Amokitty Welcome to the Chat room, where we've come to pay our respects to a very special person. I'd like to think that you're here with us in spirit, Joey.
xakko joined.
Amokitty Hi Xakko.
xakko hi... how ya doing?
Amokitty Okay. A little sad thinking about this....
Amokitty I'm also hoping the room doesn't explode.
xakko yeah, well, fingers crossed and all that
xakko and it is sad. slively and i were talking about it last night.
Amokitty It's supposed to work perfectly. Supposed being the key word.
Amokitty Someone showed up a little while ago, before the chat was to start. Heard of a T. Garrett?
xakko doesn't ring any bells, no.
Amokitty Hmmm. Hope he comes back.
xakko as we found out with this tragedy, we don't really know the names of so many of these people who are so close to us...
Amokitty Isn't THAT the truth. You're friends with so many people, but the bottom line is, how well do they really KNOW you, and vice-versa.
xakko i'll be right back... the laundry just beeped at me...
Amokitty Sure.
xakko back... hrmmm...
Amokitty Hi.
Amokitty Don't mind me, just playing with some features.....
Amokitty BTW, Kirayoshi is celebrating his Birthday party today, and won't be able to show until late, if then.
xakko i really hope Justin shows up
Amokitty Justin?
xakko Uncle Nobs
Amokitty Oh! I thought what he did was extraordinary.
Amokitty So kind.
xakko yeah... he's really cool like that...
xakko he isn't on CBR right now... i haven't seen him in a while, actually
Amokitty Mark and I are sending a condolence card to the Meyers. I only wish I knew what to say in these circumstances. I doubt what I'll say will be terribly comforting, but I'm gonna try.
xakko deb and i are going to do the same.
Amokitty Have you heard of a service that plants trees in memory of late loved ones? It exists, and Mark and I are going to see that one is planted in Joey's name.
Amokitty I just thought it sounded nice.
xakko i hadn't heard of that, no...
xakko that's very touching...
Amokitty Someone did that for my beloved Grandmother when she passed away, and I thought it was touching.
Amokitty Yeah, that - LOL ::smile
Amokitty Jeremy will show up soon. About 11:00 your time.
xakko ah... i can't imagine having to post what he did, but i am so glad he did.
xakko i've been searching through a lot of Joey's posts, and was shocked to see how many times he mentioned me
Amokitty Really? I know he thought a great deal about you guys. He told me himself how impressed he was with all of your writing.
xakko well, we both really liked Animaniacs- he would pop in references from time to time
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Amokitty Ha! I can see this.
Amokitty Hi Darkstorm. How's everything with you?
darkstorm5000 Hi everyone! Things are going okay.
xakko hi darkstorm
Amokitty Good. I was just mentioning to Xakko that Kirayoshi is celebrating his Birthday this evening, and probably won't make it.
darkstorm5000 Hi Xakko, how're you doing?
Amokitty I hope he gets TONS of presents.
darkstorm5000 Yeah, I think I remember you mentioning that, about Kirayoshi.
xakko i'm ok... i mean, as much as could be expected
darkstorm5000 Of course...
Amokitty What do you guys think of the room? Does it pass muster? It's not fair that this room is finally gonna work, and Joey can't be around to see it.
xakko yeah... it seems pretty cool...and no connection issues is good
darkstorm5000 Amokitty, I was actually just typing to tell that I like the look of the new chat room ::smile
Amokitty Yeah, well..... we'll see. I'm somewhat optimistic though.
Amokitty Thank you, Marcus! Very kind of you to say so!
darkstorm5000 I had forgot about you saying you were going to change it, so I freaked a little when I first went to log-in...
Amokitty LOL. Didn't mean to scare ya! ::wink
Amokitty I don't think anyone's getting kicked off tonight.
darkstorm5000 I think I'll get over it...
xakko so, how'd you first meet Joey? his stories, or CBR, or another board?
Amokitty I responded to a trivia question of his on CBR. I was the first one to get it right, and he gave me virtual cookies, lol. I found out that he was a big fan of the series Golddigger through that.
darkstorm5000 My first meeting was during our last chat here, and he seemed like a really cool guy just from that little bit of interaction
Amokitty I remembered him from the Write Me an X thread. I'd read his works there before he posted them to
xakko i found a post where he denied me a cookie for something i said about Chamber
Amokitty It was cool to actually converse with him after the trivia question, because I already liked his writing.
MadR joined.
darkstorm5000 Xakko, what'd you say?
Amokitty Hi Rose! Nice of you to come!
MadR Hello
darkstorm5000 Hi MadR!
Amokitty Why did Joey DENY a cookie?? That's funny!
xakko hi rose!
xakko i had made a comment about not liking Chamber in the Generation M thread, and Joey was bringing me to task for it.
xakko i am so totally gonna get the Chamber mini now and give it a chance
Amokitty *giggles* He sure took New Mutants and Gen X seriously, didn't he?
darkstorm5000 Not a Jono fan, huh?
xakko he sure did... and no, i haven't been that fond of the Chamber i've read to date
MadR My only real interaction with him was over at ffn....we traded a few reviews.
Amokitty At first glance, because he such a serious gamer, I don't think anyone would guess that he was so literate. A real budding talent there.....
xakko i knew him from ffn, CBR, and LWW... he was always really encouraging with Kit's Laughing, and we did bond over New Mutants fandom
Amokitty The biggest Doug fan there ever was.
MadR He didn't like the Doug Ramsey bashing line in my 'Attraction' and when I explained I was just going for the joke, and had nothing against the character, that newbie me didn't know much about Doug, he kindly explained why Cypher is cool.
xakko yeah... i keep thinking of a way to honor him, somehow. a scene in Kit's, or by drawing his entry in the CBR's 198 game
MadR I think the next time I made a bookstore run, I'll look for a trade with New Mutants, and buy a copy to donate to the library.
Amokitty Yes, he did mention that the Doug mention in your story bothered him Rose. I've always thought that Doug was genuinely cool, and knowing how much LW liked him, made it a point to include Doug moments in the Kiotr gallery. I plan on a LOT more.
Amokitty Rose, that's lovely. Joey had plans to write more New Mutants fiction, and gave a few of his ideas over the last couple of chats. He'd like that a lot I bet!
xakko Kiotr fans tend to have a soft spot for Doug, don't they? Or is it just me?
Amokitty Not you at all, dear.
Amokitty ::smile
xakko and Rose, that's an EXCELLENT idea...
darkstorm5000 I've liked him too, Doug always seemed to be the straight-man to the general insanity swirling around the NM
xakko the first New Mutants trade just came out, collecting the graphic novel and several of the first issues...
Amokitty I've speculated for some time now, that one of the reasons Joey liked Doug so much, was that out of all of them he could relate to Doug on a personal level. Doug was the most down to earth. The one most like Joey, I suspect.
xakko good point... i can so see that
MadR Cool, I'll look for that New Mutants trade then. I did like Doug in his later Essentials appearance after he joined the team.
Amokitty I plan to post crucial Doug moments in the gallery so people can see why he's so damn cool!
Amokitty Starting with New Mutants #13. His first appearance.
xakko as a new mutant or ever?
Amokitty Oh, and Rose... is your new computer working like a charm?
Amokitty Ever.
MadR The new computer is a dream!
xakko wow, it seems like he'd been around longer than that, but now that i think about it... yeah, that makes sense
Amokitty The first mention of Doug is Uncanny #177, but he appeared in NM #13 and shortly after that Uncanny #180. Geek alert!!!!!
Amokitty Heh.
MadR Reading the Essential collection, Doug turns up as this kid who hangs out with Kitty at the arcade and pizza parlor....that's all I really knew when I wrote my story.
xakko ah, yeah, he ends up being a whole lot more than that.
Amokitty Yep. That was Uncanny #180. Or what I'd like to call the beginning of the end for Kiotr part 1.
darkstorm5000 That's the first time I remember seeing him too, when he and Kitty destroyed an arcade game, if I'm correct?
xakko i'm thinking that X-Men Legends: Art Adams might be a good donation
xakko it has a lot of great Doug-Warlock interaction
MadR Making a note of the title, Xak.
Amokitty Doug appeared in New Mutants 13-17 straight. Then he joined at the slumber party. LOVED that issue!
Amokitty Agreed Xak. Doug and Lock had great moments the Asgardian Wars.
Lia joined.
xakko hi lia... how are you?
Amokitty Hi Lia. How are you?
MadR Hi Lia.
Amokitty LOL.
Lia Hey! How are you guys doing?
xakko i was thinking in Uncanny Annual #10 when Doug does the merge with 'Lock, and also the scene with Betsy. New Mutants Annual #2 was great too
Amokitty Okay. Talking about everything. And Joey's virtual cookies.....
darkstorm5000 Or lack thereof...
Amokitty I loved doug and Betsy.
Lia I've never heard about his virtual cookies.
darkstorm5000 Neither had I, until now
Amokitty Joey was fond of doling out cookies for people. I got my first cookie last Fall. Xakko got his taken away!!!! LOL.
MadR I'm taking suggestions for a New Mutants trade to donate to the local public library in his memory
xakko i said bad things about Chamber...
Lia Hee hee. Joey was a nice guy. He was one of those people you could tell right away was just a total sweetheart.
xakko Y'know, the Origin of Generation X might be another good donation book
Amokitty It seems like we have good ideas about something permenent to do in Joey's memory. Rose is donating to Libraries, and Mark and I are going to have a tree planted in Joey's name. ::smile
Amokitty I think your idea is pretty inspired Rose.
MadR brb
xakko i agree... do they let you write something in the inside cover, like an "in memory of..."?
Amokitty Lia, you actually got meet Joey and I know he thought a lot of you, because he told me he did. How did you meet?
Kirayoshi joined.
Kirayoshi Hey all.
Kirayoshi sorry I'm late
Amokitty Hi Kirayoshi! Didn't think you'd make it. How's the Birthday been?
Kirayoshi a pleasant evening
xakko happy birthday, kirayoshi!
Lia We met when Jeremy came out to California to visit. We didn't get to spend much time with him, just lunch, but he was a really nice guy. Very warm hearted and funny.
Lia Hey Kirayoshi!
MadR bak
Kirayoshi Hey Mad
MadR I think they have In Memory Of bookplates.
MadR Hi Kirayoshi!
Amokitty In the opportunities I've had, his personality was so genuinely GOOD. Thoughtful.
Kirayoshi Can't say I met him, but from his posts I suspect I would have liked Joey.
Lia Yeah, he seemed like he had such a good heart.
xakko i really feel i missed a lot of opportunities to be better friends with Joey...
Amokitty I think it's wonderful that you and Jeremy got to meet him, Lia.
Amokitty That's the kicker, isn't Xak? We all assumed we had more time. I never dreamed his health had declined so seriously.
darkstorm5000 I was thinking the same thing about him too, xakko
Kirayoshi (lifts a bottle of Diet Coke) Here's to you, LoneWolf.
Kirayoshi May ye be in heaven a half-an-hour before the devil knows you're dead!
xakko goes one further, gets a glass of wine and toasts...
Amokitty Hear - hear!!!!
Kirayoshi seemed appropriate for a wake.
Amokitty I agree.
darkstorm5000 Here's to you Lone-wolf (lifts something a bit stronger though)
MadR toasts with pomegranate juice and club soda
Kirayoshi On the plus side, I may have chapter two of Family Reunions done tomorrow.
Amokitty A toast to our dear departed friend. Our only wish was to have had more time with you. To Joey!
MadR brb
Amokitty K, that's great. The wait was killing some of us..... heh.
xakko to Joey!
Amokitty Joey!!!!!!!!! ::smile
xakko (and from everything i know about him, and everything i've learned, y'know, i don't think he had to worry about any devils)
Kirayoshi My main problem was working out the details of Illyana's resurrection.
Kirayoshi Oh, does anyone know where I can get some info on Roma?
Kirayoshi I checked out, and that helped.
Kirayoshi I was hoping for more though
xakko The Captain Britain trade might help, as well as Excalibur
MadR bak. Kirayoshi: maybe Wikipedia?
Kirayoshi Tried that.
Lia The Marvel Directory might have some info on her.
Kirayoshi not much more than a barebones reference.
Amokitty Capt. Britain trades would be very useful. I got some. Old Davis art, it was beautiful.
Kirayoshi I want to get my hands on the Alan Moore tpb.
xakko Remember, she and Merlin pulled Linda McMillan's husband out of time right before he was killed by the Fury
Amokitty I have the Moore/Davis one where Meggan is introduced. Good reading.
Kirayoshi Around the late 80s or so, she seemed to have her hands in everything X-related.
Amokitty Yeah, the Cap UK story.
xakko i know i've got an irish name and i should be toasting with whisky, but i hope joey doesn't mind the beaujolais i'd been saving...
Kirayoshi I'm sure he'll forgive you.
Amokitty BRB guys, theres a liquer with my name on it. A Celtic one at that. How appropriate!!
Kirayoshi I'd also like some info on Romany Wisdom.
Kirayoshi Where's she been lately?
xakko i had heard she was used... somewhere... after her part in X-Force
Lia Maybe she'll show up in New Excaliber.
MadR Isn't there a livejournal comm for questions about comics canon for fic...Canonistas or something? Not on LJ, but I lurk, and I'm sure I've seen one...
Kirayoshi I remember she appeared in a Union Jack mini by Ben Raab and John Cassaday
xakko oh yeah, i have that!
Amokitty LJ has more stuff.... I can't possibly find everything I want
Kirayoshi she and UJ were involved, IIRC.
Amokitty They have EVERYTHING.
Kirayoshi I should ask OldPrydeFan. She was using Romany in Paper Flowers.
Kirayoshi How do you navigate LJ?
Amokitty Does any one know how OPF is doing? I know she's at a crucial point in her Dream's End arc.
Kirayoshi Haven't heard neither hyde nor hair of her.
MadR As a lurker? I have a few ljs favorite placed, Kiotr being one, <g> and just randomly wander from friends lists looking for anything interesting.
Kirayoshi I like the Scans Daily page myself.
Amokitty Anhayla would be very gratified to hear that, Rose!
MadR Scans Daily is truly odd.
Amokitty I lurk at Scans too. the Superdickery thread had me rolling today.
Amokitty Wouldn't surprise me if Joey didn't lurk there too. He was everywhere on the net. I'm not kidding.
MadR brb again, sorry
Kirayoshi You guys ever read the Unified Field Crossover History of the Universe?
Amokitty No. Please tell us.
darkstorm5000 BRB, also
Kirayoshi It's five pages long and attempts to weave all forms of fandom into the history of the universe.
darkstorm5000 left.
Kirayoshi Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Star Wars, LoTR, Xena, Lovecraft, Sherlock Holmes, everything.
Amokitty LOL. I see DS found the sounds button....
xakko that sounds like a blast...
Kirayoshi It's one of the funniest sites I've ever read.
Kirayoshi Check out the link:
Amokitty Thanks K.
Lia Anything mixing Xena and Sherlock Holmes has to be good.
Kirayoshi It's kind of inspired by the Wold-Newton meteor stories.
MadR bak
Amokitty Tardis AND Xena... whoa.
Kirayoshi Yes, it seems that TARDIS energy somehow entered Xena's body, and passed venerially to Gabrielle, which is why they end up travelling back and forth through time without even noticing it.
Amokitty Dying here......
MadR sounds insane, I'll have to check it out, Kirayoshi
Kirayoshi It's a laugh riot!
Amokitty So funny!!!
Kirayoshi One of my favorite passages:
Kirayoshi 2001: Vampire Slayer Buffy Summers dies, comes back, jumps the shark.
Amokitty Sadly, that was true.
MadR She really should have made Spike pay him his kittens.
Kirayoshi or: 391: Library in Alexandria burned down under Theodosius I. Insurance premiums skyrocket.
Amokitty That was probably true too!!!!
MadR Okay, Now I really have to check this one out.
MadR Sorry. The Loan Shark demon in Tabula Rasa is one of my favorites.
Amokitty Who thought of this???
Amokitty Comedian or genius?
Kirayoshi It's part of the Utherworld site.
Kirayoshi Inspired by Philip Jose Farmer's Wold-Newton stories.
Amokitty Uther. Arthurian Uther?
MadR Both from the sound of it, Amokitty
Kirayoshi Dunno
Amokitty Gotcha.
Amokitty Uther being King Arthur's dad, I just wondered is all...
Kirayoshi Farmer once wrote this series of books that suggested that a meteor struck near a village in England, and the children born in that area after the meteor strike became some of the famous heroes and villains of 19th century English popular literature, from Tarzan to Sherlock Holmes to Captain Nemo.
xakko apparently the head druid of England is named Arthur Pendragon. i think he needs to get some imagination.
Amokitty Lord, that just sounds so cheesy.
Kirayoshi I think that might be where Alan Moore got his idea for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Amokitty The name I mean.
Kirayoshi Like the druids. Long white robes and beards.
Kirayoshi early transvestites, didn't have their shaving together.
MadR That sounds like a good series, Kirayoshi, I'll have to look for it.
Amokitty LOL.
Kirayoshi Eddie Izzard
Amokitty So very Pythonish sounding.
Kirayoshi Eddie Izzard is a very funny guy.
Lia brb
MadR I need something new to read. @#$%# cliffhanger trilogies.....just finished the Temeraire books I've been marysuing Kitty reading....
Amokitty 'Kay Lia.
Amokitty Please explain, Rose.
MadR Temeraire series by Naomi Novik, His Majesty's Dragon, Throne of Jade and Black Powder War.
MadR Napoleanic wars with intelligent dragon air support.
Kirayoshi Hmm...
darkstorm5000 joined.
Kirayoshi Harry Turtledove did a series like that.
Amokitty Oh! I think you mentioned that at the last chat. that sounds so interesting. does it have Nap and Nelson?
Kirayoshi Sort of the American Civil War in a fantasy milleau
Amokitty DS, hi there!
xakko re-hi, DS
Kirayoshi Hey, DS.
MadR Napolean definitely, Nelson mentioned, Amokitty.
darkstorm5000 Sorry about that, I'm back now
darkstorm5000 Hi again, everyone
Amokitty Glad to have you back, Darkstorm!
MadR Hi again DS
darkstorm5000 Thanks, Amo-kitty, Madripoor...
darkstorm5000 Thanks also Xakko and Kirayoshi
Amokitty You haven't missed much, but I'll post a transcript per the usual.
MadR The first three books were written before selling, she's got a contract for three more, but it'll be a year before the fourth book comes out...and Black Powder War ends on quite a cliffhanger. I hate that!
Kirayoshi Tell me about it!
Kirayoshi I rememeber that same thing at the end of Garden of RAma
Kirayoshi Major cliffhanger
Amokitty Then you both know what you do to the rest of us when you have long breaks betwen chapters! *tries but fails to look stern*
xakko * twiddles thumbs, looks elsewhere... oh, that was pointed at Kirayoshi!
MadR Meanwhile I'm looking at the mentions of pirate dragons in Throne of Jade and sternly telling myself that I have too many WIPS to start a Kitty's Fairy Tale crossover.
Amokitty You too, Xak!!!!!!
MadR left.
Kirayoshi Besides, if you're gonna do a Kitty's Fairy Tale crossover, you gotta do it with Dragonriders of Pern!
xakko gak!
Amokitty WOW. Would love to see that Rose.
MadR joined.
Amokitty Playing Xak? heh, heh.
Kirayoshi Or is McCaffirey on the no-fanfic list on
MadR Whoops!
Amokitty LOL.
MadR Mccaffery's on the no fanfic list.
Kirayoshi Thought so.
Kirayoshi Oh well...
MadR I was typing, Kitty and Lockheed could so take Will Laurence and Termeraire...not sure if that comment got through...
Amokitty I was playing with the sounds for a long time. Just didn't get bored with it.
Amokitty Why not? No Dragon fanfics?????
Kirayoshi Some writers don't like fanfics about their properties.
Kirayoshi Anne Rice especially.
Amokitty Good heavens. The nerve. It's so harmless!
Kirayoshi And no Anita Blake fanfics either.
MadR I think Anne McCaffery had some kind of online fan club with a fanfic section, and there was the usual lawsuit nonsense.
darkstorm5000 I heard Straczynski, the guy writing Spider-Man, was also like that
xakko *sigh*... that's ridiculous
MadR Don't quote me on that.
Amokitty JMS too?? Godd grief.
xakko yes, there's a lot of bad stuff out there, but it's just fanfic
Kirayoshi Although from what I've read, the Anita Blake novels have become fanfics!::laugh
xakko after sin's past/remembered, does he have a leg to stand on?
Kirayoshi Well, there is a limit on Babylon 5 fanfics, although they are out there.
Amokitty I mentioned to Rose that I noticed a small explosion of Kiotr fics. have any of you noticed this?
Kirayoshi Joss Whedon, now he's all for them.
darkstorm5000 Yeah, I heard that about Whedon too
MadR It's more that the authors can't be aware of fanfic plots for legal reasons.
Amokitty That's cause he's a fanboy too.
Amokitty Copyright protection. Can't be aware of any of it, huh?
MadR One good thing about Naomi Novik coming out of slash fandom, she puts links to the Temeraire fic lj coms on her official site.
Kirayoshi I think it's harder for a corporate-owned property to ban fanfics, since it is corporate and not just an individual that owns it.
xakko an explosion of kiotr at or elsewhere?
Amokitty A small explosion at I think it's mostly so-so, not mature writing.
Kirayoshi I stumbled onto a pair of nice X-fics recently.
Amokitty Please share.
Kirayoshi I'm finding the links...
Amokitty Thanks, K.
Kirayoshi They're by rjb, the guy who does the Eternity series.
Kirayoshi All the Summer's Pryde
Amokitty Yes. I just started reading his X-Force series.
Lia left.
Lia joined.
Kirayoshi Kitty and Scott accidently swap bodies.
MadR Kirayoshi, I've read those two, they're great!
Kirayoshi and, Any Old Storm in a 'Port
Amokitty Hey Lia, everything okay?
darkstorm5000 I'll have to check them out
Lia Yeah, I'm afraid I have to go though. My boss called and she needs me to do some work for tomorrow.
Kirayoshi Nightcrawler meets an alternate universe Storm, from a reality where he and Ororo were happily married.
Amokitty On a weekend? I'm very sorry.
Kirayoshi Needless to say, Rachel doesn't take it well.
Lia I'll talk to you guys later. Have a good night!
Kirayoshi Sorry to see you go, Lia
MadR Aw, bye Lia. Nice typing to you.
Kirayoshi Take care.
Amokitty I appreciate you stopping by Lia!
Lia Bye guys. Take care.:)
Kirayoshi Tell Jeremy to put some speed on Deathless, huh?
darkstorm5000 Goodnight, Lia!
Lia I will. I bug him about that all the time.
Kirayoshi That's all we ask/
xakko g'nite Lia
Amokitty LOL. Good night Lia. Take care.
Lia Hee hee. Bye!
Kirayoshi Be well.
Lia left.
Amokitty Speaking of Jeremy, i wonder where he is.... he was supposed to show. Hmmmm.....
Amokitty I was hoping he'd tell us some joey stories.
Kirayoshi Anyone familiar with the anime and/or manga Read or Die?
Amokitty I don't generally read manga. I know that Joey loved the genre though.
Kirayoshi It's available as an anime on DVD
MadR Nope, I'm not into anime/manga.
Kirayoshi I brought this up because there was a principal character on the series called Miss Deep
Kirayoshi who could phase
xakko i may have to check it out... my wife likes some manga/anime
Amokitty Akira is about my only foray into that.
Kirayoshi I've been heavy into anime of late
Kirayoshi Try anything by Hayao Miyazaki.
Kirayoshi Trust me
Amokitty Heavy metal..... sorry couldn't resist. I loved that movie!
Kirayoshi Not really anime but it had its moments.
darkstorm5000 The only one's I'm really familiar with are Initial D (assume that counts as anime) and Gundam Wing
Kirayoshi Anyway, I was wondering if Claremont or Whedon ever saw Read or Die, because Miss Deep was like Kitty Pryde as an assassin.
Amokitty Her powers would make her a much better spy than Wisdom that's for sure!
Kirayoshi You'd think glowing fingers would be a handicap in the spy game, wouldn't you?
MadR I tried to watch Trigun on CN's Adult Swim once, but I saw the whole run through twice and it never seemed to many any sense.
Amokitty Glowing fingers???
MadR make any sense, excuse me.
Kirayoshi Pete's hotknives
Amokitty Slow on the uptake as usual..... sorry.
Kirayoshi No problem.
Kirayoshi I plan to have a few scenes involving stealth in Family Reunions.
Kirayoshi Pete: Kitty, you're with me. Peter, you hang back.
Amokitty Is Kitty or Pete involved in the stealth?
xakko well, i assume "Kitty Pryde & Wolverine" predates "Read or Die"?
Kirayoshi Piotr; Like I'm letting you go alone with Katya?
Kirayoshi Pete: You're seven-foot-six, eight-hundred pounds and reflective. Not exactly stealth material, are ya, mate?
Amokitty Laughing out loud!!
MadR Did Kitty spend time as a SHIELD intern in canon or was that something in a fanfic?
Kirayoshi Meanwhile Kitty and Illyana are making jokes about the levels of testosterone in the air.
Kirayoshi In canon, actually.
Kirayoshi A three-issue mini called Kitty Pryde: Agent of SHIELD.
Kirayoshi She was attracted to a SHIELD agent named Rigby Fallon
darkstorm5000 Wisdom'd have a point, though. Then again, guy's who can make cards glow and explode shouldn't make good thieves either, so go figure
Kirayoshi That's one of the reasons she and Pete called it quits.
MadR Okay, with the whole ninja thing too, she would make good spy material then.
Amokitty I'm getting slightly buzzed, and I'm usually such a tee totaler too. I hope you're appreciating this Joey!!!!! ::wink
Kirayoshi IIRC, Ogun had infiltrated the SHIELD computer or somesuch.
Kirayoshi Not to mention Kitty has an organic flamethrower that wouldn't register on a metal detector.
darkstorm5000 It's always about Ogun, isn't it?
Kirayoshi Just once can we have an non-Ogun story about Kitty, huh?
Amokitty Sorry, but that was surely one of the silliest mini's ever written.
xakko yes, it was.
Kirayoshi Ah, but it helped end the Kete arc, so it served its purpose
MadR I'm still catching up through random trades, so....shrugs.
xakko i do find it interesting that while dating (and later) Colossus would always trust Kitty to handle herself, while Wisdom never seemed to
Kirayoshi I don't think that one's in a trade.
Amokitty Colossus did indeed have full faith and confidence in Kitty. He really believed in her.
Kirayoshi It's Pete he's dubious about.
Kirayoshi Of course if Pete tries to get up to something, there's this trick where Kitty could phase her hand through his chest and rip out his heart.
Amokitty He's such a sly devil, isn't he?
MadR brb again, sorry.
Kirayoshi Or any other small, much valued organ, if you know what I mean.
Amokitty LOL.
darkstorm5000 I think we do...
Kirayoshi nudge, nudge, say no more...
Amokitty Yeah since his is of no use to her anymore.... hee.
Kirayoshi "Think two feet lower, Pete."
Amokitty Something interesting guys. Have any of you read True Friends?
MadR bak
Amokitty Hi!
Kirayoshi I'm still considering having Illyana crush on Pete.
Kirayoshi He's not a bad guy really, just a bad fit for Kitty.
darkstorm5000 I think that could be interesting
MadR Kirayoshi, love to see Piotr's reaction to that.
Kirayoshi I see Piotr extending an olive branch
Kirayoshi The best man won, after all...
Kirayoshi Of course, he's still guarded around him.
Amokitty In True Friends it looks like there's an opening of there being a chance of Kitty giving herself to Alasdair FIRST, if you know what I mean. I just re read it, and I was like - WOW.
Amokitty Would Pete be interested in Illyana like that though? Hmmm ruminates.
Kirayoshi Wasn't Alasdair too besotted with Rachel to even give Kitty a tumble?
Kirayoshi jerk!
MadR Haven't read that one, Amokitty.
Amokitty Sorry, Alasdair Kinross the Lord Kinross.
xakko i just can't like Pete Wisdom
Kirayoshi Oh. Thought you meant Alasdair Stuart.
Amokitty I'm gonna post the pages in the Gallery Rose, then you can see what I mean.
MadR Latest trade I picked up was the What If Mirror Mirror with Illyana and Piotr as part of Rudovic Reed's soviet Fantastic Four
Kirayoshi That was interesting.
xakko i picked up the issue of that Rose
Amokitty I got that. It was definitely different.
MadR And I still haven't found any trades with Wisdom in 'em.
Kirayoshi I wish Chris Claremont didn't have to stall his run on Exiles.
Amokitty There aren't any Rose.
Kirayoshi I'd love to see him continue his What If from 2004
Amokitty Now THAT was something I really wanted to see. I voted for it too!
Kirayoshi Or we can have more of the next best thing---right Mad?
MadR Haven't had any WhatifWhynot plotbunnies in a while, sorry
Amokitty Wisdon's appearances have been confined to Excalibur and briefly in X-Force. Did any of you suspect something going on between Tabitha and Wisdom, or am I loking too hard?
Kirayoshi I understand the next Exiles run will riff on the over-saturation of Wolverine.
Kirayoshi A new team of Exiles, consisting of different versions of the Canucklehead
darkstorm5000 I'd heard that too, stemming from a preview cover
MadR the inside jokes about Wolverine's overexposure are becoming an inside joke in themselves....
Kirayoshi I recognized young Jamie, DoFP, and Marvel Zombies Wolverine
xakko there was Earth X fat Wolvie too... and what looked like Wild Thing from M2
Kirayoshi Oh?
Kirayoshi Oh, and that robot Wolverine, Albert?
MadR ...what next? Every time a gobbet of flesh is cut off Wolverine, the healing factor grows it into a whole new body with amnesia?
Kirayoshi I think that was Lobo from DC actually.
Amokitty Or Slobo, as i call him.
Kirayoshi Although that would explain why he's in every X-Book and the Avengers at the same time.
xakko and Deadpool Wolvie, and Wendigo Wolvie, and...
Kirayoshi Oh, and Weapon X from Age of Apocalypse
MadR Wasn't Lobo supposed to be a parody/dig at Wolverine?
Amokitty Yep!
Kirayoshi I dunno.
darkstorm5000 The amnesia helps to keep Wolvie from asking about all the back overtime owed to him
Amokitty he most certainly was.
xakko nah, he's salary, doesn't get any OT
Kirayoshi I think he first appeared on Omega Men as a cosmic bounty hunter, then evolved into a Wolverine parody on Giffen's Justice League
Amokitty No OT? Are SURE Xakko?
Amokitty Cause he's there ALL THE TIME.
darkstorm5000 I guess just fringe benefits then
xakko he gets thirty weeks of vacation a year, and takes off from Thursday to Tuesday every week. He only works on Wednesdays
Amokitty Reminds me of Twisted Toy theatre. Magneto as Xavier's housemaid. Worked for minimum. God that was funny.
xakko Kitty: I'm fourteen! Colossus: I am for teens as well!
Amokitty YES!!!!! OMG. I laughed my ass off!!
Kirayoshi OY!
MadR I've seen that on Scans daily. Cute.
Kirayoshi those are just silly!
Kirayoshi brb
xakko we subscribe to Toyfare. we're bad that way.
Amokitty I should post that in the gallery too!
MadR Of course every time something like that turns up at Scans Daily we get the Piotr=pedophile debate in comments again....
Kirayoshi Let's not bring that up again!
Amokitty Really, Rose? I hope it doesn't get ugly.
MadR I've stopped reading the scans daily comments every time there's a Piotr post. The stupid, it burns.
xakko gah... i feel your pain.
Amokitty It's pretty slash centric, so i can imagine that the only way Peter is popular is with some guy.
MadR The fun part is the Ultimate newbies who are all OMGWTFGAYBashing whenever our Atonishing page goes up, yeah.
Amokitty They think that Ultimate Peter is the ONLY way for Peter to be???
darkstorm5000 Honestly?
MadR If they only read Ultimate, yeah, they think Peter was always gay and they're retconning him straight.
Kirayoshi Uh--yeah.
darkstorm5000 Now, that makes me LOL!
MadR Of course, these are the same fans who can't figure out why Scott is colorblind, so.....
Amokitty Jesus. they need to broaden their horizons. Every pun intended.
Kirayoshi There's a russian ballet dancer, two tribe girls in the Savage land, a Morlock, an alien healer and a Jewish computer hacker who would argue with that.
MadR But the hypocracy of slash fans on scans daily is quite a lesson in human nature. A Batman/ 8 yr old Robin scan taken out of context that looks seriously twisted gets 4+ pages of Squee comments....
Kirayoshi Oh, the Batman/Robin meme's been around for years.
Kirayoshi You ever hear of Fredrick Wortham?
MadR The Brood arc scene where Piotr resists Kitty's despairing attempt at seduction and explaining that he'll wait for her to grow up gets the 'Ew Sick' treatment.
darkstorm5000 Despite the fact that he DID resist the temptation?
Amokitty Geez, why? Cause he TURNED HER DOWN???? doesn't make sense. Besides since when was Kitty ever written as 14 yr. old. Come on now....
amocaT joined.
Kirayoshi no sense at all.
Amokitty Hey Sweetheart!
amocaT hey honey. just checking in to see how things are goin'..
Kirayoshi Remember, to Kete fans, Piotr's first three appearances were when he dumped Kitty, when he abandoned the X-Men to join the Acolytes, and when he tried to kill Pete!
Kirayoshi Hey, amokitty
Amokitty Okay. Surprised that Jeremy's not here yet.
amocaT me too.
Twilight joined.
amocaT hey all.
xakko (dave cockrum said that Kitty only had a crush on Piotr, that he may have returned, in Comic Creators on the X-Men)
xakko hi amocat!
xakko hey, twilight, welcome!
Amokitty Hello Twi. Welcome!!
MadR Kirayoshi, yeah, to some extent it all depends on where and when you start reading.
Twilight Hi guys
MadR Hi amocat, twilight!
xakko did you have some stories about Joey you'd like to share?
Kirayoshi I guess...
Amokitty Good to have you.
Amokitty I'll have to read that Xak.
Twilight Not really unfortunately
Twilight Because of his illness I never really had that much time to interact with Joey
Twilight But I do fondly remember his enthusiasm,wit and his diligent efforts to keep the 'we got issues' thread alive and kicking
Amokitty That's the thing. He didn't speak of illness much. that's why i was so damned shocked.
xakko i loved that thread... he put so much effort into it
Kirayoshi I remember that thread too.
Kirayoshi hadn't seen it recently though.
Kirayoshi He always did give the impression of being a class act.
Amokitty he was very modest and self effacing. Joey told me that he didn't think he was good enough to be included with the authors that he admired on my site. I told him otherwise. I only hoped he believed me.
Twilight The 'we got issues' thread deserves to live.I might go bump it right now
Amokitty He made some well reasoned arguments without resorting to sarcasm. that unfortunately is something that I"M guilty of.....
xakko i'm thinking i need to write a scene of Kitty at Doug's grave... i don't know if i could do it justice
Twilight I think you could Xak.From what I've read of your stuff it's very good.
Amokitty Have any of you read Joey's story Fading Into The Light? I think that your story would be a good post script to that Xak.
MadR I think that would be very nice, Xak.
MadR brb
Amokitty In Joey's story, Doug mentions that Kitty never visits. If you were to fix that so to speak, it would be very fitting I believe.
MadR left.
xakko that is sort of what i was thinking of. and i was going to have Piotr visit Illyana in this chapter anyway...
MadR joined.
MadR bak
Amokitty Were you kicked off, Rose? Or did you accidently close the Java page?
MadR Tried to minimize for a second and it closed.
Amokitty I think that would be very much in character, Xakko.
Amokitty Ha.
Twilight Xakko I just found this when I was looking at an old X-Cres,LW talking about your work "Hey,I'm not a strict Kitty/Colossus fan,but I know good work when I read it"
xakko yeah... i was re-reading some of his old posts too... i remember that.
Amokitty I saw that too. He told me that admired your work. And was sadly a little down on his own with me. I don't think he gave himself enough credit.
xakko he didn't... and i kept meaning to write reviews for his Dougfics... i may still. i did like them a lot
MadR He was a good writer, the fanfiction world is that much poorer with his loss.
Amokitty I promised him reviews at the last chat and had every intention of doing it. I never dreamed that there wouldn't be enough time!
Twilight Nobody did.
Kirayoshi No one does.
darkstorm5000 Too true.
Kirayoshi fair winds and following seas, Joey.
Amokitty Did any of you have a clue, at all? I obviously didn't.
MadR I didn't have contact with him outside of ffn reviews, I didn't even know he was ill.
Amokitty His posts never suggested anything, but i thought he might've mentioned something in a PM to someone....
Twilight Limited contact with him even though we we're both 'Cressers.I guess our time zones just didn't match up well.
xakko as Justin (Uncle Nobs) linked, there was, like, one time he actually posted all of the shit he'd been dealt in life.
Amokitty I lurk at X-Cres once in a while, and I caught that then. That was how I found out that he was sick at all.
Amokitty One of the very few times I ever saw him being bitter.
Twilight Do we actually know anymore about what happened yet?Did he go peacefully ect ect?
Amokitty I was hoping that Jeremy Harper might have more info, but oddly he isn't here. It was my understanding that he would be.
xakko Justin spoke with his parents, but I havent seen Nobs around much
xakko and he never replied to my PM
Amokitty If Jeremy doesn't show, I'll definitely e-mail and ask him, because it's something I've been wondering myself.
xakko thanks... when i send my card, i don't want to say the wrong thing, as i seem wont to do
Amokitty Jeremy's girlfriend Lia was here earlier, and didn't mention what information she knew.
J_Harper joined.
Amokitty Speak of the devil.....!
MadR Jeremy, hello
J_Harper Hallo everyone. Sorry I'm so late.
Amokitty Hi Jeremy. How're doing??? Hanging in there?
xakko hi jeremy...
J_Harper I'm doing okay. Pretty good, actually, not taking into consideration the sad event that brought us here tonight. :/
Kirayoshi Hey J!
Amokitty We drank a toast to Joey earlier and I'm buzzed now.....
tre_styles joined.
J_Harper Hey K.
Kirayoshi Tre!
tre_styles hey all
Kirayoshi A few newbies!
tre_styles Hi Kira
Amokitty Welcome Tre! Good to have you with us!
tre_styles I just wanted to pay my respects to LW
tre_styles Thanks AMo!
Amokitty I'm glad you could join us.
Kirayoshi We should have had a sign-in page or something.
Amokitty Heh.
tre_styles yea
J_Harper Have I missed much?
Amokitty I'll be posting a transcript of tonight's get together for those that are interested.
tre_styles Yoshi is the only person I have in my sig. I think I'll quote something from J next.
J_Harper Okay. I'd like to see it.
tre_styles me 2
xakko hey tre... glad you could make it
Amokitty Just a little of everything, I suppose. rose mentioned that would donate some of Joey's favorite titles to a Library in his name.
Kirayoshi thanks, Tre
J_Harper I don't know how much I can see about poor Joey. I didn't know him very well, though I've known him for quite a few years. I met him through my dear friend April, back when I was in to Ranma 1/2 fandom.
tre_styles thanks xakk
Amokitty Joey was seriously into Ranma, wasn't he?
tre_styles I remember him being a big GENX supporter, which means he was one of the coolest people on this planet.
tre_styles And he liked my art
tre_styles So you know...
J_Harper I met him briefly last year, when I was out in California visiting Lia. We met for lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen, Lia, myself and Joey. He told me to look for someone with a Naruto headband on, so to identify him. :)
tre_styles he was awesome
tre_styles heh
Amokitty I love your art in Draw Me an X!
J_Harper Yes, he enjoyed Ranma very much. His favorite character was Ryoga. In anime fandoms he called himself the Lost Boy, after Ryoga.
tre_styles Thanks AmoK
tre_styles I remember Joey always having a kind word for me and made me feel very encouraged
Lia joined.
tre_styles So, I'll miss him a lot
Kirayoshi I just noticed your sig for the first time, Tre.
xakko hi again lia...
Amokitty Lia!!! Hooray!!
Kirayoshi I'm honored.
Lia Hi again!
tre_styles It's been there for a few months. ;)
xakko joey always seemed to have kind words and support for people... he took an interest, y'know?
tre_styles That's just one of the most beautiful lines I ever read...
J_Harper Joey was a good kid. Quite soft spoken, but intelligent. He knew alot about his hobbies, and could talk about them intelligently. He was a good young man, and deserved much better than he got from life. I thought he had beaten his cancer, which I first learned about summer of last year, when he texted me from the hospital.
Kirayoshi In a pale-blue so it kind of melts into the page.
J_Harper Hey sweetheart!
Lia Hey honey.:)
tre_styles Yesm Yes he did
tre_styles Yea, kinda like it did on the page
tre_styles That's so true J
J_Harper It was a shock when I read April's e-mail last friday. I regret not trying to look him up when I was last out there, but then, I doubt he was in the shape to see or visit anyone. :(
Kirayoshi One of my favorite posts of his was on the Rumbles board.
Kirayoshi Someone wrote, "Say it with me: PWNED!"
Kirayoshi He replied, "Say it with me: KEEP IT CIVIL!"
J_Harper Hmmm... That smilie looks more angry than sad. :/
MadR Kirayoshi, that's a good one. I wish I'd gotten to know him better.
Amokitty rumbles can get mean sometimes, but he really was just wanting everyone to get along, play fair, and have agood time.
xakko i dunno about you, but i've got a lot of anger- at myself, for missed opportunities.
J_Harper I remember when Factor 3 was getting obnoxious on a Colossus/Shadowcat thread... he sicced Chubby Hugs from Get Fuzzy on F3! ::laugh
Kirayoshi I liked that about him.
tre_styles lol
Kirayoshi OY!
Kirayoshi What was Factor Three's problem?
Kirayoshi He liked to pick fights with everyone, IIRC!
Amokitty The smilies aren't as cool as the others ones, I'm afraid. But we have sounds now!
J_Harper Oh, you know Factor 3 - he'd post a screed about some character in that strange psudeo-alien style of his.
Amokitty Yep!
Kirayoshi Plus I'm not getting bounced every five minutes like the last chat!
tre_styles Almost like the three in one....
J_Harper Joey was a good kid, Rose.
xakko (thank you to Amokitty and -cat for hosting this)
Amokitty I think this room is a keeper!!!
tre_styles Yes Thank you Amo and cat
Kirayoshi So Factor 3 was the CBR equivilent of Ann Coulter?
Amokitty Thank Xakko for the idea, Jeremy. I thought it was wonderful.
Kirayoshi otherwise known as my least-favorite person in the world?
J_Harper Heh. Perhaps not quite as vile...
tre_styles I think that he taught us to have fun while we are here
Kirayoshi Who could be/would want to be?
xakko i think Factor Three took the character a little too far at times
Kirayoshi A good lesson, Joey. May we forever remember it.
Amokitty I'm really glad you came Styles. I bet Joey would appreciate it!
J_Harper Haven't seen F3 around for a while. Haven't seen Schelenburg either, which is quite nice.
Kirayoshi Maybe they got banned?
Amokitty To Joey!
tre_styles I believe he would've.
J_Harper Take care, Joey.
tre_styles To Joey.
xakko to Joey...
Lia To Joey.
tre_styles Fly with Angels
MadR To Joey....
Kirayoshi to Joey!
darkstorm5000 To Joey!
Twilight To Joey
J_Harper Do people get banned on CBRF? They seem very lenient compared to RPGNet.
Kirayoshi It's been known to happen
tre_styles Yes, people get banned
tre_styles like Titan Slade
Amokitty Damn Straight!
tre_styles but let's not spoil the mood. ;)
Twilight Ah but TS was a dick of epic preportions
J_Harper Heh. Okay.
xakko (in all his incarnations)
tre_styles lol
Twilight Tue that
Twilight *True
Kirayoshi Can't say as I remember him.
J_Harper Never met him, but I don't frequent CBRF as much as I did a year or so ago. My postcount is right in the sub-basement, next to the Kansas City Royals.
Kirayoshi Was he a troll then?
Amokitty he was so nasty to me once. OY!
Twilight Troll is an understatement
J_Harper How could anyone be nasty to you?
Kirayoshi Yeah!
MadR Just to double check Xak, X Men Legends Art Adams, and Origin of Generation X?
xakko those would be ones I think Joey would've liked, yes
Kirayoshi [splashpage of UXM #168] TITAN SLADE IS A JERK!
Amokitty You're such dear, Jeremy. ::blush
tre_styles wow, it's late my peoples, I have to run, but is this place open normaly?
tre_styles lol @Kira
Kirayoshi I was wondering if anyone would get that.
J_Harper Oh, I did. :)
tre_styles Well we knew JHARPER would get that! :D
J_Harper Heh.
Amokitty It's open 24/7, but given the small turn outs, I've been arranging get togethers based on people's schedules.
Kirayoshi Yeah, with this crowd, I'd expect that.
tre_styles ph okay, send me a pm when the next one is held.
Kirayoshi or an email
MadR Kiotr fandom is..pretty much us, so the chats are scheduled
Kirayoshi Us and OldPrydeFan who's absent.
Amokitty Consider it done. Warning though. It can get a little rauchy sometimes. Always good natured though!
J_Harper I don't know how much I'm going to be able to participate in future chats. My new job is a first shift one, so I'm slowly getting weened off of Vampire Time.
xakko remember to vote for Lonewolf21 for XPotM of June!
tre_styles Joey's got my vote
xakko (if you're on CBR, that is!)
Kirayoshi Here here!
xakko and thanks to Brian, he has one post in June- the first post of X-Cres XXI
J_Harper I'm sure there's more than just us. We're just the hardcore fanatics who actually write fan fiction and get into internet fights over them. :)
Amokitty I won't forget. And I usually abstain from voting, but not this time!!!
Amokitty I'll defintely PM you on the next one styles!!!
tre_styles "Someday we'll have to say goodbye, but not tonight." Just for Joey. I think it's appropriate. I'll just say "see ya later" in the other world.
tre_styles Cool Amo!
J_Harper Take care, Tre.
Amokitty Take care, Styles.
tre_styles I'm outttttttttta here! Later all, been fun
Kirayoshi Later, Stylistic one!
Amokitty ::smile
Lia Night, Tre.
MadR Bye styles
tre_styles You know it. ;)
tre_styles left.
darkstorm5000 'Night
Kirayoshi Hey, totally unrelated matter here.
Amokitty Jeremy, how goes the new job?
Twilight left.
Amokitty Bye Twilight!
J_Harper Training is going okay. It's pretty easy. Going to be scut work, but if I stick it out for two years, I will be able to possibly get into things that are far more lucrative.
Amokitty Lucrative is good. Very very good.
J_Harper Yesh.
Lia He's doing very good at the new job. He's aced all his tests they give him. :)
J_Harper All in all, this has been a rather... errrr... momentous year for me, in ways both good and bad.
J_Harper ::blush
Kirayoshi I hear ya.
J_Harper My sweetie makes me blush. ::blush
xakko glad to here there's promise there, JH
Amokitty He's one smart cookie! Does this mean no time to write??? Egads I hope not!
J_Harper Actually, I'll be able to write. Just a matter of putting my nose to the grindstone, which I haven't been doing. :/ My current plan is to finish a review I started for RPGNet. I'm reviewing a swords and sorcery novel called Imaro. Then I'm going to try to finish To Slay.
MadR Getting late here guys and gals.....
xakko yeah, here too...
Kirayoshi Looks like the wake's winding down.
J_Harper After that, I'm not sure what I'm going to start. I actually had interesting news today about my writing.
Amokitty It was gracious of you to visit with us, Rose. Thank you so much for coming!!
xakko (i don't even get lunches anymore to write)
MadR A belated happy birthday to Kirayoshi, and congrats on the job, Jeremy...
Kirayoshi Thanks
J_Harper Take care, Rose.
MadR Writing news, Jeremy?
Kirayoshi do tell
Lia Night, Rose. It was good talking with you.
Amokitty Have a good night, Rose!
darkstorm5000 Goodnight, Rose!
J_Harper Yeah. I got an answer back from a magazine I submitted a story to in March. I didn't get accepted, but I got a personalized rejection. It's the first one I've ever got, and that's usually a sign you're on the right track.
Amokitty then progress is being made.
Kirayoshi Congratulations--I guess--
Amokitty LOL.
J_Harper Yeah. I just have to write regularly now to capitalize on my momentum.
J_Harper True, an acceptance would have been so much better, but I'll take what I can get. :)
MadR Another step forward, Jeremy, keep plugging. G'nite all. Thanks for the trade titles Xak, I'll make sure to look the next time I hit the bookstore.
Lia It's a good start. It wasn't the genre the magazine was looking for right now, but it was a great story that deserves to be published
Amokitty Wow. and the room didn't explode once! I'm so glad that Rose could participate.
MadR See ya next chat!
J_Harper G' night Rose.
MadR left.
Amokitty Bye!
J_Harper Lia should know about my story quality. I scared her good with it. :)
J_Harper ::laugh
Lia Don't remind me! You'll give me nightmares again!;)
Amokitty May I ask what genre?
Kirayoshi [insert maniacal laughter here]
J_Harper Heh heh heh.
J_Harper Horror.
Amokitty Sorry. Getting a little carried away I know....
J_Harper Anyhow, if I ever get a story placed, you'll be sure I'll be crowing about it at Write Me an X.
Kirayoshi having a wee bit too much fun here?
J_Harper Nah, I liked that.
Amokitty Yeah.... *ahem*
darkstorm5000 You have to try 'em all out, to know if the buttons work
Kirayoshi And hopefully I'll have the next couple of chapters of Family Reunions up
J_Harper That would be nice, K.
Kirayoshi Some insight in the Peter/Kitty/Pete triangle especially
xakko i think i just added a couple pages to Kits, but i hope it'll come out fairly soon...
Kirayoshi That's good news all around
Amokitty So much good stuff to look forward to! Lia, any chance of seeing your new story soon? I think it's just phenominal!
J_Harper The one good thing about me working days is that Lia may actually get a chance to write without me distracting her. ::blush
Lia Hopefully soon. I have about 75 percent of it done. It's just going slower than I hoped.
Lia True, but I like being distracted by you!
Kirayoshi What new story, Lia?
Amokitty Oh, so it's YOUR fault??!!!!
J_Harper The feeling is very mutual. :)
J_Harper Yup. Both our faults, since we distract each other. ;)
Amokitty LOL.
Lia The blame is all his! I am completely innocent.;)
J_Harper Ack! Throwing me to the wolves, love?
Amokitty We already knew that, dear!
Kirayoshi A likely story.::biggrin
J_Harper Well, she is the boss and is always right. ;)
Amokitty Lia is blameless.
Lia Very true.;)
Amokitty You guys have me laughing so hard!
J_Harper :)
Kirayoshi Ain't they a cute couple?
J_Harper I can attest that Lia's story is very good, and in a just world would get two dozen comments easily.
Lia Though you have to admit, you might be a little biased.;)
Kirayoshi Is it an X-Men story or original or what?
Amokitty Yes. I've always thought so. I had my suspicians about those two LONG AGO.
J_Harper True, but I also know talent when I see it. :) And you are very talented, my sweet.
Kirayoshi Oh get a room you two!
Lia It's an X-Men story. A Kiotr one, surprisngly enough!
Lia Hee hee.
Kirayoshi Ah.
Kirayoshi should have known
Amokitty I wish everyone could see your story, Lia. It's a cut above. Period.
xakko who woulda thunk it
Kirayoshi Is part of this story up somewhere and I'm missing it?
Lia Thanks, Amokitty. That means a lot.
Kirayoshi I look forward to your latest opus with bated breath.
Lia No, it's not posted yet. (And at the rate I'm going it never will be) but I sent what I have to Amokitty awhile back.
Amokitty Well, I think you already know how I feel about it. You did get my e-mail, didn't you Lia? ::smile
Lia Yeah, and I was so glad you liked it. Your opinion means a lot to me. :)
Amokitty Oh Lia. Your good opinion means a great deal to me too!!
J_Harper I think I'm going to head out now, folks. I'm starting to fade a bit. I'll try to be on for the next chat.
Amokitty Yeah, it's pretty late for you, isn't it?
Kirayoshi Okay, so J and Lia, you two pressure each other to finish your respective stories so we can have more Kiotr fic on the net to convert the masses!
J_Harper The only other thing I can say is that I'm going to miss Joey, and wish I talked to him more. Rest in peace, my frined.
Lia Leaving already? I hardly got to talk to you today.:(
Kirayoshi Heading out already, J?
J_Harper I'm sorry, honey. The new schedule makes this hard.
xakko really, what else can be said Jeremy?
J_Harper Yeah, I can't afford to warp my sleep schedule too much with the new job.
Lia I know. I just miss you. Sweet dreams, honey. :)
Kirayoshi Take care, J.
J_Harper Sweet dreams, love. :)
xakko except maybe we can remember all of Joey's wonderful traits that made him one of the best people I knew online... maybe be a little more patient, a little less hostile...
darkstorm5000 Sounds good to me
Amokitty left.
Amokitty joined.
Amokitty Whoops!
J_Harper Take care everyone. I'll be on earlier for the next chat. G' night.
Kirayoshi later.
Amokitty Jeremy, before you go I've got a question.
Lia Night. Sleep well.
J_Harper Shoot, Amokitty. :)
Amokitty You mentioned in the last chat that Joey would get angry about an Evo pairing. I was gonna ask him myself but.... Any way could you tell me??
J_Harper My memory is a bit vague on that. I think poorly done EvoKitty/Piotr could annoy him, though. One that portrayed Lance as a totally evil, abusive jerk.
Amokitty Was he a Lancitty fan?
J_Harper Joey had an affinity to a certain type of male character. Sorta the misunderstood young bad boy. He was a big Chase fan from Runaways, IIRC.
Kirayoshi My only grouse about Lance was his name.
Amokitty LOL.
J_Harper I can't really say. He had his favored pairings, but he didn't obsess over them the way we can. He was more interested in the character he liked than their relationships to their significant others. At least that's my impression of him.
Kirayoshi Rather than 'Avalanche', an established villain, they should have called him 'Richtor', a badboy hero.
darkstorm5000 They do share quite a few similarities, don't they?
J_Harper I think just having Lance portrayed as evil rather than misunderstood annoyed him more than Peter getting Kitty in the Evo-verse.
Amokitty Thank you for the explanation Jeremy. I'm so sad that I didn't have the opportunity to ask him. Appreciate it. You're off the hook now!!!
Amokitty ::smile
J_Harper Okay. :) Good night everyone. Good night Joey, wherever you are. Take care all.
Kirayoshi Take care.
Amokitty Good night Jeremy. thanks again.
Lia Night, sweetheart. Have fun tomorrow.
darkstorm5000 Goodnight Jeremy!
J_Harper G' night love. :) Thank you.
Lia :)
J_Harper Bye for now. :)
J_Harper left.
xakko gah, why do people always leave when i'm on a different screen? also, it is 2:30 here, and i've been here 4 hours...
Kirayoshi I should be leaving now too.
Amokitty Xakko, you wrote earlier about losing your lunch hour, is that right? No more writing?
Kirayoshi But before I go, I found a quote for Joey.
xakko i have a little bit of chapter 13 done.
xakko and i'm just going to suck it up and write at night
Amokitty You guys need to be insomniacs!!!!
Kirayoshi This was an epitaph that Benjamin Franklin wrote for himself.
Amokitty Just kidding!
xakko Insomniakko?
Kirayoshi The body of B. Franklin, Printer (Like the Cover of an Old Book Its Contents torn Out And Stripped of its Lettering and Gilding) Lies Here, Food for Worms. But the Work shall not be Lost; For it will (as he Believ'd) Appear once More In a New and More Elegant Edition Revised and Corrected By the Author.
Kirayoshi That didn't quite work.
Kirayoshi sorry
Amokitty LOL!!! Yes!
xakko i think we got the gist of it...
darkstorm5000 Seems fine to me
Kirayoshi thanks.
Lia I like it.
Amokitty Me too. I know Joey does...
Kirayoshi Well, thanks for having me.
Kirayoshi Peace out.
Amokitty Kirayoshi, I appreciate you being here. I know you were celebrating your Birthday, and yet you chose to come and visit with us. thank you so much!
Lia Night, Kirayoshi. Sleep well!
Amokitty Good night, K!
Lia Oh, and happy birthday!
Kirayoshi Hey, what better way to celebrate a birthday than remember someone's life?
darkstorm5000 Goodnight, and Happy Birthday!
Kirayoshi Later.
Kirayoshi left.
Amokitty May K have gotten everything he wished for!!
darkstorm5000 I second that
Amokitty it must be hard working weekends, Lia.
Lia I usually don't. My boss called because she needed to switch my shift.
Lia I like my weekends to much to give them up normally!
Amokitty oh, so least the weekend work isn't a regular thing. That's a relief I bet!!!
Amokitty Crap! I didn't get to ask how Jeremy's trip went! Care to share some highlights, Lia?
Lia It went really well. We had a lot of fun when I wasn't getting us lost.
Amokitty Oh really? LOL. I told him to have an In-n-Out burger for me. Ohhhh I miss those..!
Lia Yeah, I made sure he got one of those! He liked it, but I don't think he liked it as much as most people do. I blame it on jet lag.
Amokitty Naturally. Best damn burgers anywhere! that rep didn't come by accident!!!
Lia It sure didn't!
xakko gah, i need to sleep... g'nite everyone, and thanks again... and rest in peace, Joey... hopefully we'll see you up there someday.
Lia Goodnight, Xakko! Sleep well.
xakko * exits, humming vera lynn's "we'll meet again", but the Freakazoid version, in tribute to Joey, who would've appreciated that
xakko left.
Amokitty Xakko, it was wonderful of you to be here. It was both funny and sad,wasn't it? I think rose is taking your suggestions to heart. she'll make it happen.
Amokitty Darn! didn't get to say Good night! My typings too slow....
Amokitty Sorry, Xak!
Lia I'm sure he knows you were thinking good thoughts, though.
darkstorm5000 Goodnight, Xakko! I think I'm gonna check out too, so I'll talk to everyone later.
Amokitty Hopefully! It was after all his suggestion to have this chat. Such a lovely thing to do.
Lia I should head out too. It's almost my bedtime. This night went by fast.
Amokitty Yeah, it's gotta be what almost 2 for you, huh Marcus???
darkstorm5000 Slowly creeping up on it...
Amokitty things are winding down. I sure wish Joey were here.....
darkstorm5000 I think that goes for us all
Amokitty Thank you for coming Marcus. It's appreciated! Sleep well.
Lia Thanks for hosting this chat, Amokitty. It was a very sweet thing to do, and I know Joey would have appreciated it.
darkstorm5000 Sure, it was a pleasure
darkstorm5000 left.
Lia Have a good night, Darkstorm!
Lia Oops, too late.
Amokitty I only wish I had more time to know him better. the chats and a few postings and private messages are all I have.
Amokitty I can hardly believe we didn't crash. I'm so grateful!
Lia Yeah, I wish that too. I feel bad Jeremy and I didn't try to set up a meeting while he was out here, but we kinda decided ahead of time we'd just have a quiet vacation. We didn't even visit any of my friends. But if we had tried, we would have known he was still sick..
Amokitty this room shall stay!
Lia Yeah, I like this room. It's worked out really well.:)
Amokitty Breathes sigh of relief!! Thank you for coming Lia!! It meant a lot to have you here!
Amokitty ::wine
Amokitty To Joey!
Lia Thanks for having me! It's really nice of you to take charge and create this site and these chats for all of us.
Lia To Joey! A truely great guy.
Amokitty I'm having the time of my life doing it, believe me!
Amokitty God Bless You, Joey!
Amokitty thanks so much, Lia.
Lia :)
Amokitty ::smile
Amokitty Have a good night!
Lia You too! I'll talk to you soon, hopefully with a finished, or at least nearly complete, copy of my story. Take care.
Amokitty All right!! Bye,Lia! Take care now.
Lia Goodnight!
Amokitty *waves!*
Lia left.
Amokitty ::rose
Amokitty 'night Joey.
Amokitty I'm so glad I got to know you, even a little bit.
Amokitty Thank you for everything. It's been an honor meeting you. (Oh! and I WILL do those reviews! It's a promise. ::smile ) God Bless.
Amokitty left.