wordplay" which has the one actor I desperately wanted in X3
anhayla I went to a drive in once...
Kirayoshi Heck, most of the theaters around here are closed, replaced by a few mega-plex things!
MadR I was surprised how well the fastball special worked in the clip Hugh Jackman brought on Leno...I figured Hugh's so tall it would look funny.
Kirayoshi I kind of want to see Snakes on a Plane.
xakko I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the drive in last year... it was cool...
Amokitty Petr had One Damn Line in the whole movie!!!!!!! ::rolleyes
Kirayoshi Typical.
MadR Snakes on a Plane is going to be so cool.
Amokitty They cut some scenes too. I expected to see scenes of these pictures in the movie, but they didn't make it.
xakko And originally, Colossus was going to be one of the playable characters in the X3 video game, and then they cut him for being too similar to Wolverine
Kirayoshi Would we be saying that if anyone other than Samuel L. Jackson was in it?
MadR Snakes? On a plane. Danny Devito could be in this and it would be cool.
Kirayoshi Oh yes, Colossus and Wolverine. They're practically identical! ::rolleyes
anhayla I always confuse them ^.^
xakko So, does anyone else think that an X-Men movie needs a Neal Conan cameo, or is it just me?
MadR ....I can almost see that arguement...if Magneto's metal-warp is one of the moves in the game....
Amokitty That would've been a nice nod to Claremont.
Kirayoshi I think J. J. Abrams should direct the next X movie.
Kirayoshi Except that he's busy reviving the Star Trek franchise.
darkstorm5000 joined.
Amokitty K, what did your brother think of the movie?
anhayla No way!
Amokitty Howdy, Darkstorm!!!
Kirayoshi I think he had the week off when it was reviewed.
xakko hi DS
darkstorm5000 Hi everybody!
MadR JJ Abrams might be okay on a movie...
MadR Hi Darkstorm
anhayla Hi DS
Kirayoshi I hear he kicked butt with the new Mission Impossible movie!
Amokitty Haven't seen that one yet. Not a big tom Cruise fan.
Kirayoshi I like his work, although he's become a little wierd in interviews lately.
MadR LA LA LA cAN'T HEAR YOU Mission Impossible ended with the new MI tv series. And Jim Phelps as a good guy.
Kirayoshi Hey, I agree with you there.
anhayla lol
Kirayoshi Wasn't big on that plot twist.
Amokitty I LIKED Peter Graves!!!!
Kirayoshi And from what I heard Peter Graves wasn't big on that movie either!
xakko yeah, to make tom cruise more "cool", they ruined the lead character of the series. that sucked
Amokitty Sure did.
Kirayoshi My brother the critic didn't like the first two MI movies, but he liked the third one, saying it's closer to the spirit of the series.
anhayla Well, Tom needs all the hlp he can get...
MadR And JJ Abrams plays bait and switch too much with Alias and Lost...too many unresolved storylines. Limited to a two hour movie, he might be ok
Kirayoshi I understand he's working on a Star Trek movie, involving the early careers of Kirk and Spock.
Amokitty I hear the Wolverine movie with Ratner directing is a done deal.
Kirayoshi What would be the plotline?
Kirayoshi Maybe a variation on the Claremont/Miller mini?
anhayla Its Wolverine... Do you need a plotline? lol
Amokitty Not sure yet, but Juggernaut will be a villain.
Kirayoshi Uh--yeah.
darkstorm5000 I heard it's going to be a prequel, set between his escape from Weapon X and X1. But, that could be tentative I guess?
Amokitty Kitty should've handed Juggs his butt in the movie. That didn't make any sense to me.
Kirayoshi I'd like to see Logan in Japan against the Mariko syndicate myself.
Kirayoshi I mean the Yashida syndicate, sorry.
Amokitty If the movie had Mariko I'd go see it.
Kirayoshi Maybe cast Ziyi Zhang as Mariko.
Amokitty OOOhhhh!
darkstorm5000 I don't think I even need to say where I would stand as far as a movie like that...
Amokitty I like that!
Kirayoshi No, Maggie Cheung as Mariko and Ziyi Zhang as Yukio!
Amokitty Go ahead, tell us!
MadR That might be good....I suspect we're going to get a generic Weapon X action movie tho....
Kirayoshi OY!
xakko they could conceivably cover both
MadR It sounds easier to sell to a wider audience.
darkstorm5000 I'd LOVE a Logan in Japan movie! ::smile
Kirayoshi Especially if it ends like the mini.
Amokitty It would only be good if it were based on one of your stories, DS. :)
Kirayoshi THe X-Men holding a wedding invitation, and Logan added the words, "Hey, Scott, don't forget the beer!"
Amokitty I loved that cover that Smith did of that.
Kirayoshi Or maybe get Alan Cummings back as Kurt Wagner.
darkstorm5000 I don't know about that. I think Miller/Claremont's work trumps my stuff in a second.
Kirayoshi I always liked Logan and Kurt's interaction in the Claremont books.
MadR Logan and Kurt are good foils for each other in the books
Amokitty Ah, you're selling yourself short, DS. The research and detail of your Japan based stories are excellent.
MadR I heard Cummings hated the make-up process for Nightcrawler, so he might not come back
Kirayoshi Kind of like Hawkeye chatting with Father Mulcahey on MASH
Kirayoshi Ah.
xakko i still didn't like the character design for Nightcrawler... the ritualistic scarring instead of fuzzy and blue... not for em
darkstorm5000 Thanks for the compliment
xakko Cumming was good tho'
Kirayoshi That kind of bugged me to.
anhayla I really enjoyed Kelsey Grammer as Beast
Amokitty It's certainly deserved!
Kirayoshi I did like how they incorporated Kurt's faith in his character in the movie.
Amokitty Me too, anhayla. One of the highlights of the movie for me.
MadR Does KG look better as Beast in the movie than in the stills? I know that can change makeup fx.....
Amokitty Madrox too, actually. He had more lines than Peter! GGGGRRRRRRRR.
darkstorm5000 I thought he looked great as Beast
Kirayoshi Kinda looks like the cat-Beast in the stills.
MadR And some of the early shots I saw it looked like he was wearing an Abraham Lincoln halloween mask sprayed turquiouse blue
Amokitty Hah. Beast and Logan wore too much hair spray in the movie.
anhayla and Storm
anhayla doing the Tina Turner thing
Kirayoshi You mean Chianna?
anhayla lol
Amokitty Oh yes...... can't forget Storm...... even if I wanted too.
Amokitty Yes! Same damn hair!
Kirayoshi They so should have cast Angela Bassett!
Amokitty Agreed.
MadR Hey, I've seen some reviews mention a sight gag of Piotr with a tv set? What was that?
anhayla or Gina Torres
anhayla yes
Kirayoshi That would work too.
Amokitty That my dear Rose, was the scene with his only line of the movie. Lame.
Kirayoshi If they had made these about ten years ago, I'd have cast Iman.
anhayla he's carrying a huge tv under his arm like a football
xakko armored or no?
anhayla Cudmore can't do a Russian accent?
anhayla not armored
darkstorm5000 Unarmored. And carrying it for no reason at all that really has to do with the scene.
Amokitty Bobby asked Peter where Rogue was. Peter says, "I don't know, sh'es already left." that's it.
xakko interesting.
anhayla its a sight gag
MadR They could bs through the accent if they wanted....I was thinking about that. If Xavier taught him english telepathically.
Kirayoshi Gypped!
xakko that's... it? really? nothing about him being bi (which was hinted) or being friends with Kitty (also hinted)
anhayla Cudmore can't act, is my next guess
anhayla Bi???
Amokitty Damn right, we were gypped! I was mad!
Kirayoshi Trying to connect the X-movies to Ultimate Marvel.
xakko it was going to be an amalgam of the Ultimate and 616 Colossus- with crushes on Wolverine and... Rogue?
Amokitty They had NOTHING.
Kirayoshi Which means that Kitty should do a guest stint in Spider-Man 4!
xakko well ain't that a kick in the head
Amokitty I wish!
Amokitty I HATED that movie, Xak.
anhayla Only if they cast Summer Glau, K
MadR I also just watched the Fantastic Four dvd for the first time, for the gypped we didn't get Julian McMahon's attempt at Doom's Latverian accent.....
Kirayoshi I did like the X-Men in-joke.
Amokitty Julian is HAWT. Sorry.
xakko i was going to be irritated enough at the treatment of Cyke, but then to have Colossus a nonentity (again)...
Amokitty Ummmm, Mark? Honey? You know I love you, right???
xakko *sigh*, the only good X-men movies are in my dreams. and certain fanfics.
Kirayoshi There were simply too many characters to juggle in that movie.
anhayla OMG, I totally forgot about Cyke until the end anad then I was like... wtf?
Amokitty Me too. that was just WRONG.
Kirayoshi And we get to see him again romancing Lois Lane!
Amokitty Without his glasses, no less. Heh.
MadR There's some Hollywood backstory there, I'm sure. The rumors that the PTB were ticked at Singer and Marsden....
xakko well, yeah, i can see that.
Kirayoshi So they wrote him off, huh?
MadR Now, the Superman Returns novelization was incredible...if the movie's half as good....yay!
Kirayoshi Okay.
xakko plus, as we all know, the frachise is all about Wolverine
Kirayoshi Don't give anything away, Mad.
MadR No spoilers! Just...interesting. <g>
xakko it'll take a bit to accept Routh- he's just so... scrawny
Amokitty Cyke was f*cked over in this movie. I wish he didn't appear at all.
Kirayoshi So was Dean Cain and he turned out to be an okay Superman.
Amokitty I love Dean Cain.
MadR Should have sent him off to grieve on Aletys Forrester's boat rather than kill him off off-screen.
Amokitty He would've made a GREAT peter a few years ago.
xakko well, Lois & Clark really wasn't about Superman...
Kirayoshi One of my favorite scenes in Lois and Clark: Lois was hanging from a flagpole after being knocked out of an apartment window.
Amokitty Exactly, Rose.
Kirayoshi Superman hovers by and says, "I'm sure you have things under control, Lois, but as long as I'm here..."
Amokitty He looked up her dress, didn't he?
anhayla lol
Kirayoshi Nothing like that.
anhayla suuure
Amokitty Hmmm I coulda sworn.....
Kirayoshi He doesn't need to look up anyone
Kirayoshi anyone's dress!
Amokitty Ha! true.
anhayla true
Kirayoshi Remember, x-ray vision!
Amokitty Pink underwear!!!
MadR Hee.
anhayla I see London I see France
Amokitty I still love that movie. the ghost of Brando is supposed to appear in this one.
Kirayoshi Some old clips from the first one?
Kirayoshi Interesting.
MadR Yeah...unused footage...
Amokitty Clips that never made the first one.
Kirayoshi I liked the first Superman movie, and the second one was okay, but some things bothered me.
Kirayoshi Like pulling out wierd powers that Superman never had before.
Kirayoshi I also liked Ned Beatty.
xakko doesn't DC do that every once in a while
Amokitty Yeah. "Don't remember anything, Lois...." Weird.
Kirayoshi Since when did Superman ever teleport?
MadR The truck stop scene was hilarious. 'I've been working out?"
Amokitty I wonder if this movie is gonna work without Chris Reeve? He MADE those movies for me.
Kirayoshi Or pull the "S" Emblem off of his chest and throw it like a net?
Amokitty Oh God, I remeber that.
Kirayoshi I'm hoping that there's a line of text just before the closing credits: "To Chris and Dana"
Amokitty That would be fitting.
darkstorm5000 That would be nice
Kirayoshi Dana Reeve was a class act.
Amokitty I feel so badly for their son.
Kirayoshi Poor kid.
Kirayoshi Well, this has gone all maudlin, hasn't it?
Amokitty When does the movie come out?
Kirayoshi Next Wednesday.
Amokitty Ah. Of course. Holiday weekend.
MadR Big Summer movie release
Amokitty How much has x-Men made box-office totals. anyone know?
Kirayoshi And I'm hearing that there's supposed to be a trailer for Spider-Man 3 for this one.
xakko possibly the biggest of the summer...
Amokitty Now there's a movie franchise that has my undying respect!
Amokitty Sam Raimi is a beautiful person.
Kirayoshi Heard a rumor that the trailer will emphasise the black costume.
MadR The Spider-man movies have been good.
darkstorm5000 The movies actually got me started reading Spider-Man
xakko *shudders forever at organic webshooters*
Kirayoshi I still want to see Bruce Campbell as a minor Spider-Man villain.
Amokitty Well, yeah, nothing's perfect.
MadR Nah, we need Bruce Campbell as Plastic Man!
Amokitty We love Bruce Campbell. We love Ash!!!!
Amokitty Good one rose.
MadR He's been in both Spidey movies as cameos, tho....
MadR Wrestling announcer, and at MJ's theater....
Kirayoshi When I first heard that Sam Raimi would be directing the Spider-Man movie, my very first thought was, "This might not suck!"
anhayla X3, as of Friday was $221,014,000
Amokitty I even own a movie where Bruce plays Elvis. he's not bad at all!
xakko Bubba Ho-Tep?
MadR Bubba Ho-Tep?
xakko we rented that!
Kirayoshi Bruce Campbell does cameos in most of Sam's projects, unless he has a lead role.
Kirayoshi That wasn't Sam, but I heard it was fun.
Amokitty Really??? Wow. I guess I'm the only one that thought the movie stank. Oh well.
MadR And Ted as the ad exec at the paper....
anhayla franchise, franchise, franchise
Kirayoshi Heard mixed reviews, really.
Amokitty Yes, Rose! OMG! You know that! *faints*
Kirayoshi You ever see Shawn of the Dead?
MadR And Lucy as a woman on the street interview...
Amokitty You guys kill me.... ::smoke
Kirayoshi I remember that.
Kirayoshi And wasn't that guy in the elevator on "Queer as Folk"?
darkstorm5000 Yep
Kirayoshi And Topher Grace will play Venom!
Amokitty That doesn't seem right, does it? Topher????
Kirayoshi He plays Eddie Brock in SM3
darkstorm5000 I think he could pull it off
xakko well, i assume Venom will be all CGI, right?
Amokitty has to be..
Kirayoshi I figure he could bulk up a little for Eddie, and the CGI will handle Venom.
Kirayoshi I don't see the movie version of Venom sprouting a huge grin or anything like that.
Amokitty He'll have to bulk up a LOT>
Kirayoshi Wouldn't work onscreen.,
MadR Isn't Sandman in Spidey-3? The guy who played Lowell on Wings?
Amokitty I heard that too.
Kirayoshi yep.
MadR I remember seeing a clip somewhere...
Kirayoshi I even heard a rumor that Felicia Hardy will put in an appearance.
Amokitty If the trailer is shown during the Superman movie... well that takes some balls doesn't it?
MadR Marvel Entertainment can reuse Storm's first movie wig for the Black Cat
Kirayoshi Ugh!
xakko i thought we'd see Gwen in this one...
darkstorm5000 That'll certainly turn Spidey's love triangle into a great big rectangle
Kirayoshi James Cromwell will play Captain Stacy, and Gwen's played by Ron Howard's daughter, I think.
Amokitty BRB, guys.
Kirayoshi From what I've heard about the trailer we will see some Peter/MJ action.
darkstorm5000 Yeah, I think I saw her on TV talking about playing Gwen
Kirayoshi Considering that they did Gwen's death, sort of, in the first Spider-Man movie, I'm wondering what the character will bring to the franchise.
MadR Another tiresome love triangle
darkstorm5000 Think Ultimate Spider-Man...
MadR The first two movies have been Peter/MJ/some other guy....
amocaT left.
MadR This will be different because it's Peter/MJ/some other gal....
Kirayoshi I stumbled onto a PWP set in the Ultimate Spider-Man book once.
Kirayoshi Fairly well-written for smut, though.
Amokitty Wow. With Kitty?
xakko yeah, but it'll be hard, based on the end of Spider-Man 2...
Kirayoshi No, it was Peter/MJ/Gwen
Amokitty Or MJ?
xakko it was all domestic like
Amokitty threesome? Now there's Peter's wildest dreams come true!!!
Kirayoshi Set after Gwen and Peter made up after she found out she was Spider-Man.
Kirayoshi Basically the three of them were lounging in Peter's room, Gwen pulled out a joint and--well, let your dirty little minds fill in the blanks.
Amokitty Ah ha!
MadR brb
Kirayoshi The same writer did a femslash piece with Kitty and Storm.
Amokitty Let the inhibition commence!
Kirayoshi You mean uninhibition, right?
xakko heh
Amokitty Femslash doesn't interest me in the least. I'm het, so I guess my fav pairings are het too, huh?
Amokitty Umm yeah. well I did say I was on Painkillers right now....
Amokitty Bear with me, please!
Kirayoshi I don't mind femslash, although I do insist that it be well-written and character-driven, not just an exersise in sleaze.
MadR bak
xakko well put, K. if i wanted sleaze, i'd pay for cinemax
Amokitty I agree. Absolutely.
MadR Yep.
Kirayoshi Are Jeremy and Lia no-shows for tonight?
Amokitty Sex has it's place in fics. all I ask is that it's written with some sensitivity.
Kirayoshi I'm personally guilty for my share of Buffy/Willow stories, and a Buffy/Willow/Tara threesome
xakko not to mention Kitty/Rachel/Piotr
Amokitty Not sure. Jeremy told me a few days ago that he would try to make it.
MadR As long as it's pre-magic crack Willow. <g>
Kirayoshi Which doesn't quite count as femslash, since a guy was involved.
Kirayoshi And the main pairing was Piotr/Kitty
Amokitty Heh. But it wasn't porn, now was it? Big difference.
xakko well, i wonder if Claremont had his druthers and a Max title if we'd see Kitty/Rachel/Shan or something
Kirayoshi The closest I ever got to PWP was when I was in a three-person round robin called "On Occasion"
darkstorm5000 There's no tellin' what you might get
amocaT joined.
amocaT left.
Kirayoshi Even then we all managed to write character-driven stories, more than just sex.
amocaT joined.
Amokitty What is up with that, anyway? I don't understand CC. He gave us the Storm/Forge, Kitty/Peter, and Rachel/Franklin parings.
Kirayoshi Essentially it was a challenge to have Buffy and Willow hook up in various situations in Season 3.
MadR Isn't CC now claiming that Kitty never loved Peter, it was just a crush?
xakko i just feel like CC was forced away from his original plan for Kitty/Peter, and then didn't want to go back to it.
darkstorm5000 That's the first I've heard of that
xakko i thought that was Paul Smith
Amokitty He did a few years ago. For the life of me, I'm not sure why he's backpedaling now.
xakko (in Comic Creators on the X-Men)
Kirayoshi I wonder what Claremont thinks of Joss's storyline currently.
MadR That paragraph in the X3 novelization about Kiotr was....rather dismissive....and CC wrote it...
Amokitty Both Claremont and Clockrum are saying it.
Amokitty Cockrum I mean...
xakko I thought the mentions in Mekanix and GLMK2 both said "first love"... not crush
Amokitty Paul Smith ships Kitty/Peter I believe.
xakko and Piotr and 'Yana appeared to her when Stryker was trying to subvert her
MadR brb
Kirayoshi I know he did that cover for that issue of XMU where Kitty thought she saw Piotr in Chicago.
Amokitty CC, mentioned on ComixFan a few years ago that Kitty and Peter were teenages with overactive hormones. That bothered me no end.
darkstorm5000 Too bad Peter wasn't a teenager, which started his problems in the first place
Amokitty Smith also did a pinup of Peter and Kate from AOA.
MadR bak
Kirayoshi If they continue AXM post-Whedon, I'd love to see Paul Smith as penciller.
Amokitty No kidding, DS. Then we wouldn't have had to wait for 20 damn years.
xakko that's interesting, because that would definitely be a change for CC... he spent how many issues trying to undo the damage caused by Secret Wars?
Amokitty Oh K. I'd probably soil myself if Smith did Astonishing!!!! ::laugh
xakko i think Kiotr fans are the only ones who feel that way, tho'
Kirayoshi I dunno.
Kirayoshi I think Paul Smith's run was one of the more memorable in X-history.
Kirayoshi You ever see his work in DC's Golden Age?
Amokitty I know, Xak. that's one of the reasons I put the scans in the gallery. To show that CC used to be their staunch supporter.
xakko not being a BTVS fan, i must say i'm worried about some of the CBR comments about what Whedon does to his characters once they get it on... and also his need to kill someone off
MadR left.
Kirayoshi Well, he has kil
Kirayoshi killed off characters on his show.
MadR joined.
Kirayoshi But since he doesn't own the X-Men he'd need Joe Q's permission to do so.
Kirayoshi Problems, Mad?
MadR oops.
darkstorm5000 Yeah, it got get brutal at times
Amokitty Joss, doesn't discriminate with death. EVERYBODY is up for grabs.
xakko and in his movies... and Joey Q did allow him to bring one character back...
xakko i will be sooooooo upset if he kills Piotr.
MadR Whedon makes me nervous too....
Kirayoshi Let's not talk like that, Xak.
Kirayoshi No crazy talk here.
Kirayoshi brb.
xakko i will literally drop comics again.
MadR I really should write up a thing about his archtypes and what I see in X Men....
anhayla me too
darkstorm5000 I have a feeling that if anyone's going to die, Piotr would be last on that list
Amokitty Wouldn't that be AWFUL? I'm not sure I could forgive him. If Peter dies again, he won't come back. He ain't Phoenix.
anhayla you should do the kitty/piotr essay for shgips, MadR, since i totally dropped the ball on that one
MadR I hope he goes back to Breakworld during his run, tho, because of his use of Prophecy....
xakko i could almost see Beast, but since I think this takes place before Civil War, and we know the originals are part of that, he should be safe
anhayla we got a hint of that in 15
Amokitty Rose, I bet the bank they go to the Breakworld.
Lia joined.
anhayla breakworld that is
Amokitty Hi Lia!!!!!
MadR Hi Lia.
anhayla Hi Lia
Lia Hey guys!
darkstorm5000 Hi Lia
Amokitty How are you doing, Lia?
xakko hi Lia
Lia I'm doing good, thanks. How are all of you?
Kirayoshi Hey, Lia
MadR Whedon loves the twist in self-fulfulling prophecies, so I'm looking forward to what he does to Ord. Hee.
anhayla sleepy
xakko didn't they announce the title of the next arc?
Amokitty I had surgery this week. I could be better. But I'm at least having fun here!
xakko gah, are you ok???
Lia I'm glad you're feeling better. Surgery's never fun.
Kirayoshi She's on painkillers so she's not all there.
Amokitty Well, we'll see. Third time in 2 months for something relitivelt minor. Huge pain in the ass for me though. That's why I'm high all the time on these chats... lest you think I'm a drug addict or something..... heh.
xakko well, i wish you luck...
MadR Hope third time's the charm and they've fixed you up now...
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Amokitty joined.
Amokitty Whoops. Hit the wrong button!
Kirayoshi So, Lia, how's J?
Amokitty Thanks guys.
Lia He's good. I'm surprised he's not here. I talked to him earlier today and he'd said he'd be on around 8.
Lia Hopefully he's late because he's working on his writing. He said he's going to start the next chapter of Deathless in the next few days.
xakko oooh!
Amokitty Thank goodness!
MadR Ooh yay!
Kirayoshi Oh my!
Kirayoshi Fighty time! Fighty time!
Amokitty K has done his duty today, now it's everybody else's turn1
Kirayoshi Ew, I just channeled Deadpool!
Amokitty I got the page where he decks Kitty. I'll have to post that in the gallery.
Kirayoshi I still want to see a rematch.
darkstorm5000 When'd this happen?
Amokitty Old issue of Deadpool. Logan kicks the crap out out of Wade for it.
MadR It's in a Deadpool book I think, seen it on scans daily
anhayla and she let him live?
xakko bad, bad writing
Amokitty She was knocked OUT!
Kirayoshi It was Deadpool, so naturally he gets to win that one.
anhayla 0.o
MadR Deadpool's trying to pick a fight with Logan
Amokitty Yep.
Kirayoshi Not to mention the fact that Kitty didn't know what video game he was talking about!
MadR So he just clock's Kitty out of nowhere.
Kirayoshi Kitty not know a video game?
Lia If I remember right, Deadpool had help from Dr. Bong to beat her.
Amokitty I know. Funny huh?
Kirayoshi Now that's humiliating!
MadR Something about his therapist telling him to work out Weapon X issues or something.....
darkstorm5000 I guess you miss all kinds of interesting stuff when you step away from comics for a few years ::blink
Kirayoshi I just noticed something, An. I can only see the most recent lines of the chat when I scroll to the top of the page.
Kirayoshi Just curious if you'll be able to archive this.
Amokitty Odd. We have the full transcript though.
Kirayoshi Good.
Amokitty ::smile
Amokitty So Lia, your thoughts on Astonishing #15?
Lia Best Wolverine issue ever.:)
MadR Hm. When I scroll I get the conversation back to when I dumped out of the room accidently...
Kirayoshi yes, Logan becomes a ten-year-old kid and kitty channels Wolverine.
xakko i'm hoping Squirrel Girl kicks Deadpools posterior in the GLA appearance in C&D
Amokitty Yeah, the page begins when you came back, Rose.
Lia I'm surprised at how Whedon's tying all the arcs together. I wasn't expecting that.
Amokitty For you, I meant, Rose.
darkstorm5000 Squirrel Girl's becoming a favorite of mine too, Xakko
Kirayoshi I knew he was bringing back Ord for his final arc, but I'm surprised to see Danger there too.
Amokitty I like that a lot. Very surprised about Danger./
MadR Whedon's pretty good at bringing back something you never thought important....
Amokitty Yeah, that. Ha.
Lia Yeah. It makes me think Tildie somehow fits into this. She was built up and then dissappeared. Plus, Hisako's red armor seemed a lot like the monster she created in issue one.
Amokitty Still trying to make sense of Peter hitting Shaw like that. Of course Shaw was hitting below the belt with his taunts.
Kirayoshi I thought the red armor was just her trying to out-scare Beast.
MadR Peter losing control of his rage....
Kirayoshi All the team dealing with inner demons.
Amokitty His worst nightmare?
Kirayoshi Logan with his past, Hank with his feral side, Peter with his rage.
xakko it looks very anime-esque, I thought
Amokitty But what about Kitty?
Kirayoshi Earlier we had Kitty's nightmare with her dead father.
Kirayoshi Plus she briefly lost control of her powers.
anhayla losing control of her power is right up there
Amokitty True. Losing the ones she loves is it.
Kirayoshi No doubt something that haunts her since the Morlock Massacre.
MadR Yeah, phasing down into the earth...
Kirayoshi That was freaky.
darkstorm5000 But, you'd think that Peter would've caught onto Shaw's tactics, considering all their previous fights
Kirayoshi Although that would take her sufficiently out of Emma's or Cassie's range that she could regroup.
anhayla The Kitty comment sent him over the edge
Amokitty I think of the Cure song "Pictures of You" everytime I see the issues where Kitty is looking at her pics of loved ones lost.
Lia I think he was panicked though. He was stuck in a lab again. I think his first instinct was to fight his way out, but then the taunts and his rage sidetracked him.
darkstorm5000 In that context, I guess you really can't blame the guy
MadR Peter's always been as much of a berserker as Logan. Get him mad enough and he's out of control
Amokitty Lia, I think you've got it.
Kirayoshi If Emma or Perfection or whoever is tweaking everyone's fears, then it's possible that Piotr's rage was triggered artificially, then Shaw's comments about Kitty(and about Piotr's imprisonment) would set him off.
darkstorm5000 Sounds like a wonderfully executed strategy on the HC's part then
Amokitty I get mad thinking that Shaw is now privy to their special night together.
MadR I don't trust Whedon to finish it well, but I'm sure as hell enjoying the ride so far...
Kirayoshi I'm looking forward to the next issue.
xakko i still don't think it's Shaw...
Amokitty Why rose?
Kirayoshi Kitty's gonna kick every variety of butt known to man!
xakko i know Whedon isn't very connected to the MU, but Shaw was incapacitated around the "Dangerous" arc... in a hospital. I think.
MadR What everyone's already said. He doesn't do happy endings, and likes to give audiences what they need and what they want....
Lia Does anyone have any speculation as to how the next issue will redefine Kitty as a character, like it says in the solicitation?
MadR Plus...Joss has a habit of getting into his next new shiny and the quality of everything else suffers....
anhayla She gonna kick ass and take names
MadR What they need, not what they want, sorry.
darkstorm5000 Kitty possibly killing someone?
Kirayoshi Claremont says that too.
Kirayoshi I can see her wanting to kill Cassandra.
Amokitty Oh yes. Absolutely, K.
Lia I thought maybe it was killing. Marvel always scares me when they say something like that. It almost never turns out to be a good thing.
Kirayoshi I kind of hope not.
Kirayoshi I'd like to see one member of the team without blood on his or her hands.
Amokitty Will a student die, or an X-Man? Blindfold didn't say.
anhayla I don't suppose it would be unthinkable, she has done it before
MadR I'm really afraid that Peter's going to die, and Kitty is the Destroyer of the Breakworld, and JW's prophecy plot-twist is Ord causing it by taking Peter in the first place.....
anhayla Bad Rose, Bad. No cookie for you.
Kirayoshi Will Kitty's eyes and hair go black, and veins develop on her face?
MadR Buffy will die fighting the Master: she drowns, but Xander is there to do cpr.
xakko Kitty's killed before.
Amokitty If that happens, rose, it will be like Morrison in that everything wraps up and isn't a whole lot different than it began. With the exception of Scoot and Jean that is.
Kirayoshi Do Brood hunters count?
Lia Yeah, to save Kurt. Maybe this time it's in cold blood.
xakko no, in the Cross Time Caper
Kirayoshi That was so confusing, I don't know what counts in canon on that one!
Amokitty Anjulie, yes?
xakko she killed someone to save a life. she talks about it in Mekanix
xakko i think so...
Kirayoshi Okay, forgot that one.
darkstorm5000 Yeah, but this time would be revenge
MadR The father will kill the son, false prophecy to get rid of Connor, written by time-travelling demon Sarjean, who knows Connor will grow up to kill him...
Kirayoshi Wasn't Claremont replaced in mid-story on that one?
xakko Mekanix? not that I heard...
MadR ..only being raised in a hell dimension gives Connor the skills to kill him. Whedon loves this sort of thing.
Kirayoshi No, Cross-Time Caper
Amokitty Yeah. CC didn't come back to the title until Girl's School From Heck.
Kirayoshi No, he didn't come back at all!
Kirayoshi Alan Davis did, he took over writing and pencils.
Amokitty I thought CC wrote about that. Kitty being a cheerleader and all.
Kirayoshi I thought that was Lobdell.
Kirayoshi Could be wrong.
Amokitty Now I'll have to look. Hmmmm
Kirayoshi I heard that Marvel's putting out an Excalibur Essentials book.
Lia It's about time!
MadR Excalibur EssentialS?
MadR Cool, now I'll finally see Pete Wisdom!
Kirayoshi Why is that cool?
xakko if they get to Essential Excalibur #4 or 5
Amokitty My bad, for not putting more Pete scans inthe gallery. Not a huge Pete fan. Is that a request, Rose?
Amokitty I do requests now, you know. :)
MadR Just don't know anything about him
MadR Makes it tough to deal with the relationship as part of Kitty's past
xakko yeah, Rose, I can see that.
Kirayoshi How about some pages from XMU #37?
MadR in fanfic. Been working with a sort-of Spike mental image.
Kirayoshi The issue where Kitty met Daniel.
Amokitty I'll do that, K. :)
MadR If Kitty=Buffy and Piotr=Angel.
Kirayoshi I actually stumbled on an X-Men fanfic along those lines.
darkstorm5000 Wisdom=Riley?
Kirayoshi Set in the X-Men Evo universe.
xakko Wisdom=Spike
Kirayoshi Kitty The Vampire Slayer.
Kirayoshi Doug = Riley.
MadR Oh yeah, I think I read that...not a real crossover....
Kirayoshi Only with more personality
Kirayoshi More of an Amalgam
MadR The X Men playing the Buffyverse roles.
darkstorm5000 I could see that analogy
Kirayoshi Kitty was Buffy, with Piotr as Angel, Dani as Willow, Kurt as Xander, Hank as Giles, Magneto as the Master, Rahne as Oz, Gambit as Spike and Emma as Dru.
MadR Emma would not be Dru. Lilah Morgan/Darla. Not Drusilla.
Kirayoshi You're right. She was Darla. My bad
Amokitty I was thinking Darla, too.
Amokitty Thank God, emma doesn't have the hots for Peter!
MadR Dru fits the Fred/River/Blindfold archetype of Whedons.
Kirayoshi I can see that.
MadR Amo. Sure of that?
Lia She did say she found him attractive.
Amokitty Ummmm, should i be worried???
MadR Gifted: He's a good looking boy...
Kirayoshi I'm not sure what's going on in Emma's head these days.
Amokitty Oh god. You're right.
MadR He's all right if you like the square-jawed, tall, muscular, incredibly handsome type....
Kirayoshi I still say she's playing both teams against each other and plans to double-cross the HC.
J_Harper joined.
Amokitty Hello jeremy!
Kirayoshi And he finally puts in an appearance!
J_Harper Hey everyone. Sorry I'm so late.
Lia Hey sweetie!
MadR Hi Jeremy
Kirayoshi Get a private chatroom, you two!
Amokitty So glad you could make it1
J_Harper Hey honey. Little surprised to see you. How are your eyes?
darkstorm5000 Hi Jeremy
xakko hi jeremy
Kirayoshi Hey, John-boy!
J_Harper Hey everyone. Glad I could make it.
Lia There fine. Just a little blurry, but I can read well enough.
Kirayoshi What's up with your eyes, Lia?
J_Harper :) That's good. Have I missed much?
Amokitty Lia mentioned that you're working hard on Deathless, Jeremy.
Kirayoshi Or was that hardly working on Deathless?
Lia I had Lasik last Saturday, so they're swollen.
Kirayoshi Joke
Kirayoshi Ah.
xakko ah... good luck with that
anhayla *crickets*
MadR Jeremy: recap: X3 stunk, Astonishing was interesting, we like Master Howlett better than Wolverine...
J_Harper Heh. :) Cut me a break. I can barely get to the computer nowadays thanks to my new schedule. But I'm trying to come up with something.
Amokitty A little lag, I suspect,anhayla.
Kirayoshi Kidding, J. We luv ya!
J_Harper Heh. Well, I wouldn't say X 3 stunk, per se. Wasn't the first two, but I didn't feel I wasted my money. Wasn't as bad as, say, FF.
MadR we hope Whedon doesn't torture Kitty or Peter too much, and I've been traumatizing Amokitty by pointing out the Emma/Peter in Gifted.
Amokitty Really? I thought it sucked @ss. Pardon my language.
Kirayoshi I didn't hate the FF movie. Wasn't as good as Raimi's Spider-Man, but it had its charms.
Amokitty Ha!
J_Harper Though I think Peter had more lines in 2 than 3. :/ At least they didn't make him gay or bi-sexual, like I heard mention in the past.
darkstorm5000 I know I'd probably watch FF again over X3
Lia I thought it was alright. Not great, but Kitty wasn't portrayed as poorly as I had thought she would. Peter's role was pointless.
Amokitty Peter had ONE line in this movie. That was it.
Kirayoshi Like I said, too many mutants to allow for much character development, it sounds like.
J_Harper Cripes, I found out that Ellen Page played a sorta Lolita type in a movie called Hard Candy last year.
Amokitty Madrox had more lines!!! How the hell do they justify this??!
J_Harper X 3 was pretty busy, wasn't it?
Kirayoshi And the Peter Pedophile meme is resurrected.
Amokitty Heh.
J_Harper Heh.
MadR And Scott's death should have had a bigger impact on the movie....ptb cranky at Singer and Marsden going over to DC for the Superman flick
darkstorm5000 Or at least shown it
Lia We should have at least seen the death. Unless he didn't really die.
xakko scott shouldn't have died, period. tho' i did hear that we don't see the body
Amokitty Storm was completely unsympathetic about Jean. Storm's attitude was 'screw her'. I hated it.
J_Harper I've heard that, though I sorta wonder if Scott is dead. Sorta ambiguous, though Lia pointed out there's really no reason to bring him back if Jean doesn't come back for the nest one.
Kirayoshi The fact that Scott didn't have much impact on the movies when he was on screen notwithstanding.
Kirayoshi Wasn't there some stinger at the end of the closing credits?
darkstorm5000 If there is a next one?
MadR Xavier related stinger, I heard
J_Harper Well, they should be honest and call the movies Wolverine and Friends, since that's pretty much what they are.
anhayla Yes, but it doesn't involve Scott
Lia Storm was a shrill little harpie the whole time.
Amokitty Yes. With Moira. after everyone leaves the theater, you see her.
anhayla We saw Moira a few times
J_Harper Well, that makes sense, since Halle is a crazy bitch. ;)
Lia At least they're being honest when it comes to the cartoon and putting Wolverine's name right in the title.
anhayla She had more lines than Peter too
Kirayoshi I say we take back Halle Berry's Oscar and be done with it!
Amokitty Didn't you just hate Storm in this movie, Lia?
darkstorm5000 I missed it, and didn't read about until the next day. Just another reason for me to dislike X3.
Lia Hee. A crazy bitch who had to fly her own barrista from Italy just so he could make her one coffee a day on set.
MadR brb
Lia She was so cold and mean! All she did was yell.
Lia Yeah, Hugh Jackman told that story. He said he felt sorry for the guy.
J_Harper She was definitely not a mother figure in this one.
Amokitty Christ, that's the stupidest thing....
J_Harper Big stars like that tend to be stupid.
Kirayoshi I say we let the franchise cool for awhile, then recast a few roles for the next one.
Amokitty Like I needed a reason to dislike Halle any more....
Lia Yeah, well I don't think Hugh likes her very much. I saw an interview where, when asked about Hugh, she said she wished he wasn't married and never had kids.
Amokitty Amen,K.
J_Harper Don't have to be smart if you're pretty enough, or can emote a line well enough. But they tend to think they're smart 'cause all their lapdogs keep telling them that.
Amokitty She IS a crazy bitch.
darkstorm5000 I wouldn't mind seeing them wait a few years and then start over, at the beginning with Xavier and his original students
J_Harper And God forbid you ever call them on it. I hear Harlan Ellison has quite a few stories about Barbara Striesand.
Kirayoshi After Catwoman, she should have been forcibly retired from Hollywood!
MadR bak
Lia Well, they did make her promise never to do a sequel, at least.
Amokitty I'll never be able to forget Kevin Smith's stories about Prince.
xakko i wonder if the technology advances to the point where fx become very cheap, that we could have a series. i would love to see them able to hit 5 or more key X-men moments...
J_Harper Hey Rose. I'll say this much about X 3 - at least it didn't totally invalidate your movie Kiotr. ;)
Kirayoshi I'd like to see a Days of Future Past movie.
MadR Heh, well, if I do that Refuge sequel it'll still be au....
Kirayoshi But only with a different actress as Kitty.
Amokitty I would love that more than puppies.
Lia That would make a great plot for a fourth movie!
Kirayoshi I fear that they'll do some lame Apocalypse movie.
darkstorm5000 Oh man, I hope not!
xakko they need a way to cut down the cast...
Amokitty The "sentinel" moment was a big letdown.
J_Harper I hear they're repowering all the major mutants in the comics. Lia told me.
MadR The only problem with days of future past as a movie is all the nonX fanbois complaining it's a Terminator ripoff.
Kirayoshi Magneto came back in the latest issue of New Avengers.
Amokitty Yep. Of course they are. Like we didn't see THAT coming.
Lia Yeah, Quicksilver, Magneto, and some others in Son of M.
Lia Oh, and Lorna.
J_Harper That's okay - Terminator is just a rip off of Soldier and Demon With A Glass Hand. ;)
Kirayoshi That doesn't quite count as the repower was temporary.
xakko well, most of the Genoshans lost the Terrigen gained powers
Amokitty Watch. the only one to not get their powers back will be Jubilee.
Kirayoshi And Black Bolt declared war on America, if not Earth.
J_Harper Hoo boy...
Kirayoshi I had an idea for a Jubilee story post HoM, but none of the fans would like it.
xakko oh, do people here know the Chamber spoiler?
Lia Yeah, not America's brightest move...
Amokitty He didn't declare it vocally did he?
xakko yes, he did
Amokitty Crap!
Kirayoshi I could imagine a story where Jubilee were to be brainwashed by Stryker or somesuch and became the poster-girl for the anti-mutant crowd.
J_Harper Think Reed will be able to talk him out of it? Why did he declare war - because Quicksilver stole the Terragen mists?
Amokitty that's evil, K. I like it!
xakko and this would be different than New X-Men?
Kirayoshi A prominent former mutant who gets turned against her former allies.
MadR Okay, Civil War.....why is superhero registration still a big thing when I have a trade called Identity Disc that shows SHIELD has a list of all costumed heroes and villians?
xakko he declare war because the USA was taking the Terrigen Mists with them
Kirayoshi Yeah, that was it.
J_Harper Oh jeeze...
darkstorm5000 Yep, and the U.S. refused to give the Terrigen mists back
xakko i think it's more than registering- it's enlisting... or rather, being conscripted
Kirayoshi I think Identity Disc was written out of continuity, which considering it wasn't at all good, isn't a bad thing.
Amokitty That's something I've wondered too, Rose. SHIELD is after all a Govt. agency.
J_Harper It's still a rehash of a plot line put to bed ten, fifteen years ago.
darkstorm5000 I call it Ultimatizing...
Amokitty I fear there's real truth to what you're saying, DS.
Kirayoshi I can accept the idea of registering, but the conscription is a bad idea,.
MadR I'm just tired of all these big world-changing event plotlines when you know everythings going to reset....
xakko i'm still praying that Millar doesn't make Piotr pro-registration
Kirayoshi In the real world the Supreme Court would declare it unconstitutional, wouldn't they?
Kirayoshi I think that was a red herring.
MadR and only getting 'em in trades just makes it that much harder to follow.
J_Harper Oh, Rose, about your Essential Colossus, I got some info you could use for it.
darkstorm5000 I don't know if that's the case where Spider-Man's concerned?
J_Harper could make for a good plot point.
MadR Jeremy, what?
Amokitty Not in this Administration,K.
Kirayoshi The only X-Man to go pro-reg is supposed to be Bishop.
xakko i've heard rumors Cyke will
J_Harper Don't know if you knew this, but Soviet policy on mutants general was to euthanize them. They were considered a threat to the State.
xakko because he's supposed to fight Cable, who is known anti-reg
xakko i've got X-Factor Annual #1
MadR YES! I didn't know that. but it fits so perfect!
Amokitty Wasn't this mentioned in a Soviet Super Soldiers storyline?
Lia I can see Cyclops going pro-reg, to try to gain the publics trust.
xakko clearly Darkstar and Vanguard were exceptions?
Kirayoshi I understand that a lot of the old X-Force gang will show up for Civil War; X-Men/
J_Harper It was first revealed in Rom. I think the only reason Vanguard, Darkstar and Ursa Major survived was because they were the children of high ranking officals and scientists.
xakko the X-men are public as of Morrison's run
Amokitty the state trained them from childhood, right?
Kirayoshi Haven't really been into Civil War. Not a huge crossover fan.
xakko didn't they know Mikhail Rasputin was a mutant?
MadR Right now on Essential Colossus I've been working on Good Atheist Piotr dealing with the fact that his new friend Ororo is a goddess.
J_Harper Don't know. Obviously there are exceptions to the rules.
Kirayoshi I remember Piotr in GSXM #1 asking the Professor, "If I have such powers as you say, don't they belong to the State?"
Amokitty Yeah, especially since he was a cosmonaut.
J_Harper That should be interesting.
Amokitty Will the new chap be released soon, Rose?
Kirayoshi Didn't the Russian government kill Piotr's family in order to get control of Illyana?
Kirayoshi Does anyone have a pic of Anya Marakova?
Amokitty Yes. In X-Men #20 or 21 I think.
J_Harper Well, for Vanguard and Darkstar, their dad was the Presence, who was a high ranking scientist, so he probably pulled some strings.
xakko later on, yes, during the Soul Skinner storyline
Lia Yeah, they killed them without warning, I think.
Amokitty I'll try to send you one, K.
J_Harper Don't know about Ursa Major. Gremlin's dad was the Gargoyle, who also had a ton of influence.
MadR Not sure when I'll have the next EC part done, I've been working on Happily Ever After too....going back and forth. First one that has enough pages to post goes up
Kirayoshi I wanted a physical description of her for my one-shot fic.
xakko my comics are upstars, sorry
Amokitty I think Anya was a strawberry blonde.
Kirayoshi I was thinking brunette for some reason.
J_Harper There's a picture of her on Colossus' write up at Uncanny.Net.
Kirayoshi I'll check it out.
xakko i've been really tied up and have wriiten, like, one new page for Kits
J_Harper More than me on Deathless. :)
Amokitty I'm glad you're still plugging away at it, Xak.
Kirayoshi Hey, I finally managed to crank out a new chapter of Family Reunions, there's hope for us all.
MadR I've been doing more fic research reading than actually writing....
J_Harper Kewl. Looking forward to it.
J_Harper Lia's been working hard as well.
Amokitty Betsy Wilford was brunette. she looked a lot like Kitty.
Kirayoshi It's up on, J.
J_Harper Oh? Cool, I'll check it out after the chat. :)
MadR for that possible Refuge sequel.
Amokitty Oh, wow. Sequel?
xakko i did want to draw that Cypher pic that was in my head... i wish i'd done it better
Amokitty xak, I thought that was fantastic.
J_Harper What did you think of Astonishing? My friend Joe geeked out at the Byrne homage.
Amokitty I liked it. Joss is going to have Kitty show that she is indeed a fighter like everyone else.
Kirayoshi1 joined.
xakko how long do you think we'll have to wait for Perfection to be revealed?
Kirayoshi1 This is a fine howdoyado!
J_Harper You clone yourself, K?
Amokitty What happened, K?
xakko you've cloned yourself!
Lia Hopefully next issue. Any guesses as to who she might be?
J_Harper I'm without a clue.
Kirayoshi1 I had to reconnect my online connection, and it wouldn't let me rejoin the chat, saying "The name you chose was already taken"
Kirayoshi1 I still say it's Lady Mastermind
Amokitty Why should I complain? I'm having fun. I loved that.
Kirayoshi1 I dunno. When Piotr gets angry it's scary.
MadR left.
Lia Lady Mastermind makes sense, but it doesn't seem very shocking.
darkstorm5000 Shaw can attest to that
J_Harper Cripes, Peter really lost it.
J_Harper Well, Peter hit him so hard that he felt pain despite his powers... That's powerful.
Kirayoshi1 Another suggestion for Perfection: Danger.
Amokitty That line shocked me.
Lia I wonder if Tildie's somehow manifesting everyone's fears, then Perfection will be Jean, or at least Tildie;s manifestion of her.
J_Harper You know Peter lost it when he forgot what Shaw can do.
Kirayoshi1 I remember that Shaw can convert kinetic energy into physical strength, but does that also translate as invulnerability?
Amokitty Good theory, Lia.
MadR joined.
xakko Beast over at CBR has a Tildie theory too... great minds, perhaps?
Amokitty Hi rose!
Kirayoshi1 Or Negasonic
J_Harper Peter gave him some good shots the first time they met, and Shaw didn't seem to feel them.
Kirayoshi1 I thought it was Negasonic who was manipulating everyone's dreams.
MadR Something about leaving the cursor on send after a message is dangerous. <h>
Lia Maybe. Her powers are still underfined, so she could be capable of a lot.
MadR Too easy to click off the chatroom while moving the mouse.
xakko Peter is much, much stronger than 130's Uncanny...
darkstorm5000 Probably under normal circumstances. Being punched around by an enraged Piotr probably wouldn't qualify as normal, even for Shaw's abilities.
Kirayoshi1 This is true.
Kirayoshi1 Isn't he in Class 100 these days?
Amokitty The room is improved, but obviously not perfect. *sigh*
J_Harper Unofficial, yeah.
xakko Shaw was barely alive after being hit by Storm's Lightning, as well as when he impacted on Nimrod at terminal velocity
J_Harper Though I know some fan boys who are pissed that Peter's stronger than Ben Grimm.
xakko Peter was equal to Ben back when he was a kid
Kirayoshi1 Meanwhile we now have proof that Kitty's phased form is resistant to extremes of heat.
xakko she did the lava thing before in X-treme
Kirayoshi1 But at the time, wasn't Magma with them, controlling the lava?
xakko yeah...
Kirayoshi1 So, J, what did you think about the Byrne homage at the end of the issue?
xakko i don't know if she would've gone that deep when she phased through the earth in GLMK2
J_Harper Hey, I got a question for the DC fans - are psychics as powerful there as they are in the Marvel U? Because it seems to me that if you go up against a psychic in the MU and you don't have one on your side, you're pretty much screwed.
Amokitty I wonder where anhayla's off to......
anhayla I'm here
Kirayoshi1 Martian Manhunter's pretty much up there.
Amokitty Hey! Missed you.
anhayla Just i awe of all this expertise :)
Amokitty LOL. Me too!
J_Harper I liked the homage, but I also felt a little annoyed by it as well. It's something that's been bothering me about Marvel lately. They never try to develop new plots and characters - they're always rehashing old ones, like a literary example of a Wyrm Oroubus.
xakko well, it seems like it depends, J. sometimes the DC psychics seem relatively wimpy, but then they'll have powerstunts that are beyond anything Xavier or even full power Cable has done
J_Harper Hmmmmm...
Kirayoshi1 Most of DC's psychics are mystical, IIRC.
Kirayoshi1 Except for MM, the only real psychics I can think of in DC are people like Madame Xanadu or Wotan.
Kirayoshi1 Okay, there's Saturn Girl, but LSH is practically its own continuity.
MadR DC fandom's been going nuts lately, I know that....
Amokitty People have been saying that Kitty "flying" in rotation to the earth is something new. Like she's been powered up. she's had the ability to do that since Uncanny #209.
xakko Despero
Kirayoshi1 Ah. Forgot about him.
J_Harper I see. Just curious. I know Manchester Black was very powerful, but he was a TK, not a Telepath.
xakko Maxwell Lord too, apparently.
Kirayoshi1 He was limited.
anhayla It's been fun you guys, but this girl needs to take herself off to bed before her eyeballs roll out. :)
xakko to what,
Kirayoshi1 More of a mind-controller, not much of a telepath.
MadR G'Nite Anhayla
xakko Karma-esque?
J_Harper Good night, Anhayla. Pleasant dreams.
Kirayoshi1 Kind of, yeah.
anhayla night :)
xakko g'nite anhayla! great seeing you!
Kirayoshi1 He could persuade others mentally
Kirayoshi1 Take care Anhayla
anhayla left.
Amokitty It was great to have you, Anhayla. thanks for taking the time. :)
Lia Night, Anahayla.
Amokitty Too late.
Kirayoshi1 She'll read it in the transcript.
J_Harper Anyhow, Marvel has been annoying me lately. I'm thinking about dropping a few more titles.
MadR Now, I just read Max Lord in the 'Superbuddies' trades, and I cannot believe the PTB did that....
Kirayoshi1 Hey, you should see the uproar over Cassandra Cain!
MadR whole character rewrite, it
MadR It's both brilliant and cruel.
Amokitty Why on Earth did they make her a lesbian??
Kirayoshi1 You're thinking of Betty Kane the new Batwoman.
Amokitty Whoops wrong Cain!!
Kirayoshi left.
Kirayoshi1 No I didn't!
Amokitty No he hasn't@
J_Harper Joe's ticked about that. He has a mad on against DC right now - they're wrecking all the characters he likes.
Amokitty LOL.
Kirayoshi1 I'
xakko i loved the "Formerly Known as the Justice Leage" and "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League"... and the whole idea of IC turned me off DC
MadR I wonder if the girl wonder gals are going to get anywhere too?
Kirayoshi1 I'm still holding out for a reveal that Cassandra is really in a deep cover operation to take down the League of Assassins, but I fear it's too late for that.
J_Harper I accidently read the end of the War Games fall out. I heard about it, but I felt sick to read it. :/
Lia What happened in it?
Kirayoshi1 Leslie Thomkins?
J_Harper Yeah. Leslie Thomkins let Spoiler die. :/
xakko i bought the new Wonder Woman, but wasn't impressed at all. i think Justice will be the only DC comic I read for a while
Kirayoshi1 All Star Superman
Kirayoshi1 Can't go wrong with Grant Morrison on DC.
MadR There's this feminist comics readers message board trying to get DC to have Bruce put up a Robin case for Steph
J_Harper Not All Star Batman? ;)
Kirayoshi1 Oh dear God NO!!!!!
J_Harper Miller has truly lost it.
MadR Make her death equal to Jason.
darkstorm5000 All Star Superman's got me hooked, and I'm normally not a comic-Supes fan
Lia Hey, don't knock AS Batman! It's comedy gold. It just wasn't intended to be.
Kirayoshi1 Morrison's also writing an upcoming Batman arc.
J_Harper I think he'll be joining Steve Ditko up in that loft to live in seculsion some day soon.
Kirayoshi1 Meanwhile Paul Dini's doing Detective comics, so I have hope for that.
xakko i really can't read Morrison... he's just so full of himself, and comes across as Alan Moore lite to me
Kirayoshi1 I like his DC work a lot better than his Marvel work.
Kirayoshi1 He has some cool ideas, he's just a little shaky about executing them sometimes.
xakko maybe i'll pick up the trade to AS Superman then
J_Harper Eh. Morrison wrote one of my favorite Legends of the Dark Night, so I'll give him that much.
Kirayoshi1 Plus he lifted John Sublime straight out of an old John Byrne story.
Lia Yeah, I feel that same way about him, Xakko. Especially after his New X-Men.
darkstorm5000 I thought his Marvel stuff was pretty good. Up until the end, that is.
xakko he pretty much admitted he didn't know anything about Cyclops in Comic Creators on the X-men, even though Scott was his "favorite character"
Amokitty Morrison went overboard. and crucified jean.
Kirayoshi1 He also wanted to bring back Colossus but Joe Q said no.
Kirayoshi1 I guess it was too soon to bring him back.
Amokitty Maybe we should be grateful.
Lia I'm kind of glad for that.
Kirayoshi1 That's why he gave Emma her secondary mutation.
Kirayoshi1 To make her sort of a female Colossus.
J_Harper Well, Joey da Q says a lot of things he doesn't really mean.
xakko i know, and he ended up using Emma in that role... was he going to have Scott and Peter have an affair???
Amokitty The horror!
Kirayoshi1 Although I don't recall her doing much in terms of feats of strength.
darkstorm5000 A whole can of worms that probably shouldn't be opened
J_Harper You're shitting me....
Kirayoshi1 She's durable, but is she superstrong?
J_Harper Oh, I misread that... :)
Kirayoshi1 Somehow I don't see her doing the old Fastball Special with Logan.
Kirayoshi1 Although J had her do that in Deathless, IIRC.
Amokitty OMG.
xakko i really don't know how he could've translated any of Emma's actions in his run to Colossus
Kirayoshi1 He probably realized that she makes a lousy 'brick' character.
Amokitty Has Morrison mentioned what he thought of Kitty?
Kirayoshi1 I think he said he didn't like her.
J_Harper No, she didn't throw a fastball. Beast threw her high up in the air and arced down to hammer Nikolai into the ground.
Amokitty Figures. We should probably be grateful for that too.
Kirayoshi1 Plus Claremont got to play with her more with Mekanix and XXM.
xakko GM's complete understanding of Scott was pretty much how he was in the 60's
Kirayoshi1 I stand corrected, J.
J_Harper NP. It's been two years. I'm amazed that I remember myself. ;)
Amokitty Everybody praises Morrison like he's the second coming. Was it really that wonderful?? It's lost on me I'm afraid. I never liked it.
Lia The plots were fine, at least in the beginning, but everyone felt so cold.
Kirayoshi1 I liked his JLA immensely. I just think he works better on DC than on Marvel.
Kirayoshi1 I think he 'gets' DC better.
Lia And his manifesto in the back of the NXM vol. 1 hardcover really turned me off. Especially his ideas for Rogue.
Amokitty I agree, Lia. He just didn't seem to have any connection with his characters. Except emma.
Kirayoshi1 There was an arc in JLA where a host of renegade angels tried to destroy the world in order to launch an assault on Heaven.
xakko how is Busiek with DC? i love his Marvel stuff
Kirayoshi1 At one point Superman wrestled the lead angel, shouting, "How dare you threaten my world?"
Amokitty Lia, what were his ideas?
Lia Even Emma didn't seem like Emma. She was textured and balanced in Gen X. Her, she was just his Mary Sue.
Kirayoshi1 Busiek's writing Superman soon, so you'll get to see for yourself.
Lia He wanted to kill Rogue and replace her with a new character with similar powers who was Goth like in X-Men Evolution. He said it made no sense for a woman with her powers to be such a strong spirited spit fire.
Kirayoshi1 He did a cool mini called Superman: Secret Identity, about a guy named Clark Kent, after Superman, who winds up having powers identical to Superman. Sort of an AU Superman story, and it's one of the best things you'll read.
Amokitty then he's an idiot. at least when it comes to this character.
Kirayoshi1 Agreed!
Lia Yeah. It was one of the few ideas that Quesada refused to let him do.
darkstorm5000 Wow, that is kinda lame on his part
Amokitty I don't like putting characters down, as a rule. Kiotr has been put down by everybody and their brother it seems. But Lord, I do not like Emma, and it's Morrison's fault.
J_Harper All writers, even the best, have their blind spots.
Kirayoshi1 This is true.
Kirayoshi1 Claremont's was the inability to finish a story without leaving a few plot threads dangling to pick up later.
MadR Very fanfic marysue too, killing off Rogue to replace her with his similar character....
Kirayoshi1 Morrison was much better on JLA.
Amokitty You're right, rose. How very telling.
Kirayoshi1 I'll admit that I enjoyed his Fantastic Four mini, but I wasn't impressed with Jae Lee's artwork.
Lia It's one of the things that turned me off to Morrison. He thinks his ideas are the only ones that work, despite fans enjoying these characters for decades before he ever touched them.
J_Harper He does not lack ego.
Amokitty Ellis, either.
J_Harper You'd think that'd let him fit right in over at Marvel, considering Bendis, Q, and Millar. ;)
xakko he did give Claremont a lot of credit for trying to tie up all the loose ends he left as he bulled his way through the X-universe
xakko in some ways, I think Whedon is trying to be the bridge between CC and GM
Amokitty Any mention of why he tried his best to destroy it in the first place Xak?
Kirayoshi1 He more or less took GM's team, and added his own favorite character.
Lia Yeah. He has a lot of respect for the characters, which I appreciate.
J_Harper Whedon's cool. I'm really not a big fan of him, but I've enjoyed Astonishing, even before 4.
Amokitty Me too. I see some new ideas with an old school approach. and i love it.
MadR I was a Buffy/Angel fan, and a Firefly fan...and I can see a lot of those shows in what he's doing with X Men
Kirayoshi1 I'll be interested in seeing how he wraps up his run, and who follows him.
J_Harper Hey K., did you try the Gargoyles comic this week?
Kirayoshi1 May pick it up later.
Amokitty I'm scared thainking about that. I fear Kiotr will be undone.
xakko what, why GM tried to destroy the X-universe? i think he thought he was deconstructing it
Kirayoshi1 Had time to duck into the shop once, for AXM #15.
Amokitty He took it completely apart, Xak. And left it up to CC to fix it. God knows Austen sure didn't!
Kirayoshi1 I may glance at it to see if it's any good.
J_Harper It was pretty good. He's re-hashing the first episode of the Goliath chronicles, but with a few twists. The Gargoyles are definitely not as buddy/buddy with Xanatos. And starting issue 3, whole new plot and stories.
MadR and vice versa....just thought of that. Some X Men mentions in Buffy and Angel....
Kirayoshi1 I look forward to see what happens to Goliath and Eliza.
Kirayoshi1 I liked those two.
J_Harper A lot more violent. A quarryman called Elisa a whore, and G. had a hole shot through his wing.
Kirayoshi1 OUCH!
Amokitty Cartoons aren't what they used to be huh?
MadR Not Disneyfied Gargoyles then huh?
J_Harper I don't know if that happened in that episode. The wing getting shot through. I know the w. word wasn't used in it. ;)
Kirayoshi1 Uh, Disney created Gargoyles, Mad.
Kirayoshi1 I did a Gargoyles/Buffy crossover fic.
Kirayoshi1 I may go back to it someday.
MadR But Disney would not approve of the whore thing. <g>
J_Harper Gargoyles was always pretty sophisticated. Very much a cousin of the B:TAS style.
Amokitty Man, that doesn't sound kid friendly. disney shame on you! ;)
xakko well, WB stole half the crew to do BTAS
xakko (or more, I think)
Kirayoshi1 In the show, Eliza got hit in an accidental shooting by Broadway!
Lia Yeah, but that was because it was an after school special episode, to teach kids gns weren't toys.
J_Harper Pretty good cartoon. Very much up there with Batman, though I do admit I got a bit annoyed having every mythological being being a Child of Oberon.
MadR The show got an award for the shooting ep....
Kirayoshi1 Just remember that Goliath Chronicles didn't really happen.
J_Harper :) Pretty much the philosophy of the comic, from what I understand.
MadR For realistic violence because she was in a cast for the next three eps, I remember that....
Kirayoshi1 I remember reading something from the show's creator, that he had planned a big story with the various mythological creations from the World Tour arc coming together for a common cause.
J_Harper Remember the thread on Rumbles about Gargoyles in the MU? They'd be a good fit.
Kirayoshi1 He also said that he didn't want Loki in the story because he already had four trickster characters to play with: Puck, Raven, Coyote and Anansi.
J_Harper Imagine the Gargoyles meeting Spider-Man and trying to figure him out, and vice versa. It puts a smile on my face. :)
Lia That's so cute, sweetie.:)
MadR Hee. Or the gargoyles and Ben Grimm and trying to figure out what clan he's from?
Kirayoshi1 I can imagine Brooklyn complaining, "Hey, get this gunk off my face!"
J_Harper I actually toyed with the idea of a fic with Xanatos butting heads with Tony Stark, because Xanatos swiped armor tech from Stark Enterprises.
Amokitty Tony Stark is a four letter word to me right now.
Kirayoshi1 Or Odin from the World Tour meeting Thor.
J_Harper Oh yeah, Civil War...
Kirayoshi1 Not sure how that's gonna turn out.
xakko or Freakazoid giving a Gargoyle Pez to get it to shut up... oh, wait, wrong show
Amokitty He gets Spidey to unmask! Stupid.
J_Harper I've been ignoring it, as best I can.
Kirayoshi1 Great idea, but I don't trust Joe Q to succeed in finishing it without a deus ex machina
Kirayoshi1 I do fear that he'll succeed in destroying the Peter/MJ marriage, like he's been wanting to.
Amokitty No joke, K.
Lia Yeah, it doesn't seem like a permanent change.
J_Harper He thinks the marriage ruins the character, but has no problems with Peter outing himself? I don't get him.
MadR That's so stupid....
Kirayoshi1 What ruins the character are writers who don't have a clue what he's about!
Kirayoshi1 Not to mention a total lack of supporting cast!
Amokitty The marriage thing, pisses me off. Joe Q can't leave well enough alone.
MadR What ruins the character are flash in the pan story arcs that paint everyone in a bad light.
Kirayoshi1 For years, MJ and Aunt May have been it.
darkstorm5000 Marriage ruining the character? That's one of the high-points for me, MJ/Peter together.
Amokitty Exactly!
Kirayoshi1 Joe thinks Spider-Man should always be a loser.
Kirayoshi1 Peter is not a loser, he's an everyman.
J_Harper It bugs me when writers and editors say comic characters should never change, when Alan Moore has pointed out that Silver Age Marvel was almost nothing but constant change.
Kirayoshi1 And everyman characters can be married!
Amokitty I say bring back the Daily Bugle cast and shake things up that way.
J_Harper It's only when Lee and Kirby left when things started to get static.
MadR Yeah. Peter and MJ, Reed and Sue Richards, we need some happy couples in the Marvel U....
Kirayoshi1 The only happy couple allowed in the MU is Ororo and T'Challa. Didn't you get the memo?
xakko maybe a couple long time friends in X-Men might fit the bill, Rose?
Amokitty Happiness CAN exist in the MU!
J_Harper And characters can change and evolve with out major shake-ups. Most writers are just too lazy to try, I'm afraid.
Amokitty Why must marriages end in the MU? Isn't that setting a bad example for kids?
MadR Maybe we need a marvel branch of girl wonder.
J_Harper Again, because writers are lazy and think writing marrages are too limiting.
Amokitty Marvel makes heroes into cheaters, wife-beaters, neglectful idiots, you name it.
MadR Although granted, we have't had anyone end up in a refrigerator. Yet.
Amokitty Hah!! Loved that!
J_Harper I don't know if DC is much better. Despite the second chance he got, Ollie STILL cheated on Black Canary.
Kirayoshi1 Isn't it as limiting to say that a character cannot ever be allowed to enjoy happiness?
Kirayoshi1 Or that Spider-Man can never have a wife?
Amokitty yeah, how stupid was that? Who in their right mind would cheat on Dinah?
J_Harper I mean, he comes back from the dead, is still in love with her, yet then jumps into sack with Black Lightning's niece.
J_Harper Ollie thinks too much with his trouser arrow. :/
Kirayoshi1 Green Arrow has a rep for being a horn-dog!
Kirayoshi1 This isn't a new trait.
J_Harper Very true.
MadR It's one of those cliches I hate. Happy relationships are seen as boring and settled.
Amokitty Yeah, but he had DINAH.
Kirayoshi1 I'm still angry at what they did to Dick Grayson!
Kirayoshi1 WTF?
Amokitty And that's why I fear for Kiotr.
J_Harper Tarantula, or is this a new outrage?
MadR Unresolved sexual tension is supposedly more interesting. So breaking up a couple so they can date other people....etc.
Amokitty What's up with dick?
Lia You mean the proposal that never amounted to anything?
Kirayoshi1 He was getting his life back together at the end of Devin Grayson's arc.
MadR Not ending up with Babs in One Year Later?
Amokitty Right. I remember that.
Kirayoshi1 So the very first issue of OYL and he's sleeping around again?
J_Harper Ah.
Amokitty Oh no. With who?
J_Harper I thought Arsenal was the player?
Kirayoshi1 Someone named Cheyenne.
Kirayoshi1 And if that isn't the name for a Mary Sue, I don't know what is!
Amokitty Good grief. does Babs know about this?
Kirayoshi1 I suspect she's pretty much written him out of her life.
J_Harper Is Grayson still writing Nightwing?
Kirayoshi1 She hasn't mentioned him once in BoP, and she isn't wearing the ring.
Kirayoshi1 Bruce Jones is.
Kirayoshi1 And he's making Grayson's run look like the good old days.
Amokitty That sucks. I liked them together.
MadR Well...this is what fanfic is for.
Kirayoshi1 Testify!
J_Harper True. Hey K., do you read much Gargoyles fic?
Kirayoshi1 A little.
J_Harper Is it a habit of a lot of writers to hook Angela up with Brooklyn?
Kirayoshi1 I dunno.
J_Harper Okay. Just curious.
Kirayoshi1 I know of one lengthy fanfic arc where Brooklyn hooks up with a female Garg from Avalon, during his own World Tour.
Kirayoshi1 There was also a cool fic in that arc called "The Scottish Play" where MacBeth reflects on his past and is reunited with his wife, who wasn't the bitch that Shakespeare wrote her as.
Amokitty but she makes the play what it is!!
MadR How's the Gargoyle section of signal to noise ratio-wise
Kirayoshi1 Haven't been there in awhile.
J_Harper No clue. May poke my nose into it if I have the time. I really liked that new comic.
MadR I may have to look. haven't thought of that 'toon in years.
J_Harper But knowing FFNet, it's probably a mess, like every other section.
Kirayoshi1 Here's the page to go to for fanfic.
MadR There's a reason it's called the Pit of Voles.
J_Harper If the FFML opens up to more than anime/manga, as they're discussing, I'd recommend joining. You can get some good feedback there.
Kirayoshi1 There's also a page called The Gargoyles Saga, a fourth season page taken from the ideas of Greg Weisman.
J_Harper Kewl.
Kirayoshi1 I think that's the page that had the MacBeth fic.
J_Harper Is there anything else going on on the Kiotr front?
Kirayoshi1 Found a few older fics.
MadR There's a new writer with a snippet on the kiotr livejournal comm
Kirayoshi1 Posted the links on the LiveJournal Kiotr page.
Amokitty I'm grateful at the recommendations from Darkstorm, Rose, and Kirayoshi. It's helped with my addiction.
J_Harper That's the one Anh runs, right?
MadR I found her friendlist hopping and suggested she post her Piotr/Kitty with kids fic, hope poor thing gets some reviews.
Amokitty Yep. :)
J_Harper Thought so. Sigh, I really wish I could get Deathless done. I really want to start that shared post Deathless cycle.
Amokitty I'm gonna do all my reviews tomorrow.
J_Harper I'm so far behind on reviews its disgusting.
MadR It's a very sweet story and she was nervous about posting to a strange comm...cause kidfic gets blasted a lot....
Kirayoshi1 I liked it.
Kirayoshi1 Very fluffy, but well written.
J_Harper Fluff has its place.
Amokitty I thought it was genuinely good. The Kiotr cause is gaining strength.
J_Harper Can't be all grim sagas like Paper Flowers or Deathless.
Amokitty They're more than just grim and you know it!!
Kirayoshi1 And again it falls on us the faithful to convert the masses. TEA AND CAKE OR DEATH!
Amokitty hear, hear!
J_Harper Heh. :)
xakko well, maybe if they ever ended... (I kid! I kid!)
Amokitty Takes one to know one, Xak!
Amokitty ;)
J_Harper Well, soon, I hope. Poor Lia and Amo must be tearing there hair out with where I currently ended To Slay.
Amokitty Yes, damnit!
Kirayoshi1 And on that note, I have to hang it up.
MadR G'nite, Kirayoshi
Amokitty Awww. So soon? Checks watch...
Kirayoshi1 Peace out.
J_Harper Take it easy, K.
xakko g'nite K!
darkstorm5000 Goodnight
Lia Night, kirayoshi!
Amokitty Thanks for coming, K. and thanks for updating your fic!
Kirayoshi1 my pleasure.
Kirayoshi1 Later
Kirayoshi1 left.
MadR And this is why you guys need to write fic too. <g> Gives you something to do while waiting for the other writers to finish.
J_Harper Heh. Lia's been hard at work.
Amokitty who are you addressing, Rose?
MadR Innocent grin.
Lia Well, sort of. One day doesn't really qualify as hard work.
Amokitty LOL.
J_Harper More than me, my sweet. :)
Lia True, you lazy boy!;)
J_Harper I should have written today, but I ended up watching Creature Double Feature! :D
MadR I just wish I could stop the insanely complicated plotbunnies....
Lia And eating cereal!
J_Harper Cookie Crisp!
Amokitty Mark's been watching "Android Invasion!". Heh.
xakko mmmm... cookies...
J_Harper You haven't lived until you've seen an iguana wreck havok on a miniture set. ;)
Amokitty I told Joey that my favorite was peanut butter-chocolate chip. wow, am I hungry now...
MadR Mysterious Island on the Hallmark Channel's why I was a half hour late to chat
MadR Patrick Stewart as Captain Nemo, Kyle MacLachlan, and giant CGI spiders. Now that's entertainment.
Amokitty that's right up my alley!
J_Harper Heh heh. Sounds like fun.
J_Harper I saw Duck Soup last night at an art theater in Boston.
Amokitty But then again you would know that. Having watched Bubba Ho -tep.
xakko oooh! i love that one
J_Harper Bruce Campbell is god. :) Or, at least, a God.
Amokitty Ah! A favorite and a classic.
Amokitty Crap! You've seen it too??
Amokitty And here I thought I was the only one...
J_Harper Bubba Ho-Tep? Yup. Very funny. I'm a big fan of sf, fantasy and horror. I bought the DVD on a recommendation in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
Amokitty I own the damn thing too.
J_Harper Me too. :)
Amokitty Elvis Lives!!
J_Harper Heh.
Amokitty We're all a bunch of weirdos. You know this right?
J_Harper I hate to do this, folks, but I'm starting to crash. I'm going to bid you all good night. I'm sorry I was so late to this. I'll try to get on earlier next time.
MadR G'nite Jeremy
J_Harper Heh heh.
Lia Night, sweetie.
Amokitty Ah Jeremy, it was nice of you to show up at any time.
Amokitty Good night!
J_Harper Good night my love. Talk to you tomorrow.
darkstorm5000 Goodnight, Jeremy
J_Harper Good night all. Take care of yourselves. See you soon.
Lia Have fun at gaming.
J_Harper I will. :) I'll say hi to Maura and Peter for you.
Amokitty Bye!
Lia Thanks, sweetie. Sweet dreams.:)
J_Harper :)
J_Harper left.
Amokitty Would everyone be so kind as to let us know when they plan to post their next chapters/stories? I'm dying to know here.
MadR No idea, sorry
Amokitty Darn it!
Amokitty You have me hooked, Rose.
xakko i think my schedule will get slightly less evil
Lia I don't know when mine will be done. I have a lot of the end done, but I'm having trouble with a part in the middle to bridge it together.Once I finish that, it won't be too long.
Amokitty I'm glad, Xakko. You've sounded a little frustrated about it lately.
xakko but i have no real idea. (i have written a couple words while the chats going on... sometime you all inspire me)
darkstorm5000 As soon as I can wrestle the blank computer screen in front of me into submission. But, hopefully within the next week, my next chapter is gonna be shorter than the last.
MadR Hey, you have the rest of the Rachel walks in on Kitty and Peter in front of the fire bit?
Amokitty Lia, I hope it's soon! from what little I've seen it's magnificent. :)
Lia Thanks. That means a lot.
xakko lucky you, DS... my next one will be just as long as the rest
Amokitty I've got all of it.
Amokitty why is the screen blank,DS?
MadR That might help me with a blocked bit of Happily Ever After if I know exactly what happened there...could you give me the dialogue or put it in the gallery
Amokitty Would you like to see it, Rose?
darkstorm5000 Call me the "Ultimate Slacker", I guess.
Amokitty I can E-mail you, rose.
MadR Thanks.
MadR I'm trying to work on Rachel's reaction to the wedding announcement
Amokitty Can't slack, DS. You're well into the story already. People are counting on you! :)
darkstorm5000 Temptations a hard thing to resist sometimes
Amokitty That could be interesting, Rose. a little drama for the chap?
Amokitty More tempting than reviews of your good work??? Say it ain't so!
MadR Some drama, yeah.
xakko Rose, Rachel and Kitty are over it by "End of Greys", but I don't know if that helps or hurts your idea
darkstorm5000 No way, that's what keeps me going! That, and the fact I'll hopefully get to the Kiotr part of my fic in about two more chapters.
MadR It's a little out of canon timeline, so I think it'll be okay....
Amokitty I always thought Rachel's problem was more envy than jealousy.
xakko heck, they seemed over it by the middle of Uncanny #460, but then not... Rachel had a good moment with Kitty in "Enemy of the State", which happens in the middle of Uncanny
xakko it was always the other way around, unless CC is hinting at something deeper
xakko Rachel grew up with Kitty and Peter married and deeply in love...
MadR I also want to put in that for Rachel, Kitty and Peter not being together was reassuring, one more sign that this timeline is different from her native timeline....
Amokitty Oh DS! We have Kiotr to lok forward to? wonderful. BTW, I haven't told you how wonderful your writing was for Kitty and Peter's first time in Tokyo. damn! I need to review1
Lia That's a great idea, Rose!
Amokitty I thought maybe Ray was a little envious that Kitty had Peter, while Franklin was long gone...
MadR Rachel's another one I have trouble writing because we've barely seen her in the Essentials.
darkstorm5000 Glad you liked it! I'd had that scene more or less set for about a year beforehand, going back to A Force Unleashed.
xakko OK, i really need to sleep...
MadR Amokitty, that could work.
xakko it was wonderful talking with you all! have a great night!
Lia Goodnight, Xakko!
MadR G'nite Xakko. Nice typing to ya
Amokitty Xakko, thank you for coming tonight.
darkstorm5000 'Night, Xakko!
xakko left.
Amokitty Tell Deb, to stop by on e of these days.
MadR I should probably be heading off myself...
Amokitty Darn.
Lia I think I need to head out too. All these words are turning into a whole lot of fuzziness.
Amokitty yeah, it's late for you, isn't it?
Amokitty Thank you so much everyone!
darkstorm5000 And I guess I'll be the one to let the door hit me...somewhere
MadR It's so late it's technically early
Amokitty I'll get those scans to you Rose.
Lia Thanks for having me! I had a lot of fun. Take care, everyone.
Amokitty Stay as long as you like,DS
MadR Thanks Amokitty. Thanks, All. Nice chatting with ya.
Amokitty Good night, LIa!
Lia left.
Amokitty 'Night Rose, sleep well.
MadR left.
darkstorm5000 Thanks, but I want to get some shut-eye before the sun comes up in my neck of the woods
Amokitty yeah.
Amokitty I understand. :)
darkstorm5000 Have a good night (what's left of it), and I hope you feel better real soon
Amokitty It's really late for you too! You must a night owl.
darkstorm5000 Yeah, something close to one
Amokitty Thank you. and thank you for the fic recommendation! Take care!
darkstorm5000 No problem. 'Night!
Amokitty good night, Darkstorm. til next time!
darkstorm5000 left.
Amokitty Time to wrap it up. A very big Thank You to everyone! Good night, all.