Welcome to the KIOTR Chat Room.
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Amokitty: Welcome to tonight's Kiotr chat!
xakko: hi there!
Amokitty: Howdy Xak!
Amokitty: Guess it's showtime!
xakko: yup... so... "'bout time", huh?
Amokitty: I loved Kit's Laughing! Is FF.net STILL having problems?
Amokitty: Yeah... lol.
xakko: yeah, it's still out.
xakko: i was hoping everyone who wanted to would be able to read it today, but oh well
Amokitty: WTH? Madripoor Rose has been trying sice Thurs. night to post her new story.
Amokitty: Kinda ridiculous.
xakko: there's maintenance tonight, but i think it's just the electrical. i did report it as a bug.
Amokitty: You posted at a couple of sites, I've noticed. Any feedback?
xakko: you, anhayla, jeremy and kirayoshi...
Amokitty: Bet they loved it!
xakko: nothing truly substantial, but i like compliments... :)
Amokitty: Who doesn't??
Amokitty: I think that chap. is your best work to date.
xakko: in many ways, i agree...
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xakko: welcome darkstorm!
Amokitty: Hi darkstorm!
Amokitty: What's new ds??
darkstorm5000: Hey, how's everybody doing?
Amokitty: Cool, my vicodin hasn't worn off yet....
darkstorm5000: Sounds nice....
xakko: not too badly... i really needed this issue... it came at a great time
Amokitty: It certainly CAN be!
Amokitty: I loved Astonishing!
darkstorm5000: Xakko, I assume you're talking about AXM #14?
Amokitty: I have waited so long for this!
Amokitty: Finally those two can be happy, and no more angsting.
darkstorm5000: Yeah, I think ALOT of people have been waiting a long time for this!
xakko: wel... i fear there is angsting yet to be
xakko: but... happy happy happy!
darkstorm5000: Although, I have a feeling a big tidal wave of angsting is on the horizon...
Amokitty: Wonder why it's been called 'historic'? The moment seemed a little anti-climactic., for me.
Amokitty: I wanted something more passionate befitting the 20 yrs. or so of waiting.
xakko: i think that refered to Scott at the end
darkstorm5000: Generally, that's how those situations work out(tongue currently in cheek)
Amokitty: I'm a little confused at the ending actually. Is he actually a vegetable?
Amokitty: I mean Scott was drooling...
xakko: i don't know... it's been all the buzz on CBR
Amokitty: Yeah, I've noticed. Lots of little wars being fought.
xakko: really, have you been terribly bothered by the Kete fans? some of there opinions still irk, but bothered?
xakko: it's just hard not to gloat too much
Amokitty: Ha!
darkstorm5000: I hate to sound totally out of it, but what's CBR?
Amokitty: The Kete fans took over the thread and tried to ruin it. THAT'S what bothers me.
xakko: Comic Book Resources- it's a forum for comics
Amokitty: CBR is the forums that a bunch of us belong to.
xakko: http://forums.comicbookresources.com
darkstorm5000: Oh okay, I get it now
Amokitty: Wars have been waged recently. heh.
xakko: wars are always being raged.
xakko: try saying anything nice about Dazzler in New Excalibur, and you'll get stomped on
Amokitty: Tue, but generally I'm not a part of them!
darkstorm5000: Why the big hate-on for Dazzler?
xakko: i think, on balance, there's more Kiotr than Kete...
Amokitty: True, I meant.... oh bother, my typing's off as usual...
xakko: the hate-on is for pink-haired Claremont written Dazzler
Amokitty: Yep. It's all about the hair.
Amokitty: Pretty silly.
xakko: there's one or two Dazzler fans who still think she should be the character from the solo series that was cancelled, what, a couple decades ago?
darkstorm5000: Hate to see them get a look at Ultimate Ali then...
Amokitty: You'd think the fans would be grateful just to have her back!!
Amokitty: I think everybody so far loves Ultimate Ali.
Amokitty: Me? I like YOUR version best DS!
darkstorm5000: But, people are having fits over pink-haired Dazzler?
Amokitty: It's true. *sigh*
darkstorm5000: Glad you liked my version, she was mostly drawn as a combo of 616 and Ultimate Dazzler.
xakko: one poster in particular takes to flaming every single New Excalibur thread at two different boards to say how terribly OOC Dazzler is
Amokitty: Novaya, right ?
xakko: * nods
Amokitty: I remember when he was on the OLD X-Men Briefing Room board.
xakko: granted, we get a little defensive when they tried to say that Piotr was in character in Excalibur #92
Amokitty: Still as argumentitive as ever...
Amokitty: True!!!
xakko: if they hadn't healed him, i guess i could've dealt with it
xakko: as it is, i've spent years trying to rationalize how he came to do that
Amokitty: It's frustrating when they want to debate, but won't listen and then accuse you of generalizing when the facts have been brought up to their face!
xakko: and it seemed the only fact they had was that Ellis wrote a popular run of Excalibur
Amokitty: Wonder if anyone else is going to show? Hmmmm.
xakko: we had a lot of stragglers last time, so we'll see
Amokitty: Ds, have you read Excalibur?
darkstorm5000: Yeah, I read old Excalibur up until #100, and I've read both new series
Amokitty: What do think of the room so far? I think it has GOT to be an improvement over the last one!
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Amokitty: Cool font, DS.
xakko: i like it... very user friendly
Amokitty: Hey, hon.
xakko: hello, amocat!
amocat: howdy..
Amokitty: I see my better has is here!
darkstorm5000: I missed the last chat, but I think it's really nice and you've got a great gallery started too!
xakko: my wife was going to join us, but she's out with a cold
Amokitty: Half.... sigh
Amokitty: So no Mrs. Warner? Too bad.
xakko: i couldn't help but browse through images of my favorite issues!
Amokitty: What do you think of it so far??
Amokitty: I'm so glad you like it DS!
darkstorm5000: It's like an instant stroll down memory lane
Amokitty: I mean to add a lot more!
darkstorm5000: That'll be even cooler!
xakko: you've really put a lot of effort into making it *the* place for Kiotr fans
Amokitty: I want to add New Mutants #24 next time to fav issues. It's crucial to Colossus.
Amokitty: Aww...
Amokitty: I'm really surprised that Anhayla's not here yet. Hope everything's okay.
Amokitty: She's got a wonderful pic collection going too.
xakko: i've seen!
Amokitty: It's so gratifying that people can appreciate a good comic ship! For the longest time it was pretty lonely!
Amokitty: DS, you mentioned to me a little about your new project. How's it coming?
darkstorm5000: It's coming pretty good, I'm about 2/3 done with that one shot I was telling you about
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xakko: hi deb! everyone, this is my wife, deb
Amokitty: Hi Deb! Welcome!
xakko: hi Kirayoshi!
Amokitty: Mrs. Warner???!! Hi!
xakko: (she decided to give it a try)
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deb: hi
Amokitty: Hey Kirayoshi!
darkstorm5000: Hi Deb, Kirayoshi!
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Amokitty: It's nice to meet you, Deb. You a Kiotr fan too?
xakko: hi again
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
deb: this is a cool web site. i haven't seen it yet
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: Sorry I"m late.
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
xakko: 'sokay, we're just chatting...
deb: yes. kitty is my fav x-man
Amokitty: Thank very much, Deb. I'm so glad that you could come.
Amokitty: Is K having problems?
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
deb: i'll type slow. only using one hand
Kirayoshi: I just logged on.
Amokitty: Deb, have been a longtime fan, or are you new to the hobby?
Amokitty: Hello K.!!
Kirayoshi: Hey back.
deb: xakko took me to the 1st movie and i got interested
Amokitty: I'm glad you made it Kirayoshi.
Kirayoshi: Just got my hands on Exhibit A today, otherwise known as AXM #14.
Amokitty: Loved the first movie. This next one makes me a little worried....
xakko: woohoo!
Kirayoshi: Methinks Logan summed it up quite nicely.
Amokitty: Yes!!!
darkstorm5000: Did anyone see Hugh Jackman on Jay Leno last night?
deb: he gave me comics to read and i've been a big kiotr fan since
Amokitty: No! Missed it. How did it go?
Kirayoshi: Didn't catch Hug, but I did see Ian McKEllen on BIll Maher
Amokitty: So it's the hubby's fault that you're an addict like the rest of us, huh?
darkstorm5000: He's actually a pretty funny guy, and he brought a clip from X3.
Kirayoshi: Hugh, I mean.
xakko: i'll take the blame on that.
Amokitty: Clip? Tell us more!
Amokitty: Ha! Xak, it's all your fault!
deb: yeah, i read all the excalibur after that
deb: all i knew before that was the cartoon
darkstorm5000: Well, it was pretty interesting, kinda has a spoiler if people aren't bothered by hearing about it beforehand
xakko: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaAB-3NG9_Y&search=x-men jay leno
xakko: (if you want to watch)
Amokitty: What do you think of Ellis' run, Deb? Have you been influenced by Xakko?
Amokitty: Thanks, Xakko!
xakko: deb likes funny... she's actually moved on to become a major Dan Slott fan
Kirayoshi: I may catch that clip later.
darkstorm5000: Slott, he's the guy writing the Thing right now isn't he?
Kirayoshi: Ian didn't talk about X-Men on Bill Maher, but he did talk about The Da Vinci Code
Amokitty: Paul Smith will be on She-Hulk, and I've heard wonderful things about Slott. I'll have to pick this up.
deb: i don't like pete wisdom. he reminds me of an exboyfriend
Kirayoshi: You should have read his Spider-Man/Human Torch mini!
Amokitty: Sir Ian didn't anything about X-Men? Surprising.
Kirayoshi: As good a reason to dislike Pete as any I've heard.
Kirayoshi: Bill Maher's show is more political than Leno
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xakko: Hi LW!
Amokitty: LOL. I had an ex like that too, believe it or not. Just broke up with him 2 weeks before I met my husband.... funny.
xakko: Slott writes Thing, She-Hulk and Great Lakes Avengers/X-Men
Kirayoshi: The Bad Wolf! Run, tell the Doctor!
LoneWolf21: hi
Amokitty: Hey LoneWolf!
deb: Dan Slott is great. yeah, the spidey/torch was the 1st thing i read from him
Kirayoshi: Loved how Peter finally told Johnny that he was Spider-Man.
xakko: so... shall we begin fawning over Astonishing #14?
xakko: well, 3 pages from it, anyway
Amokitty: Slott seems clever and full of heart. Kinda reminds me of Whedon that way.
Amokitty: Yes!!! Celebration time!
deb: i like that franklin richards has spidey tee shirts instead of FF stuff
Kirayoshi: From what I've seen this arc may be even better than Gifted
Amokitty: Peter apparently is QUITE the stud it seems...
xakko: he's really getting into the psyche of the characters
Kirayoshi: And I'm not just saying that because of..well, y'know!
Kirayoshi: Of course, this being Joss, there's gonna be heartache on the horizon.
Amokitty: I actually like Franklin's 4 1/2 tee-shirt, lol.
LoneWolf21: didn't make it, found it
LoneWolf21: http://img153.imageshack.us/img153/520/loganknows3rv.gif
deb: I found the smiley faces!
Kirayoshi: I hereby predict that Piotr will be the mutant who's gonna destroy the Breakworld.
xakko: is that someone's avy, LW?
Amokitty: Thanks, Deb. My husband and I spent 3 days picking them out!
Amokitty: Really Kirayoshi?
LoneWolf21: found it on scans daily
Kirayoshi: Just my gut feeling.
deb: you have good emotos
Kirayoshi: It would be the perfect dramatic irony.
Amokitty: Peter, the destroyer of worlds?
xakko: i was thinking Cyclops, but i've also heard Kitty and Beast...
Kirayoshi: Ord came to Earth to destroy the mutant who would destroy his world, but ends up bringing him back to life!
xakko: that would be ironic, yes.
deb: i think it would be funny if lockheed wiped out the breakworld
Amokitty: Yeah, I can see this.....
xakko: he's the best x-dragon ever
Kirayoshi: "Is that dragon thing behind me again?"
Amokitty: Lockheed! Ha! Ord certainly got his ass handed to him!
deb: that scene is my avi
Amokitty: Wonder if Lockheed knows the new development now with K&P?
xakko: i imagine...
Kirayoshi: I'm sure he approves.
deb: i think he'd approve
xakko: the dragon certainly made his feelings clear in Excalibur #125
Amokitty: Logan seems to approve, but does the Dragon?
Kirayoshi: That he did.
Amokitty: Oh yeah! The garter!!!
Amokitty: How could I forget?
Kirayoshi: yeah.
Amokitty: I'm so happy!!!
Amokitty: I've waited so long...
xakko: "tee-hee"
Kirayoshi: Hey, as long as Pete doesn't take to smoking Morleys like some other fella we all know and tolerate, he'll be fine with him.
xakko: any thoughts on Pete Wisdom in New Excalibur
Amokitty: If Pete stays in Excalibur, I'll be fine. I think Whedon has indirectly shown us his feelings on Wisdom with this ish.
deb: i don't like him.
Amokitty: Pete can stay in merry olde England.
darkstorm5000: To be honest, I've never gotten what the appeal of Wisdom is. I don't hate the character, he's one of the few that I'm indifferent towards.
Kirayoshi: I dunno, Whedon does have a soft spot for hard-ass British wankers.
Kirayoshi: (cough)Spike(cough)
Amokitty: Yeah....
Kirayoshi: I don't hate Pete, I just don't see the romantic chemistry between him and Kitty
xakko: Whedon doesn't seem that interested in branching out to the X-Universe beyond his group, tho'
Kirayoshi: They work better as allies than as lovers.
xakko: Claremont wrote it really well in X-Men Unlimited... 36?
xakko: her grown up guy when she was trying to be a grown up girl
Amokitty: But when Kitty said that her loss of control hadn't ever happened like that before, I thought that Whedon might be making a statement.
Kirayoshi: Hey, Amokitty, you ever been to www.comixfan.com
xakko: oh, quite.
Amokitty: I belong there as a member, K.
Kirayoshi: You should have tried to cop their Shadowcat emoticon.
Kirayoshi: Or their Colossus
Amokitty: Ha! I might yet! Wonderful Idea. Look out, here comes Pirate Shari!
Amokitty: heh.
Kirayoshi: Anyone else flashback to UXM #153 there?
Amokitty: lol.
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Kirayoshi: So, anyone know if J Harper or Oldprydefan will show?
Amokitty: Hi Ms. Rose!!
xakko: hi Madripoor Rose!
MadR: Better late then never
Kirayoshi: Hey Madripoor Rose!
Amokitty: Jeremy will try to join later. He's got some definite thoughts to share on AXM #14
darkstorm5000: How are you doing Madripoor Rose?
MadR: Better late then never
Kirayoshi: I'll bet.
Kirayoshi: I read his post on the subject at forum.rpg.net
xakko: oh... i don't know that one...
Amokitty: It's so good to have you here, MR.
Amokitty: Really?
Kirayoshi: A pleasure indeed.
Kirayoshi: It'
Kirayoshi: It's wonderful to be here, it's certainly a trill
Kirayoshi: You're such a lovely audience we'd like to take you home with us...
Kirayoshi: Sorry, couldn't resist.
Amokitty: I'm gonna blush, guys....
xakko: madripor rose has put us all to shame by posting great Kiotr stuff to ff.net- and doing it often!
MadR: Better late then never
Kirayoshi: Here here!
xakko: since some of us go 5 or 6 months between chapters.
Kirayoshi: Guilty.
Amokitty: I loved your chap., Xak. Worth the wait.
Kirayoshi: I'm currently breaking in a new computer, so I should have a new chapter for Family Reunions in the next month.
Amokitty: All right!!!
xakko: as i said on the lj community- Joss Whedon got two issues out before i finished a chapter of Kits Laughing
Kirayoshi: And believe it or not, I just had an idea for another Kiotr fic, set post-X-Men: The End.
xakko: yay!
Amokitty: Darkstorm's new project is coming along as well.
MadR: Testing
Kirayoshi: Kind of angsty.
Amokitty: Ah, it's a good time to be a fan.
xakko: can you give us a hint as to what it's about, DS?
Amokitty: Everything okay Rose?
MadR: Testing
Kirayoshi: My idea wil explain Piotr's absence from X-Men: The End, and set up a new relationship between them.
MadR Has exited the room
Amokitty: It's working on this end, Rose. Hope it's okay on your side of things.
xakko: i was wondering if that was supposed to be him in the End2, which his son in the End 1, but i couldn't be sure
darkstorm5000: Basically, it's an X-Men Evolution fic set about a year after Ascension, and starts with Logan's past coming up to rear it's ugly head. With a twist.
MadR Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: Like Logan's past has a pretty head!
LoneWolf21 Has exited the room
Kirayoshi: and she's back.
Amokitty: We sure need more decent Evo fics. Most seem to be of poor quality.
MadR: testing
Kirayoshi: Anyway, my idea goes like this.
Amokitty: She's back!
Amokitty: Is it working, Rose?
MadR: testing
MadR: testing
xakko: we see you, Rose...
xakko: (lagged, maybe?)
Kirayoshi: Colossus is the mutant responsible for the destruction of Breakworld, and a handful of survivors, led by Ord, have sworn a blood oath to torture him in the worst way possible.
Amokitty: You're coming through clear, here.
MadR Has exited the room
Kirayoshi: Rose?
xakko: oops!
Kirayoshi: OY!
xakko: gah, bad connection, maybe?
Kirayoshi: Everyone's going away!
Amokitty: Does Peter take aqn interest in Prof. Pryde?
Kirayoshi: Was it something I said?
Amokitty: *sigh*, wonder what's going on?
Kirayoshi: Should I continue?
deb: i'm here. i'm playing w/ the text options
Amokitty: Pleas!
Amokitty: Please!
darkstorm5000: Go ahead
Kirayoshi: Okay.
xakko: go ahead, K, sounds interesting, but poor Piotr!
LoneWolf21: It got quiet...
Kirayoshi: In a desperate bid to protect Piotr, Logan and Kitty take him to the X-Men's old Australian base, where the Siege Perilous is kept.
Kirayoshi: Kitty watches teary-eyed as Piotr enteres the Siege, and essentially disappears from the face of the world.
xakko: aie!
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Amokitty: Mark will be leaving to look into any possible problems.
Kirayoshi: Ten years later, Kitty Pryde is the mayor of Chicago.
xakko: hopefully it was a glitch on her end that will be easily resolved
Amokitty: Crosses fingers.
LoneWolf21: Nww messages come up again....
Kirayoshi: She is attending a ribbon cutting at a civic center.
xakko: go kitty! she da woman!
Kirayoshi: After the ceremony, she admires a mural on one wall of the lobby.
Amokitty: How does she and Peter meet?
deb: a non corrupt politician? that's how you can tell its fiction
Kirayoshi: When she expresses how much she likes the painting, the manager of the civic center introduces her to the artist, Peter Nicholas.
Kirayoshi: So yes, and no.
Amokitty: I'm going to e-mail MR, brb.
Kirayoshi: Kitty is reunited with Piotr, but at the same time not.
darkstorm5000: Sounds very interesting
xakko: that's a cool idea...
xakko: will you have Rachel in it?
Kirayoshi: Oh hell yeah!
JHarper Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: Rachel is Kitty's advisor, best friend and sounding board in this story.
deb: i like the twist with his artwork bringing them together
Kirayoshi: Hey Harper!
JHarper: Hey K. What's up?
JHarper: Hey everyone.
Kirayoshi: But at the same time, she's meeting Peter Nicholas, not Piotr Rasputin.
xakko: hi Jeremy!
Kirayoshi: So he'
Kirayoshi: So he's the same guy, but not quite the same guy.
JHarper: Hallo Xakko.
JHarper: Hey Joey.
Kirayoshi: So that'll bring some heavy angst.
LoneWolf21: Hi Jeremy
Kirayoshi: Not to mention that Ord hasn't forgotten Colossus, and is hot for revenge.
JHarper: Hallo Amokitty! Thanks for inviting me.
darkstorm5000: Hi Jeremy H
Amokitty: Hi Jeremy!
xakko: sounds like you've got a lot of ideas for it, K
Kirayoshi: Hey Jer,
JHarper: Hey there! Hope everything is going okay.
Amokitty: Hopefully Rose will continue to try.
Kirayoshi: I always wondered how Kitty and Peter would have hit it off if she knew him as Peter Nicholas.
JHarper: Have I missed much?
Amokitty: Callisto, who? heh, heh.
xakko: not too much, no
Amokitty: Not too much, Jeremy.
Kirayoshi: Mostly gawking over AXM#14, and I was talking about a fic idea I had.
Kirayoshi: And some tech issues for MadRose
JHarper: That's good. Lia will hopefully be on later. She's out with her best friend tonight, so she may be a bit.
monitor: k

Welcome to the KIOTR Chat Room monitor.
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monitor Has entered the room
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deb Has entered the room
xakko: hello again!
deb: hi
monitor: you guys actually there?
xakko: (i'm having the worst trouble with computers of late)
monitor: ahhh..
xakko: we are!
deb: we are here
darkstorm5000: Hey, everyone
monitor: catastrophic sql database failure.
monitor: My ISP will hear from me tomorrow.
JHarper Has entered the room
xakko: so, DS, i was reading "A Force to be reckoned with" earlier... very very good
JHarper: So, has the apocalypse been adverted?
xakko: hello, jeremy
Amokitty Has entered the room
JHarper: Hey there. :)
darkstorm5000: Thanks, glad you liked my first foray into X-Fan Fiction
deb: i've been checking out the kiotr website. it's great!
xakko: no, but milligan's run is almost over anyway...
JHarper: Shari!
xakko: (I kid)
Amokitty: Hey!
JHarper: Heh heh heh.
Amokitty: So ssssooooooooo Sorry about that everyone!
JHarper: Things seem back in order.
xakko: it happens
darkstorm5000: It's alright, things just happen sometimes
JHarper: Eh, it happens. There's a line from Doctor Who I like: Computers are very smart idiots.
Amokitty: Yes, thank goodness. *whew*
xakko: (now that i work closely with our IT department, BOY do i know that happens)
Amokitty: I just "spoke" with Rose. I'm gonna try to get her to come back here. BRB guys!
JHarper: Okay.
xakko: great! see you soon
JHarper: Anyhoo, what's the word on Astonishing 14?
JHarper: I've read it, btb, so don't hold back.
deb: they got it on! 'bout time.
darkstorm5000: I think most people adored certain pages of it, but opinion varies on the rest, particularly with Scott and Emma
JHarper: Very true. :) Twenty years is a long time.
JHarper: Ah yes, the A plot... Not too sure what to make of it, save that everyone is in trouble.
Amokitty: I've waited that entire length of time too.
Amokitty: It's almost as bad as Lois and Clark.
JHarper: I like the new catch line you have on your CBRF profile.
Amokitty: Heh.
deb: i came on board much later. better late then never.
JHarper: New blood is good. :)
xakko: well, i sort of dragged her into it
Amokitty: Kiotr fans old or new, doesnt matter. For a long while it felt like there were no fans at all!
JHarper: I was talking to Lia earlier today, and we were discussing Ketes. Is it just me, or do they seem rather vindictive at times?
deb: universal doner too
JHarper: We weren't dead... just sleeping.
xakko: though it is funny that my first issue was about a half year after the breakup
xakko: i think the Kete 'shoppers are in a bad place right now
Amokitty: Just got an e-mail from Lia a few min. ago. Is she coming to the chat, Jeremy? She didn't mention it..
xakko: ('shippers, that is)
JHarper: I believe she is.
JHarper: She knows I'm on.
Amokitty: Kete shippers are suffering Sour Grapes!
Amokitty: Great! Thanks Jeremy.
xakko: well, they're in the place we were all in during Warren Ellis Excalibur
JHarper: Well, turn about is fair play. We had to go through, what, five years of garbage because of Excalibur 92?
Amokitty: Exactly.
LoneWolf21 Has entered the room
JHarper: Is K. coming back, Amo?
JHarper: Hey Joey.
xakko: hello again LW
LoneWolf21: Howdy
Amokitty: I hope so! I'm gonna PM him. BRB.
JHarper: Well, I'll tell you all that 14 made me pretty happy. Made me laugh, too. Peter's the man! ;)
xakko: given how little experience he seems to have had, he must be a natural
darkstorm5000: Obviously...
xakko: or started with a threesome just teaches you right?
JHarper: Hoo boy. You know Callisto just has to be a freak in bed. ;)
Amokitty: He's such a stud....
JHarper: Don't fall too far into the gutter, Amo. ;)
Amokitty: I'm so glad you made it LW!
Amokitty: Oh lord, I've been there for the last 2 months!!!!
JHarper: All that speculating, eh?
Amokitty: Yeah..... *looks sheepish...*
xakko: does he remember his experiences as Peter Nicholas?
JHarper: Can we expect anyone else tonight, like OPF or Anhalya?
Amokitty: I hope not.
JHarper: That's a good question. I personally think he does, but I don't think it's ever been brought up.
Amokitty: Anhayla should've been here, and I'm a little worried actually.
xakko: he clearly remember a relationship with Callisto in Uncanny 325
LoneWolf21: Hey, if I fused Piotr and Cololonel Armstrong, I'd get strung
LoneWolf21: *heh
JHarper: So he probably remembers the Peter Nicholas days, then.
JHarper: Right over my head, Joey.
Amokitty: Oldprydefan , I've not heard from at all unfortunately. I've tried to keep in touch with her, but haven't heard any responses. I wish I knew what was up.
LoneWolf21: FullMetal Alchemist character
JHarper: Ah.
xakko: she's still posting on Excalibur ReDrawn, right?
LoneWolf21: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Alex_Louis_Armstrong_flexs_(FMA).JPG
Amokitty: Yep.
JHarper: OPF is so busy with the damn RPGs. I can relate to it, running D&D games myself.
LoneWolf21: He's kind, obscenely strong, dutiful, and comedically flexes
JHarper: Yeah, I think you would get strung up for that, Joey. ;)
xakko: she hasn't posted to that since 4/24...
Amokitty: With over 20 yrs. of passion built up between them, I was a little disappointed that Whdeon played this for laughs. But that's just me.
JHarper: Huh. Maybe she's on vacation the.
JHarper: Lia mentioned that to me, but considering the seriousness with the A plot right now, I think Whedon needed something to lighten things up a bit.
xakko: i think given the tension between Scott and Emma, he had to break it up
LoneWolf21: Figured so. Just can't find a proper connection for him
JHarper: Lia was a little disappointed too, but I'm sure Whedon will treat it a little more seriously in time.
Amokitty: I was mentioning earlier that Whedon wants Peter to be THE MAN. Guess Wisdom never made Kitty lose it like that.
JHarper: LOL! Very true.
Amokitty: I was so tickled by that.
xakko: i always guessed Wisdom would be a bit selfish in bed
Amokitty: I'm now worried about what's going to happen next.
xakko: ... not that i normally think about things like that. yeah, it was research for my story
Amokitty: Really Xak?
Amokitty: OOOh. Spill!
JHarper: Something you're going to delve in in another chapter of Kit's Laughing?
Amokitty: Ha!
xakko: i don't think in Kit's Laughing. maybe in a future fic
xakko: i have two chapters left and i'm not going to complicate things more
Amokitty: Please tell us why you think Wisdom would be selfish.
Amokitty: Is it because he and Kitty never waited for a proper courtship?
LoneWolf21: Still no mention of Doug in Kit's
JHarper: Well, I'll tell you this - for a future story, I was going to have Kitty complain about Wisdom not doing a certain thing that Peter's quite happy to do.
LoneWolf21: has Bodine been mentioned? Can't recall
xakko: partly because his attitde seems self-centered to me- that he doesn't accommodate others opinions
Amokitty: Don't think so.
Amokitty: Inflexible.
JHarper: Or at least think about her complaining. Thing is I don't want to seem vindictive. :/
Amokitty: Wisdom I meqan.
LoneWolf21: uh...wouldn't whiskers be uncomfertable for that...
Amokitty: LOL.
JHarper: Heh.
xakko: not according to Dianne, LW
LoneWolf21: oh. ok.
Amokitty: I now want to see them in front of her fireplace again, with that fur rug!
JHarper: Xakko, ever wonder why we try to play fair with Wisdom, when the Kete's usually don't reciprocate?
xakko: i think the temperment of the character may be what attracts people to him
JHarper: Well, I think we've just gone through the floor with this chat. ;)
LoneWolf21: It varies by fandom.
Amokitty: Did you see the thread where the Kete's were trying take over Jeremy?
xakko: Pete Wisdom wouldn't cut anyone slack. He'd help them if they were in true danger, but he'd never cut them slack
Amokitty: Ha!
LoneWolf21: Peter/Kitty fans of 616 seem nicer than Peter/Kitty Evo fans
JHarper: Yeah, I did. Gah. I get tired of stupid fights like this.
xakko: Peter Rasputin always tries to see the best in people
LoneWolf21: from hat I've seen
deb: there are 2 camps? petes & piotrs. Why can't we all just get along
JHarper: Bash Lance pretty hard?
xakko: well, there's the Ultimate Piotr fans who want to spread that to 616 too
Amokitty: I'm afraid I let them get the better of me. I don't like feeling angry on a board that i
Amokitty: I'm supposed to have fun with.
LoneWolf21: Abusive boyfriend, Peter the white knight to rescue the delicate flower, etc etc
JHarper: Tempers flare. And trust me - that was nothing compared to some fiascos I've seen or been a part with.
LoneWolf21: I had of that blatherscite in other fandoms
LoneWolf21: *had enough
Amokitty: Didn't someone tell you to Bugger Off, Xak?
xakko: yup. didn't really bother me, tho'
JHarper: The fiancee wars in Ranma 1/2 fandom makes Piotr/Pete seem like a teddy bear's picnic. Joey can attest to that.
JHarper: Seriously? That's a personal attack. :/
xakko: i just want to actually debate the issue, and not have them say "Warren Ellis is god, so shut up"
Amokitty: Can't fight fair, so hurl insults.
deb: someone told you to bugger off. i'll beat um up
LoneWolf21: definetely J.
JHarper: :) Who's your bodyguard, Xakko? ;)
Amokitty: I'm with you, Deb! *raises fists* I'm one tough chick!
deb: i'm tiny but tough
LoneWolf21: anime writers can be nasty and vindictive
MadR Has entered the room
JHarper: cough Greg Sharpe cough
xakko: it was sad with a smilie, btw
JHarper: Paranoid, too.
Amokitty: Since the thread was about K&P getting married, why did they bother coming?
deb: it's all the big scary eyes makes them edgy
JHarper: Rose?
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
MadR: Testing
Kirayoshi: Is this thing on?
JHarper: Hey Rose!
xakko: hi Rose, hi K!
Amokitty: Yeah!
JHarper: Hey K.!
Amokitty: Woo-hoo!!!!!!
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
Amokitty: She made it!!!
JHarper: Apocalypse was smacked back. ;)
deb: it's up! it's good!
darkstorm5000: Welcome back!
Amokitty: Any luck now Rose?
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Amokitty: Kirayoshi!
MadR: Testing
xakko: we see Rose, but i don't know if she sees us
JHarper: Hey Rose! We hear you. Hope you can hear us.
Amokitty: I'm going to e-mail you, Rose. BRB.
MadR: Testing
Kirayoshi: What happened, Amokitty?
Kirayoshi: Are we still having tech issues?
xakko: server crashed, I think
JHarper: I think we're good, K. Thing seems stable as of now.
Kirayoshi: AH.
JHarper: Anyhow, how is everyone doing on the writing front? I know you just finished a big chapter, Xak.
MadR: I can read your messages, but what I type doesn't show up
Amokitty: I hope not, K!
Amokitty: It's showing up now, dear.
monitor: we had a database crash at the ISP from what I can tell. sorry guys..
JHarper: That's weird. I can read you, Rose.
JHarper: NP.
xakko: we can all read her, so far as I can tell
Kirayoshi: Try changing the font, ROse
LoneWolf21: aye
MadR: First fanfiction.net now this
JHarper: Did FFNet crash?
MadR: FFN won't let anyone log in
xakko: i haven't been able to log in in a couple days
Amokitty: Yeah what's going on there? It's like CBR, FF and now I'm having problems. It's in the water, guys.
JHarper: Ah! So it wasn't just me. Lia was complaining about not being able to leave any reviews.
MadR: Which is tough when you have a new story to post
Amokitty: Cool font, Rose!!!
LoneWolf21: I think ffnet is doing repairs again
xakko: or a chapter that's been delayed
Amokitty: I'm so happy you made it!!
JHarper: Welcome, Rose. Nice to meet you in person, so to speak.
Kirayoshi: No need to shout, Rose!
MadR: Still not seeing my typing...
xakko: that's soooo weird, Rose
Amokitty: Wierd.
LoneWolf21: Hmmm, I can get on ff.net
MadR: Sorry, trying to get something onscreen
Amokitty: Any one else having these problems?
JHarper: Maybe they fixed the problem.
JHarper: I'm fine.
deb: are you in stealthy ninja mode
Kirayoshi: No problem here.
LoneWolf21: I'm west coast
Amokitty: Ninja Deb! I like that!
Kirayoshi: There's a ninja mode?
LoneWolf21: 11-2 they're doing some maintence
Amokitty: lol.
deb: i see the thing i just did ok
LoneWolf21: that must be it
xakko: deb has an alter ego as a lil ninja
Kirayoshi: Ah.
deb: only at x-cres that is. i never studied ninjitsu
JHarper: Anyhow, how's everyone's writing coming along? I know Xakko just finished a big chapter of Kit's Laughing.
xakko: http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e178/xakko/superwedgie2copy.jpg]
MadR: Just finished a Astonishing X 13 14 piece but ffn won't let me post darn it
Kirayoshi: I'm working on chapter two of Family Reunions.
MadR: brb
JHarper: Grrrr.... Love to see that. Lia's jealous of your speed.
darkstorm5000: Mine's coming along, slowly albeit
xakko: you really are putting us to shame, Rose
Kirayoshi: Let's just say you'll like how Kitty reacts to seeing Mr. Wisdom again.
Amokitty: Fear the Ninja!!
JHarper: I'm looking forward to seeing that, K. How's the progress?
Kirayoshi: I also may start working on my post-The End fic after that.
JHarper: I loved Family Reunions.
LoneWolf21: I think I have a good approach for Hero High. alas, no peter though
Kirayoshi: Mainly I'm working on Illyana's reunion with Peter and Kitty right now.
deb: fear the wedgie of lil ninja
Amokitty: I can't wait! With all the stories lately, I feel so spoiled. I'm going to get greedy guys.
JHarper: I'm sure you'll think of something, Joey.
JHarper: I'm working on Deathless - To Slay right now.
LoneWolf21: Thanks jeremy.
Kirayoshi: You guys check out rjb's X-Men Infinity epic yet?
Amokitty: Wedgie? Uh-oh. I'm scared already!!!
xakko: your little tease has me impatient
JHarper: Hopefully I'll get more done Sunday night after my game. I have to tell you, I've been very tempted to post what I have at CBRFs, just to see your reactions.
LoneWolf21: Part of the problem is that I almost feel oblgate to use him

Welcome to the KIOTR Chat Room amocat.
amocat Has entered the room
xakko Has entered the room
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xakko[9:35:47 PM]: i'm blaming Kete fans, myself
JHarper Has entered the room
Kirayoshi[9:35:53 PM]: Okay, last time. If this doesn't work, I give up.
LoneWolf21 Has entered the room
JHarper[9:36:12 PM]: Oy....
Amokitty Has entered the room
LoneWolf21[9:36:35 PM]: Well then...
Amokitty[9:36:58 PM]: For God's sake.....
LoneWolf21[9:37:00 PM]: third times the charm?
xakko[9:37:19 PM]: one hopes...
JHarper[9:37:19 PM]: You need a hug, Shari? You're probably gettin' frazzled.
JHarper[9:37:36 PM]: One can hope. I'll keep my fingers crossed.
Amokitty[9:37:37 PM]: I'm sorry everyone. This chat program is getting trashed tomorrow.
amocat[9:40:39 PM]: sorry about the crashes. I don't have an explanation right now. I'll talk to the ISP Monday and see what can be done to smoothe things out.
Kirayoshi[9:37:46 PM]: If this doesn't work, we can always reschedule.
xakko[9:37:51 PM]: deb's gone nighty-night... Nyquil took her to slumberland
Amokitty[9:37:58 PM]: Yes, I do!!!!! I need one badly...
JHarper[9:38:14 PM]: BIG HUGS!
Amokitty[9:38:18 PM]: Please give my apologies to Deb, Xak.
Kirayoshi[9:38:37 PM]: Long-distance hug from Spokane, WA.
xakko[9:38:46 PM]: *hush*
xakko[9:39:01 PM]: er, hugs*... what a weird typo
Kirayoshi[9:39:20 PM]: Hush? That was one of my favorite BtVS eps!
JHarper[9:39:21 PM]: Hmmmm... Am I the only one here from the East Coast?
Amokitty[9:39:24 PM]: Thank you all so much for being so understanding. I'd like to try to continue, but I don't blame any of you if you to pack it in.
amocat[9:42:29 PM]: we'll be looking (again) to a better solution for the next chat.
xakko[9:39:35 PM]: i am
JHarper[9:39:44 PM]: I know no fear.
Kirayoshi[9:39:47 PM]: Like I said, if it don't work out, we can always pick it up later.
JHarper[9:40:00 PM]: That's true, too.
xakko[9:40:07 PM]: (and thanks to my cold and interference from my coworkers, i DONT have to work tomorrow)
Amokitty[9:40:08 PM]: I love you guys.
xakko[9:40:26 PM]: i
Kirayoshi[9:40:27 PM]: Yeah, we're adorable, ain't we?
JHarper[9:40:31 PM]: We Kiotrs are pretty understanding. :)
Amokitty[9:40:38 PM]: You sure are!!!
xakko[9:40:47 PM]: er, i am here til the end, i missed out on some cool stuff leaving early last time!
amocat[9:43:54 PM]: It went down for almost exactly 5min both times. It's a potty break!! Ya, that's what it was...
JHarper[9:41:02 PM]: Anyhoo, let's get back to talking shop.
Kirayoshi[9:41:03 PM]: Hey, we waited twenty years for this, we can wait a few days to talk about it.
xakko[9:41:07 PM]: (tho' it was fun reading the transcript)
JHarper[9:41:12 PM]: LOL!
LoneWolf21[9:41:25 PM]: What was the last ting recieved?
JHarper[9:41:29 PM]: Shari took me by surprise at the end. ;)
Kirayoshi[9:41:47 PM]: What i miss?
xakko[9:41:54 PM]: so, what happens next for Kitty and Piotr?
JHarper[9:41:58 PM]: Well, we were talking writing. I mentioned to you not to force Peter in if he ain't working out for you.
Amokitty[9:42:05 PM]: I'm not sure how much of a transcript we'll have this time. The crashes might have taken care of that. sigh.
LoneWolf21[9:42:27 PM]: Thanks for the advice Jeremy
JHarper[9:42:36 PM]: I want to see some couple time. Discussions about their relationship, and some fun. It's very, very early for them right now.
Kirayoshi[9:42:38 PM]: Knowing Joss, a lot of 'too fast, too slow" angst.
Kirayoshi[9:42:49 PM]: But I'm sure that it'll be fun.
JHarper[9:43:03 PM]: Just write some chapters down and go from there. See what comes naturally.
xakko[9:43:04 PM]: the next issue will concentrate on Beast, right?
Amokitty[9:43:19 PM]: I wanna see couple time too. I want to savor this
JHarper[9:43:32 PM]: Well, considering that he's working out his couple issues on Emma and Scott, I think Peter and Kitty are safe for now.
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Kirayoshi[9:43:49 PM]: Wasn't Kitty supposed to be the first victim of the new Hellfire Club?
LoneWolf21[9:44:08 PM]: Peter should learn the art of break-dance fighting. ;)
Amokitty[9:44:10 PM]: Yes, she was.
Kirayoshi[9:44:23 PM]: NOW WHAT?
LoneWolf21[9:44:26 PM]: Sorry, Zoolander is on in the other room.
JHarper[9:44:27 PM]: That's terrible Joey.
LoneWolf21[9:44:44 PM]: Had the make the joke
Amokitty[9:44:45 PM]: A part of me is worried that Emma is making this all to be a dream.
Kirayoshi[9:44:55 PM]: I'm watching Wallace and Gromit here.
JHarper[9:45:14 PM]: That's almost as bad as the clown on RPGnet who said that 616 Peter should stop lying to Kitty and admit his true preferences. Grrrr...
Amokitty[9:45:16 PM]: I love them. Any Were Rabbits??
Amokitty[9:45:34 PM]: Huh? Oh Brother!
Kirayoshi[9:45:36 PM]: I have both WereRabbit and the original three shorts.
xakko[9:45:41 PM]: (watch out, the were rabbits are real!)
JHarper[9:45:44 PM]: That would not be fun. Kirayoshi made me wonder now if this is a psychic trapset up by Frost.
Amokitty[9:45:50 PM]: He's been straight for 30 yrs!
LoneWolf21[9:45:56 PM]: My main worry is a "bwahaha I've been faking being good since '94!"
LoneWolf21[9:46:09 PM]: but that's just me
JHarper[9:46:22 PM]: Eh, he likes Wisdom, so I expect no taste from him, the phillistine.
Amokitty[9:46:29 PM]: I've been worried about the same thing. That would just kill me.
xakko[9:46:42 PM]: i personally don't think Emma's going to truly end up evil... but i think she's being manipulated by... something
Kirayoshi[9:46:49 PM]: I figure that Emma's conflicted, either that or she's being brainf***ed as much as Scott here.
JHarper[9:47:13 PM]: Well, I haven't read Morrison, but I heard that Cassandra Nova was pretty bad news.
Amokitty[9:47:15 PM]: Scott was right though. Emma was a sick bitch. I never saw that coming.
LoneWolf21[9:47:25 PM]: It's like, haven't you done enough to Gen X?!
JHarper[9:47:44 PM]: Of course she's sick. She probably slept with Harry Leland for crying out loud.
Amokitty[9:47:53 PM]: Emma and students don't seem to mix, LW
Kirayoshi[9:48:08 PM]: The theory I've heard is that Perfection is Tilde Soames.
JHarper[9:48:20 PM]: Huh.
Amokitty[9:48:24 PM]: Oh my god! That image disturbs me
xakko[9:48:35 PM]: tilde grew quite a bit since "Gifted" then
JHarper[9:48:48 PM]: Sorry about that. :)... No, no I'm not. ;)
Amokitty[9:48:53 PM]: Wow. Interesting. I've been wondering her role in all this.
Amokitty[9:49:14 PM]: Heh- heh.
xakko[9:49:21 PM]: we still don't know who the mole is, either.
JHarper[9:49:23 PM]: I've also heard that Perfection could be Illyana, or any number of people. Who knows?
Amokitty[9:49:27 PM]: Sick puppy.
JHarper[9:49:39 PM]: Lia thinks the Mole is Lockheed.
JHarper[9:49:44 PM]: You have no idea. ;)
Amokitty[9:49:53 PM]: I want illyana back now!
Kirayoshi[9:49:57 PM]: Either her or a nightmare persona she had created.
Amokitty[9:50:00 PM]: Ha!
xakko[9:50:01 PM]: i've got to give it to Whedon, everyone knew most of Deadly Genesis before the first issue, Whedon's kept, what, 3, 4 major secrets here?
Kirayoshi[9:50:16 PM]: What mole?
JHarper[9:50:27 PM]: SWORDs mole.
xakko[9:50:34 PM]: SWORD's mole at the Institute
Kirayoshi[9:50:48 PM]: Oh.
LoneWolf21[9:50:52 PM]: Well to be fair, they were giving away plot stuff for DG like candy
Amokitty[9:51:03 PM]: Blindfold still is a mystery.
Kirayoshi[9:51:09 PM]: I'm gonna have to pick up a tpb of "Dangerous", aren't I?
JHarper[9:51:22 PM]: Hey, is anyone going to get Runaways/Astonishing next week? How bad do you think Vaughn will punk the Astonishing team to make the Runaways look good?
xakko[9:51:36 PM]: I *liked* Dangerous. I know the flaws, but it entertained me nonetheless
Kirayoshi[9:51:41 PM]: I dunno.
Kirayoshi[9:51:48 PM]: Vaughn's a better writer than that.
JHarper[9:51:51 PM]: Ditto here, Xakko.
xakko[9:51:53 PM]: I've read spoilers... so I won't comment
LoneWolf21[9:51:58 PM]: From the spoilers I've read it's rather even
Amokitty[9:51:58 PM]: I'm thinking about it. Money's tight, so I'm being choosy.

xakko: (Free Comic Book Day)
Amokitty: OMG. That line gave me such hope!
amocat Has exited the room
JHarper: That's a good line. :)
Kirayoshi: I'll pick up a copy next week.
Amokitty: I was blown away by it. peter was seriously coming on here...
JHarper: I think Lia's going to have to get me a copy. My guy isn't participating. :/
Kirayoshi: Anyone read the Wikipedia entry on Shadowcat?
xakko: what do you all think of the complaint that peter isn't being used enough to justify his resurrection
xakko: (this may not be the right group to ask that)
Amokitty: i think I have the coolest LCS guy on Earth.
JHarper: I think Peter is comfortable with what Kitty is comfortable with.
JHarper: How is it, K.? The wiki?
JHarper: My guy's pretty good.
Amokitty: My shop got nominated for an Eisvner and came in 6th worldwide!
Amokitty: Eisner that is....
JHarper: Okay, your guy is very good. :)
LoneWolf21: http://www.comicboards.com/runaways/view.php?trd=060427235300
Amokitty: Ha.
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: There's a great line in the entry about Kitty and Peter's reunion.
xakko: that's impressive, Shari
LoneWolf21: there be the ersatz summary
Amokitty: Did any of you notice that peter was sweaty? I'm surprised that Cassaday did that.
Kirayoshi: This is getting ridiculous!
JHarper: Well, he wasn't just sitting around painting. ;)
xakko: he is very detail oriented
Kirayoshi: Anyway, here's the line:
Kirayoshi: She is back to dating him, but was originally worried that she was crowding him, and he needed to work out issues. In fact, Colossus wanted her to come on stronger!
Amokitty: If everybody had shops like mine, the world would be a better place.
Amokitty: LOL!
JHarper: I actually speculated on RPGNet whether Peter is a bit... errr.. vanilla right now, so to speak.
Amokitty: I've been a little one track minded lately. Please forgive me!
JHarper: Getting reorientated and all. I figure Kitty will probably break him out of that right damn quick...
JHarper: It's okay.
Kirayoshi: Hey, he hasn't been 'in the saddle' since Callisto, right?
Amokitty: I agree Jeremy. Peter's lack of introspect and dialogue worries me.
darkstorm5000 Has entered the room
JHarper: I don't think so.
Kirayoshi: Stormy!
Kirayoshi: Wellcome to the Titanic of chatrooms!
JHarper: Actually, I meant vanilla in bed. ;)
Kirayoshi: That's what I meant too, J.
Amokitty: Hooray! DS is back! This won't happen with the next chat darkstorm. This program's getting trashed!
Kirayoshi: Wasn't he involved with Call during his Peter Nicholas period?
JHarper: But you're right about that. He does need some focus time. Hopefully Whedon will work out his problems writing Peter soon.
Amokitty: Heh. Maybe not so one track after all?
JHarper: Yup. Like I mentioned before, you know Call just has to be a freak. :)
darkstorm5000: I'm just glad to see everything's running live once again
Kirayoshi: Wasn't she prettied up at that point by Masque?
JHarper: But I'm thinking Peter is vanilla because, you know, this is Kitty and his first time.
xakko: my thought was that Peter generally isn't a big talker, letting his actions speak louder than words... in many ways, i think he's been written just about right
JHarper: And plus it's Kitty.
Kirayoshi: He didn't want to hurt her.
JHarper: And, God, I can't believe I'm speculating about his sex life. ARRRRGH!
Amokitty: Peter has had many years of wondering about the possibilities with Kitty intimately. I think he went for the gusto once he had his chance.
JHarper: Yeah, Masque did some mojo on Cal.
Kirayoshi: Hey, at least now he has one!
JHarper: There's no hope for me.
Kirayoshi: Plus he was out of action for two or three years thanks to Ord.
Kirayoshi: The boy probably has trust issues.
xakko: call it fanfiction research, JH
LoneWolf21: Callisto became a dang hentai extra!
JHarper: Urgh. That too.
Kirayoshi: Anyone read that 'Art Class' story in the latest issue of X-Men Unlimited?
Amokitty: I'm hopeless too.
JHarper: No, I missed it.
Amokitty: Yes, I did. I enjoyed it.
darkstorm5000: Yeah, I read it
xakko: i, personally, don't want to know what's on Chris Claremont's computer
JHarper: Ah well, it's all in fun. :)
xakko: (tho' I do hope he recovers soon)
JHarper: Lot of ninja-lesbian pron, I'm bettin'...
Kirayoshi: Plus the indication is that Calli may be gay.
Amokitty: K&P are good people. Why shouldn't we want them to be happy?
Kirayoshi: Of course Peter Nicholas was a metrosexual so who knows?
LoneWolf21: I fully expect to see a Peter version of the infamous "lookame!" picture
JHarper: I'm quite happy with them being happy. And evidently he made Kitty very VERY happy. :)
JHarper: lookame?
Kirayoshi: What's the 'lookame' picture?
Kirayoshi: Oh not again!
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
LoneWolf21: It's a softcore picture of Wisdm and Kitty er...yeah
LoneWolf21: and Kitty has a sign reading "Hey Mr. Calremont! Lookame!"
LoneWolf21: *Claremont
xakko: heh
Amokitty: Lookame. Yes I remember that one. Where does one usuaqlly find this stuff? I saw one by accident recently with K&P. You never know where you find them.
Kirayoshi: Oh, that one.
LoneWolf21: I know it's Luba's site somewhere
Kirayoshi: I saw that on Luba's Fonts of Wisdom site.
LoneWolf21: *at
xakko: that's ok, LW, most of us read typo
xakko: we type it pretty well too
Amokitty: Okay. Gotcha. I saw it on Google images myself.
LoneWolf21: oh, ok.
JHarper: Ah. I heard about that one.
Amokitty: Wow. Just had a thought. Kitty and Lois Lane now have something else in common. Ha.
JHarper: What's that?
Kirayoshi: Please, no Man of Steel Jokes!
Amokitty: i've seen only a couple of images of that genre so to speak. In all of them Peter is armored.
Amokitty: LOL.
Kirayoshi: The only problem with that is that Piotr's steel form would not feel sexual arousal.
JHarper: that has to hurt...
Amokitty: i would imagine, yes. It looks dramatic though.
LoneWolf21: and steel is cold
JHarper: Nice here down in the gutter...
JHarper: :D
LoneWolf21: keep the room temperant
Kirayoshi: On the other hand, it would be a good way to stave off premature climax.
LoneWolf21: too hot, too cold, yow!
Amokitty: We've never had a chance to be down here. No fair the Kete's have had the fun until now.
JHarper: Heh heh heh.
Amokitty: Kete is dead! Long Live Kiotr!!
xakko: wasn't it said that Piotr's organic steel was warm to the touch?
Amokitty: yes, actually I think it was.
Kirayoshi: If he's out in the sun for any length of time, too hot!
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
darkstorm5000: I've always wondered about that
JHarper: BRB, guys.
Amokitty: Whoops.
xakko: ah... gah.
Amokitty: Did you read Bloodline, DS?
Kirayoshi: This is getting monotonous!
Amokitty: We never left. Hmmmm.
Kirayoshi: I keep getting booted out of the chatroom.
LoneWolf21: Does that if he were to get in water after a protacted stay in the sum there'd be steam?
Amokitty: I wonder why???
darkstorm5000: Uh-Huh. At the rate they're going, Sinister's gonna have had a hand in just about every X-Character's past in one form or another
Amokitty: Thanks, LW. Lovely thought..... heh.
LoneWolf21: I have a tie in for bloodlines and the AOA
Amokitty: Please spill, LW.
xakko: i'm just waiting on the Guthrie's myself
xakko: (poor Melody, poor Jay)
Kirayoshi: During the Australian period, there was one scene where Peter was out in the sun for a long time and when he picked up his sketchpad, it ignited.
Amokitty: I'm so damn mad at New X-Men. So glad I quit when I did.
Amokitty: I know the man's hot but geez...
LoneWolf21: Well, the whole thing is the last male rasputin gets corrupted by the monk, yes?
Amokitty: Yes.
LoneWolf21: Mikhail died in the AOA before Peter did
LoneWolf21: that explains the insane trampling
xakko: last rasputin. it affected Larisa too
Amokitty: Well, he sorta disappeared I guess you could say.
LoneWolf21: now leaving Husk behind...uh...not sure it fits the timeframe...yet.
xakko: i really hate this idea, i think Hine dropped the ball completely
Amokitty: Agreed.
Kirayoshi: And sadly, this led to yet another argument for the Kete crowd.
Amokitty: They nitpick for the lamest excuses, I swear.
Amokitty: Peter was barely in his own mini. So disappointed wioth it.
xakko: a five issue Colossus series, where he ends up not advancing at all, doesn't touch on most of his real issues, but ends up creating a brand new problem
Amokitty: Ellis has disappointed me. Why not Hine?
xakko: I still want them to deal with Peter Jr. somehow.
LoneWolf21: Yes, Well Generation M was misadvertised too
Kirayoshi: Ellis works better with his own properties.
Amokitty: It would nice to wrap that up and move on.
Kirayoshi: Planetary, for example
xakko: they had the chance, to show Sinister killing Peter Jr., though I don't think I'd like that
Kirayoshi: I understand that the X-Men: Civil War tie in mini will finally resolve the whole ONE subplot.
Amokitty: I know continuity can be a bother for some writers, but since they know that the readers care, why don't they??
Kirayoshi: We may finally get those Sentinels off of the lawn.
xakko: it was referenced in one panel in the whole mini
Amokitty: I'm tired of 'em already.
xakko: i was so worried that Piotr would be written as pro-registration
Kirayoshi: Hey, Milligan's off of X-Men after this lame Apocalypse arc
Amokitty: True. Why did Hine even bother?
Amokitty: Is he, Xak?
Kirayoshi: And Brubaker is definitely one of the better writers, so there may be hope.
JHarper: (GROWLS) Give Peter to ME, damn it!
xakko: i don't know, but if it is only one X-man, then it isn't Colossus
Amokitty: Not happy with carey having Vic and Misty join.
xakko: agreed, Jeremy
xakko: i'd buy that
Amokitty: Please, Marvel. Give him to Jeremy.
LoneWolf21: That seems more by circumstance then "we want you to join"
Kirayoshi: Oh yeah! I'd love to see Jeremy'
JHarper: Of course, if I wrote him, the Ketes would accuse me of gary stuing him up! ;)
Amokitty: Thank God. I was worried he would join the wrong side. Got trashed for it at comixFan, as I recall...
xakko: heh...
Amokitty: They can be mean.
xakko: i saw... what was that about? does NO ONE read a whole post anymore?
Kirayoshi: But how? It's not like you created the character, like Ellis did with Pete!
Amokitty: People LIKE to pick arguments, rather than listen Xak. I don't understand it.
xakko: i kinda do, since i've been there. i try to make sure i know what i'm replying to before i jump in now
Amokitty: They sure misunderstood me. Not my idea of fun.
JHarper: A lot of these clowns would get evicerated on RPGNet, for acting the way they do. Moderation is pretty tight there, and the posters don't suffer fools gladly.
Amokitty: It seems a little friendlier at CBR though.
LoneWolf21: We know Peters side in Civil war?
Amokitty: Sometimes, anyways.
xakko: we were told one X-man will make it difficult for everyone else by joining the pro-reg side
JHarper: You've never read the animated Teen Titans threads... :/
Amokitty: I hear Rumbles can be awful.
Kirayoshi: Wouldn't it be funny if the X-Men end up the most popular heroes in the MU after Civil War?
xakko: and we now know who that is from the cover to X-men Civil War #1
LoneWolf21: Sometimes it seems like at comixfan, you say one negative thing about Claremont, they're ready to string you
Amokitty: The irony is mindblowing.
JHarper: Who is it?
xakko: Rumblers ARE bad, because you have multiple fandoms clashing
xakko: Bishop
Amokitty: You noticed that too, LW?
LoneWolf21: yup
JHarper: That doesn't surprise me.
Amokitty: Bishop? whew. I'm so relieved.
Kirayoshi: The guy was a cop in his time line, that actually makes sense.
LoneWolf21: I enjoy CBR's rumble board
xakko: i'm a little disturbed that the Brubaker fans seem to be rapidly approaching the same rabity as Claremont and Morrison fans
xakko: that doesn't necessarily leave Piotr off the hook...
JHarper: Okay, I'm back. I'm afraid Lia can't make it tonight. Very tired. But she says hi and wishes everyone well.
xakko: rabidity, that is
xakko: awww... give her our best, JH
Amokitty: Give Lia our best, Jeremy.
JHarper: I will. :)
Amokitty: Yeah, that. Heh.
xakko: ok... you can't type Aw with more than one "W"
Kirayoshi: My problem with X-Fans these days is that they always rave about the next tnew writer, and then within a year they turn on them.
Kirayoshi: SOrry Lia coldn't show.
Amokitty: No just # w's. It thinks you're sending a link.
Kirayoshi: Hey, are you and Lia going to folllow up on Birthday Present?
Amokitty: 3 w's. Man I can't type!
xakko: milligan was really hyped as going to be amazing
Amokitty: Yes, Birthday Gift. What's next?
Kirayoshi: Milligan works better in indy-styled books, like his run on X-Statix
darkstorm5000: He seemed to start off kinda good, but then...
Amokitty: That title is just getting exciting again now he's leaving1 Figures.
LoneWolf21: Now Gambit's out to kill whitey
JHarper: I'm honestly not too sure on Birthday Gift. But Lia's working on a new story, a follow up to Cast Me Gently, and it's incredible. Her talent awes me.
Kirayoshi: Can't wait to see it.
xakko: i didn't mind his first few arcs, but the last few... ugh
LoneWolf21: I've seen that joke often
xakko: really? that's wonderful news
LoneWolf21: had to make it myself
Amokitty: Will she mind if you share a little more, Jeremy?
JHarper: Me either. She also doesn't shy away from any of the hard questions about Peter coming back.
Kirayoshi: Angsty, huh?
Kirayoshi: Good.
Amokitty: LW, where did you get that?
LoneWolf21: I've seen itat other boards
darkstorm5000: You haven't seen Gambit lately?
LoneWolf21: crude, I know
Amokitty: Thank goodness, Jeremy. I fear these questions will never get answered by Whedon.
JHarper: Well, it takes place after the kiss. 14 wasn't out yet when she started it. Peter goes to work off some black feelings by cutting wood. Kitty meets him in the forest, and they have a very serious talk.
JHarper: Lia is quite a brave writer. No yellow fear monsters, here!
Amokitty: Oh! The Horseman! Little slow on the uptake...
Kirayoshi: Anyone at CBR notice that the first ten pages of the Write M an X thread got chopped off?
xakko: those are the stories i like best
JHarper: They purged 50,000 posts. Database was getting too fat.
LoneWolf21: yup. Including my Hero High notes
Amokitty: I love Hal. I love Lia's stories too. Can't wait for this one.
xakko: gah, really? i lost my little ficlet about Kitty telling Kurt that Piotr was alive
Kirayoshi: I wondered about that.
Kirayoshi: They cut a few good stories.
Amokitty: It got pruned?
JHarper: It'll be very good. Trust me.
Kirayoshi: My favorite that got cut was a Rolling Stones review of Allison Blaire in concert.
xakko: i haven't been disappointed yet
Amokitty: Damn....
xakko: except that she never went back to Knight and the Maiden
Amokitty: She told me that she wants to re-do her Knight story.
Kirayoshi: I also remember one involving Kitty and Peter in a 'first time' scenario, only he kept stalling trying to be a gentleman.
JHarper: She had some problems with K & the M. She was having some relationship problems at the time, and it skewed her up a bit. She thinks she's going to have to rewrite it a bit.
Kirayoshi: Turned out it was a Danger Room scenario.
LoneWolf21: Yeah that was fantastic. The Lila Cheney bit was neat too
Amokitty: He certainly wasn't a gentleman this time.
JHarper: LOL!
Amokitty: I guess it was finally the proper time and place.
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
xakko: well, that's good news!
Amokitty: Note that Kitty didn't proposition him. HE took them there this time.
Amokitty: Oh for Heaven's sake. Kirayoshi will curse my name...
JHarper: Well, two years in hell sorta makes you reprioritize, you know?
Amokitty: That's probably why I would think.
Amokitty: After being alone in prison, he now wants to be crowded.
xakko: quite. speaking of which, I just loved Kirayoshi's "Close Every Door" about his time with Ord
JHarper: I was sorta thinking about writing an angst story about Peter's time under Benetech. I read The House of Leaves, and that got me thinking about mazes.
JHarper: Every so often, Ord would let Peter out, into a labyrinth that always seemed to lead him to freedom, but just returned him back to his cell.
Amokitty: This is a story that needs to be told. 2 yrs. is a long time. Definitely some story potential there.
JHarper: Don't know if I'll write it, though. Doesn't really have its claws in me, so to speak.
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: Say, anyone check out the new Doctor Who series on Sci-Fi?
JHarper: Hey K.
Amokitty: So what does? Storywise, I mean.
JHarper: I've seen some of it. Very good.
xakko: i've watched a few episodes... deb's gotten into it
Amokitty: Please don't kill me Kirayoshi.

Kirayoshi Has exited the room
Amokitty: yep. I'm dead.
JHarper: Deathless does. It has its claws in me very deep. To Slay wants to get out.
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
JHarper: Stuff happens.
Kirayoshi: What fresh Hell is this?
Amokitty: How can I make this up to you, Kirayoshi? I'm so sorry!
Kirayoshi: I am angry at the machine, not you.
JHarper: The House of Leaves, my friend. Watch out for sudden drops and minatours.
Kirayoshi: No problem.
Kirayoshi: Manure occurs, Amo.
Amokitty: The program is cursed! I'm getting rid of it tomorrow!
LoneWolf21: romance gets the reviews. especially if it's a common pair
xakko: House of Leaves?
JHarper: A literary horror novel. Owes a big debt to Jorges Luis Borges, among others.
Amokitty: When will the chap appear Jeremy?
Kirayoshi: Hey, J, did the others tell you about my post-The End story idea?
JHarper: I'm not too sure. I think it's going to be a long chapter - maybe at least 7000 words. I'm hoping in a week or two. I'm also hoping that people won't laugh at it in hysterical disbelief when I post it.
Amokitty: Darkstorm, I'll pose the same question to you.
JHarper: No, you didn't. I haven't been keeping up with The End.
Kirayoshi: I had an idea where Peter was sent through the Siege Perilous after Joss's run, in order to protect himfrom Ord.
JHarper: Huh. What happens after that?
Amokitty: Disbelief? Oh man, sounds like quite a twist.
darkstorm5000: Hopefully in a couple of weeks
Amokitty: Cool!
Kirayoshi: Ten years later, Kitty, now the Mayor of Chicago, is admiring a mural in the lobby of a new civic center.
JHarper: Well, there's not really a twist. I'm writing a scene, and I'm writing it for maximum awe. It's just.. well, when you read it, you may understand my worry a bit.
Amokitty: I thought your last story was wonderful. You've got a definite feel for Japan.
Kirayoshi: The manager of the civic center introduces her to the artist, one Peter Nicholas.
JHarper: Oh damn...
Kirayoshi: I want to play off the personality differences between Rasputin and Nicholas.
Amokitty: Callisto won't come up will she?
JHarper: This could be very interesting.
Kirayoshi: She's busy with that mutant fight club, so she's out of it.
darkstorm5000: Thanks, I did a LOT of research to try and at least get it right
Amokitty: Yes!
Kirayoshi: Besides, I don't think she even drives stick anymore.
Amokitty: It had the feel from the Claremont/Miller Wolverine series. so interesting.
JHarper: Yow!
Amokitty: Ha!
Kirayoshi: Anyone check out that pic of Ororo's wedding?
Amokitty: Oror, look out! T'Challa has competition.
JHarper: I had an idea for a rather grim story repop in my head.
Amokitty: Boy, that subject makes for a lot of hostility.
Kirayoshi: Frank Cho did this pic of the wedding, and Kitty's going to be the bride's maid.
xakko: oh? do share...
JHarper: Cho's a pig. He posted a strip for PVP that he knew would upset a friend of his, and he posted it anyway.
Amokitty: No kidding. sounds serious. Please share.
JHarper: Well, it involves, once again, Mythic Russia, which makes me wonder if my head is so hollow that one idea just reverberates over and over again.
Kirayoshi: Cho has a boob fixation.
Kirayoshi: Even his Kitty looks top-heavy!
Amokitty: There's a wealth of material from deathless to go on. I don't think it would get old.
xakko: being really good at a certain genre or millieu isn't necessarily a bad thing
Amokitty: Yes, he likes 'em busty...
Kirayoshi: Hey, myths are such a rich vein, it's easy to go back to that mine.
JHarper: Anyhow, Days of Future Past. Peter gets blasted by the sentinel, knocked out of the Baxter Building, presumed dead. yet he wakes up. Koschei the Deathless used the Crystal Coffin to resurrect Peter.
Kirayoshi: That trick again?
darkstorm5000: J, your grasp of Russian mythology is so deep and thorough, that at least for me it's entertaining and an education for me
JHarper: Koschei wants Peter as his apprentice and familiar, and in order to convince him, shows him what the sentinels did to Rachel and Kitty.
Kirayoshi: What, does Peter hook up with Widget?
Amokitty: How can every single super babe be cheesecake chicks? At least Cassaday draws with some realism.
Amokitty: LOL!
JHarper: Thanks all. It's just that I go back to that well with Peter so often, I wonder if I'm getting monontinous.
JHarper: I can't remember what the Sentinels did to Kate, but I think it was very nasty. Anyhow.
xakko: well, he keeps dying on you...
JHarper: Heh. :)
xakko: eventually turned her into widget, when she merged with a sentinel trying to trace Rachel back in time
Amokitty: Not from where I'm standing, Jeremy. This whole genre you've created has so many possibilities.
Kirayoshi: During Alan Davis's run on Excalibur, didn't her mind end up inhabiting the Widget robot?
JHarper: Peter agrees, and becomes Koschei's apprentice. He serves him for ten years, mastering sorcery under the Deathless's tutelege.
LoneWolf21: Eh, don't worry Jeremy, I mostly write about the new mutants, no matter the small feedback I get
LoneWolf21: Yeah, Kate became Widget
JHarper: At the end of the ten years, he revolts against Koschei and slays him, devouring his heart to take his power.
Amokitty: I hope that having you on the recommended list might help promote your work, LW.
Kirayoshi: With some fava beans and a nice Chianti, right?
JHarper: Peter become Zmei Piotr Black Sun, and lays waste to his timeline's earth.
Amokitty: I'm hooked already. Are you thinking of NOT doing this??
LoneWolf21: thanks Amo
Kirayoshi: Not much of a happy ending, huh?
xakko: i have to remember to leave you feedback LW... i've really liked your Doug Ramsey stuff
Amokitty: DoFp Earth SHOULD be destroyed.
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
LoneWolf21: thanks Xakko
JHarper: That's not all. He then jumps to 616, where he plans on slaying every baseline human in existence. He comes into conflict with the classic X-Team and New Mutants, just after Rachel joined them.
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: But I'm loving the special effects for this one.
Amokitty: wow.
LoneWolf21: Hey, I wrote a fic where a ghost ascends to heaven, after musing about being forgotten. not exactly uplifting
Amokitty: Wonder what conflicts there would be with Kitty. Wow.
JHarper: Don't have much more after that, save that in order to anchor himself to the 616 timeline, he imprisons our Peter in Crystal Coffin.
JHarper: Kitty, Illyana, and Rachel.
Kirayoshi: Would this be while Kitty was in Japan, or just after she returned.
Amokitty: No but the story had heart, LW. Nobody gets Doug like you do.
JHarper: Not happy fun time. Sigh. I just have so much on my plate right now. Plus the research would kill me.
JHarper: After.

Kirayoshi: For some reason, an Evil Peter to me ends up looking like Mr. Sinister.
JHarper: I actually have two stories out. I'll hopefully be hearing about them soon. And I have a lot more in my head, original wise.
LoneWolf21: I can imagine the arguement
Amokitty: I love doug. I hope he can be brought back. Nunzio has given me hope.
JHarper: Heh. :)
LoneWolf21: Dofp peter you left Kitty! (smack)
Kirayoshi: You ever read "Many Happy Free-Turns" at Fonts of Wisdom?
LoneWolf21: 616 peter: you went nuts! (whack)
Amokitty: Ha!
LoneWolf21: I love that story Kira!
Amokitty: What is it, K?
LoneWolf21: It inspired me to start Mutants & Dragons
Kirayoshi: A funny piece in which Kitty comes up with an unusual memorial for four absent friends.
Kirayoshi: (pre-AXM #4)
LoneWolf21: Let's see if I can dig it up
Amokitty: Oh crap! I saw that on another site! OMG. *Dies laughing*
xakko: who wrote it?
Kirayoshi: She designed an RPG PC game with a Knight, a Valkirye, a Mage and a Thief, modeled after Piotr, Illyana, Doug and Pete respectively.
JHarper: Right now, I hope to finish To Slay and To Live, then write the inital piece for the shared cycle I'd like to do.
Kirayoshi: She even cast herself as a 'hidden character'.
Kirayoshi: What do you have in mind for the shared cycle?
Kirayoshi: Because I for one would like to do a Colossus/Juggernaut team up.
LoneWolf21: http://lubakmetyk.infinology.net/others/briandoyle/freeturns.htm
LoneWolf21: found it!
JHarper: I think I mentioned it before, but I want to do a series of stories about Peter discovering his humanity post-Koschei, with Kitty helping him along.
JHarper: rediscovering, I mean.
LoneWolf21: Kitty: I'll help you rediscover you're humanity! (pops cleavage)
JHarper: Snort. I'm hoping for something a bit more subtle than that. :)
LoneWolf21: Peter: (suddenly steel) I feel better already!
Amokitty: Will you have the time to write this, Jeremy? Because we'll chain you to a desk if you don't.
Kirayoshi: That'll help him rediscover his manhood at least.
JHarper: (though it also brings to mind a second cycle of stories).
Kirayoshi: The Uncanny XXXenophile!
JHarper: Trust me, K. Nikolai/Peter has no problems with that. Kitty sparked some very interesting dreams in his head.
LoneWolf21: A fan of Foglio Kira?
xakko: heh...
Kirayoshi: Been there done that!
Kirayoshi: I'm familiar with his work
JHarper: I was going to invite a bunch of you to work on the cycle, if you'd like.
LoneWolf21: Ah
xakko: Juggernaut/Colossus would be interesting... it's too bad Piotr couldn't have been in New Excalibur
Amokitty: This I gotta see!
xakko: i want to see them interact again
LoneWolf21: cycle?
Kirayoshi: I loved his illustrations for the Myth Adventures novels.
JHarper: I'd write the inital story, so everyone can get their bearings.
Kirayoshi: The story could take place while Juggs was still with the X-Men.
Kirayoshi: pre-House of M.
JHarper: Basically a shared theme. I'm inviting people into my sandbox.
Kirayoshi: Sort of a Round Robin
Amokitty: Like the round robin K mentioned in the last chat?
JHarper: House of M doesn't happen in the Deathless verse.
LoneWolf21: Ah I see. I mostly know it from Girl Genius
LoneWolf21: Yay, Jono's powered
JHarper: Sorta. Everyone would write their own story though, instead of collaborating. It'd be a collaborative theme, I guess, instead of plot.
Kirayoshi: He also did "Stanley and His Monster" and "Angel and the Ape" minis
darkstorm5000: And not locked away in somebody's closet, or wherever it was they left him
LoneWolf21: yeah, so I've heard
JHarper: I hope people will be interested, when I get to it.
Amokitty: That's a wonderful idea. To read different takes on the same theme, so to speak.
Kirayoshi: I can see Cain Marko getting sick of Peter's brooding and wanting to beat it out of him.
JHarper: I'd sorta play continuity cop. I plan on setting up a forum at FFNet, and I'd treat the stories as canon in my future stories.
Kirayoshi: Maybe having them bond while trashing a Sentinel.
Amokitty: Fantastic idea.
JHarper: Marko better be ready then. Post-Koschei Peter is nasty. :)
Amokitty: Well, he's been through hell. Literally.
JHarper: He's not losing any of his powerboost after Deathless ends.
JHarper: Very much so.
xakko: really? whoa... that's a big change then
darkstorm5000: Sounds like a match-up for the record books
Kirayoshi Has exited the room
xakko: (for an X character...)
Amokitty: I'm so glad that Deathless won't have to end. It can go on "living".
Kirayoshi Has entered the room
Kirayoshi: And his powers are magic-based too so who knows what will happen?
JHarper: Well, Koschei rebuilt Peter from the ground up, so to speak. Really can't think of a way he'd go back to being a mutant.
JHarper: Up to you, K. :)
Amokitty: Will we see Peter pulling an Illyana soon? Will he be a magical bad ass?
JHarper: In Deathless?
Amokitty: Yes.
Kirayoshi: He's someone whose lived with dark magic for much of his life, so maybe he'll have something to contribute.
LoneWolf21: Isn't iron/steel typically anti-magic?
JHarper: Wait and see. :) I think you'll find To Slay very interesting, when I'm finally done with it.
Amokitty: Gah! this is just as bad as waiting for Astonishing!
JHarper: Traditionally, though I haven't seen much of a basis for it in Russian myth.
Kirayoshi: I still want to see OPF get out of RPG Hell and get to the homestretch of "Paper Flowers".
JHarper: :) Heh. The suffering of others is sweet, sweet nectar. ;)
LoneWolf21: Ah I see
LoneWolf21: just asking
xakko: that would be lovely, K
JHarper: Tell me about it, K. I was going to invite her in to the cycle, but it seems that RPing has swallowed her up again. :/
Amokitty: Jeremy you LOL.
Kirayoshi: I especially want to see Kitty get all Inigo Montoya on Vargas!
JHarper: LOL!
Amokitty: That's just mean!!
Kirayoshi: "
Kirayoshi: "You killed my father. Prepare to die.":
xakko: so, how would you "power up" the 616 Colossus, if you had control of him?
JHarper: Well, I'm suffering too, actually. I want the damn thing out. I'm so tempted to post what I have right now.

Amokitty: I'm cursed.
JHarper: Hey again.
JHarper: It's allright. Not your fault, and I had some fun tonight. It's great chatting with you all.
LoneWolf21 Has entered the room
Amokitty: Guys, would it help if i said that we'll never have to be in this room again, after tonight?
JHarper: :) I think that would be a plus.
Amokitty: Thankfully, most all of the transcript has survived.
JHarper: Oh, I copy and pasted the last section of chat. Would you like it, Shari?
JHarper: Ah, nevermind then. :)
xakko: i don't mind at all.
Amokitty: Not sire if i need it yet. Can i get back with you on that jeremy?
xakko: well, i certainly don't hold computer troubles against you, shari
LoneWolf21: Bamabi 2002! Ha!
JHarper: Yeah. I got it on my files. Let me know.
Amokitty: Bless your heart, Xak. I wouldn't blame any of you to throw up your hands and head out.
JHarper: You had a rough night. I'm sending you a gift.
Amokitty: Thank you, Jeremy.
JHarper: Sent it.
Amokitty: If any of you should ever decide to grace my room again, it WILL be different. if that helps..
JHarper: I will. I have fun with these chats.
Amokitty: I'm blesed to know such kind people.
JHarper: Check you S@Amocat.com account.
Amokitty: Blessed. Can't type either. GaH!
JHarper: heh heh. We get your meaning. :)
Amokitty: brb! thanks, Jeremy.
Amokitty: OMG!!!!!
Amokitty: Thank You!!!!!!
JHarper: It isn't finished, yet. But let me know what you think of it.
Amokitty: You're so good to me.....
Amokitty: Damn straight I will!!!!
JHarper: hey, appreciative readers don't grow on trees. :) You're feedback is always great. Long reviews on FFNet are also like nectar.
LoneWolf21: Good point
JHarper: Somedays you're lucky if you get an 'attaboy' review.
Amokitty: I'm remiss in giving LW feedback. I'll fix it!
JHarper: I'm way behind on my reviews as well.
xakko: i agree... your analysis of my in progress chapter was incredible
LoneWolf21: Thanks amo.
Amokitty: Your mention of the New Mutants to me the other day, Jeremy - I've got New Mutants #24. You need to see this. I hope to have it on the gallery soon.
JHarper: Okay.
LoneWolf21: That reminds e, there was a good fic on Doug and Kitty's relationship I mean to review...
LoneWolf21: 24...24...
Amokitty: I just love quality srories. You don't find them that often. I want people to know it's appreciated.
JHarper: Yeah, I saw your link for it on Write Me an X.
LoneWolf21: oh! I think I remember now..
LoneWolf21: yeah
xakko: i need to get my lunch hour back so i can start writing again.
JHarper: Hey Xakko, have you started the next chapter of Kit's Laughing yet, or are you still in cool down?
Amokitty: so has anyone seen the gallery? I'd like a review now, heh. What did any of you think?
JHarper: :) That answers my question, then. ;)
JHarper: I liked the gallery. A lot of neat stuff in it. Though the heading for the original gallery took me off guard. I thought it was fan artwork, not pro art.
Amokitty: Perhaps I should re name it?
xakko: i JUST finished chapter 12... so... "More Thumbscrews" is not yet started
JHarper: Yeah. It's current name makes it sound like a fanart gallery.
Amokitty: Gotcha.
JHarper: So you're in cooldown. I can relate.
JHarper: When I finish something, I usually have to wait a few days before I can start my next chapter.
xakko: maybe a fanart link would help distinguish it?
JHarper: Or project. Whatever. I think I'm starting to get a little dopey. :/
xakko: of course, you would have to solicit fanart...
Amokitty: Signal to Noise was a long yummy chap. You've eaned a break!
xakko: but most of it was done ages ago... i should try to keep the momentum...
Amokitty: We Kiotr fans are a somewhat small group. I'm not sure if I could obtain a lot of fan-art.
JHarper: Do your best. Your best is very good indeed.
xakko: and, like jeremy, now that the end is truly in sight, i may try to get it out and completed
JHarper: May be worth a shot. And I think we're growing in number. :)
xakko: and maybe one day ff.net will let me post it
xakko: i drew a middling picture of Piotr grieving at Illyana's grave I could submit
Amokitty: Agreed. Xakko your character analysis is so true1
JHarper: I just got a review from Lia, so maybe the problems are over. Oh, I managed to log in.
JHarper: yeah, so things are running again.
Amokitty: 'Bout time. Oh wait - that's been done already.
xakko: i'm in!
Amokitty: I'm glad that FF's back. Now Rose can post "Indian Summer".
JHarper: She giving you sneak peaks as well? ;)
Amokitty: This week has been very good to me.
Amokitty: Some. Just her essential Colossus chap. so far.
Amokitty: She mentioned that she wanted to write about Kitty's dream picnic in Astonishing.
JHarper: That was interesting, that one.
JHarper: I'm jealous of her speed.
JHarper: Everyone, this has been fun, but I need to get to bed now. Sandman is knocking on my head.
Amokitty: Yeah, how does she do it?
xakko: and her range... well you all seem to have more range than i
xakko: g'nite!
JHarper: :) If she tells you, let me know.
Amokitty: It IS late. Are you East Coast or West?
JHarper: Don't sell yourself short, Xak. You're very good.
JHarper: East, but I live on Dracula time, so it's okay. I was just short of sleep today.
xakko: but i've been a one trick pony so far
Amokitty: It's midnight on the West coast, so I know it's late. I'm so glad you came. and your PATIENCE.....! Thank you!
xakko: i like "Kit's Laughing" more than just about anything I've ever written, but I need to see if I have a sophomore effort in me...
JHarper: Nothing wrong with working one story exclusively. :)
LoneWolf21: west here
JHarper: You're more than welcome. Please let me know what you think of the gift. Take care all.
Amokitty: Xakko, Kit's is not some fluke. We know there more where THAT came from.
xakko: thank you...*blush*
Amokitty: Jeremy, I will. Tell Lia we missed her!
LoneWolf21: bye Jeremy
JHarper Has exited the room
darkstorm5000 Has entered the room
Amokitty: Good night Jeremy.
xakko: hi DS!
Amokitty: Xak, do have more ideas in store? Care to share?
darkstorm5000: Glad to be back!
Amokitty: Marcus! haven't given up on me I see. thank you.
darkstorm5000: No problem, I'm finding the discussions on here way too interesting to do that
Amokitty: LOL! A transcript of tonight's chat will be posted tomorrow.
xakko: i don't know... i once had an AU bit with a superhero team i created a long time ago, but now that i think of it, it reeks of Marty Stu-dom...
xakko: and in some ways, Whedon has made much of the need I felt to write Kit's Laughing a bit redundant!
Amokitty: really?
Amokitty: I noticed that you're not using the House of M timeline now, Xak.

xakko: well, my story takes place right before "Dangerous", when I started it
Amokitty: We didn't go down again did we?
Amokitty: Whew!
xakko: it would happen in the middle of Uncanny #460
xakko: right after Rachel got mad at Kitty and Peter on the rug
Amokitty: The ending is near though. Getting excited?
xakko: a little... and nervous too
Amokitty: May I ask why?
xakko: if I mess up the ending, it almost feels like I invalidate the whole process
LoneWolf21: Rachel would need the talk, turning into a dino
Amokitty: i have faith. This has been such a carefully crafted piece. don't doubt yourself, Xakko.
xakko: I feel I should keep it in continuity- so that readers could feel this actually happened, which means that I can't have the happy ending I might've hoped for...
xakko: and I hate sad endings!
xakko: unless I do a prologue post Astonishing #14...
Amokitty: You can't reconsile this?
Amokitty: Can't spell tonight either...
Amokitty: Sad endings are okay too.
darkstorm5000: It's alright, it's after midnight so bad spelling doesn't count against you
Amokitty: The story can stand on it's own without a happy ending.
Amokitty: Ha!
xakko: maybe some "pillow talk" that took place before they went down to the kitchen and saw Wolverine?
Amokitty: I'd like that a lot! I wish there could've been more dialogue!!!
darkstorm5000: That would've been nice
xakko: yeah, I know what Whedon was trying to do, and I respect it... but of course we wanted more
Amokitty: i mean there's not a lot of talking during sex, but I know they didn't just fall asleep either. There HAD to have been a discussion!
xakko: i agree... i REALLY hope Whedon doesn't have them start fighting... gentle teasing, yes, but fighting? no thank you
Amokitty: I hope you do this Xakko. To fill in Whedon's gaps.
Amokitty: Kitty and Peter don't fight. It's not their way. Disagree, yes. fight? No.
xakko: i'm sure a few of us will be handling that scene
Amokitty: Well, Thank God!
xakko: which may be the biggest thing about Pryde-Wisdom that failed it for me
Amokitty: I'm expecting a flood of PWP's to hit after this too. Just wait.
xakko: they had that stereotypical sitcom snap at each other, insult one another thing
darkstorm5000: PWP's?
Amokitty: It doesn't have to be that way. I've been married for almost 7 yrs. We don't fight.
Amokitty: Heh. Porn without Plot.
darkstorm5000: Ohhhh...
Amokitty: Sometime's known as Plot? What Plot?
xakko: my wife and i have had one fight, we've been together about 8 years in total.
xakko: (she won, by the way)
Amokitty: This scene in astonishing will cause a small avalanche I bet. PWP's are almost always awful.
Amokitty: Respect makes all the difference doesn't it xak?
xakko: y'know, i don't think i've ever even TRIED to write a love scene?
Amokitty: Ha! Good for you,Deb! Can't outfight a ninja!
xakko: i agree. so does not feeling the need to be "better than" your spouse
Amokitty: I've seen people absolutely miserable, and they don't understand what's wrong. I get asked why is my marriage so happy like it's a big secret or something...
xakko: i wonder if i will sell any Cats Laughing cd's with my story
Amokitty: Promotion for the cause! I hope so!
xakko: so many relationships are just filled with drama
Amokitty: Emma and Co. deserve to be heard!
xakko: i sometimes wonder if tv is responsible... because they need drama to engage interest, then people see it and think that is normal
xakko: have you heard the band?
Amokitty: Yep. And I'm no drama queen. I don't have the energy for it.
LoneWolf21: Man, I'm bushed. Gonnaturn in
LoneWolf21: night
xakko: g'nite LW
Amokitty: Good night LW, it' was so good of you to stick around!
darkstorm5000: good night LW
Amokitty: Check out my links page Xak. You'll get an idea of what I think of them.
LoneWolf21: anytime.
xakko: ah, I've seen those.
LoneWolf21: ja ne!
Amokitty: I'll review soon LoneWolf, bear with me!
xakko: i think i'm about to get someone into the Flash Girls...
LoneWolf21 Has exited the room
xakko: they were interested in all the Neil Gaiman songs
Amokitty: Cool. Sovereign's Seven got me interested in Violet and Pansy.
Amokitty: Just like CC introduced me to Cat's Laughing.
xakko: i haven't read sovereign's seven... i've been meaning to
Amokitty: It's kinda meh. It could've went somewhere with the right artist, I think. The art was awful. Kitty and Illyana made an appearance!
Amokitty: Kitty in a DC comic. I loved it.
xakko: well, then I definitely need it
xakko: i intend to eventually collect all their appearances.
xakko: (Kitty and Piotr)
Amokitty: Lockheed too, for that matter....
Amokitty: I've got most of them. And there's a LOT.
xakko: i know... i have the marvel chronology project as my guide, but even that doesn't cover them all
Amokitty: Some guest appearances actually meant something way back when.
xakko: I know Iron Man #15 is rather pricey
Amokitty: I was mentioning to madripoor Rose about Peter's date with Betsy Wilford in Dazzler. There's a lot of stuff that's been forgotten.
Amokitty: I have that appearance. I've got some scanned pages. Have you seen the story?
xakko: i didn't know about that one- i knew he was involved with Betsy, since she was seen in Uncanny and reference in the Colossus one shot...
Amokitty: You know since Raab wrote it, I never bought that one-shot. I sit any good?
Amokitty: I'll have to post my Iron fist pages. Storm gets face full of potato salad!
xakko: it's OK... there's some fun bits, some good art, but the story doesn't make the best of sense
Amokitty: Of course not. It's Raab.
xakko: Arcade hired by Black Air to kill Colossus and Meggan.
Amokitty: Okay. What was up with the Kete fans insisting that Peter had the hots for Meggan? Geez.
xakko: I always thought Raab, while not a great writer, seemed to respect Piotr more than most
Amokitty: Do these Brits speak English? LOL.
xakko: I don't know. There really is no evidence for it.
Amokitty: At least Raab did some research, which is more than I can say about a lot of writers.
Amokitty: Did you read Unlimited #14?
Amokitty: No research on the 1st story. Little disappointed.
xakko: not yet... it's coming in the mail.
xakko: research is a scant commodity nowadays.
xakko: even Whedon seems to be going off his own memories of the X-men as opposed to some of the things that have been happening
Amokitty: The cover's nice anyway. I thought the 2nd story was better.
Amokitty: Yes, I'm seeing this just a little.
xakko: i am thinking that they need to give Colossus a bit of a powerup- not necessarily additional strength, but...
Amokitty: Every writer has their bias.
Amokitty: More than the atypical stron guy?
Amokitty: Strong... I'll spell it eventually.....
xakko: i had this thought- because he is slightly faster in armored form- that because he is metal, his reflexes- nerve impulses- are faster than human, because it's electricity going through metal
darkstorm5000: Like a secondary mutation?
Amokitty: That makes total sense.
xakko: he really should have the faster reflexes on the team...
xakko: just a reinterpretation of his power. but he usually doesn't move reflexively- he thinks his way through his fights often
Amokitty: Couldn't touch Logan though. Mutant poster boy for cool...
xakko: heh... not mine, personally
Amokitty: i loved that line.
xakko: oh, it's a great line, and it fits what Emma would say, too
Amokitty: X3 is Logan's movie. I'll take it over being Halle's movie though.
xakko: have you seen the Colossus design?
Amokitty: I'm thinking of having a chat not long after the movie opens. That is if any one will bother at this point...
xakko: i really don't know when I'll see it.
Amokitty: Yes, I have. I hope it doesn't look like that on the screen.
xakko: i have to read reviews to see if my fear is justified
darkstorm5000: I'm in, I think I'll probably have some strong opinions on it
Amokitty: You're so brave, Marcus!
xakko: i was invited to see it in NYC with some CBR fans... or not see it, but meed up with them afterwards
xakko: meet too
Amokitty: The room will probably explode next time.
Amokitty: I missed out on a CBR meet up in my own town!!! Just a month ago! I;m still mad, that I couldn't make it1
Amokitty: It would be wonderful to put names to faces.
xakko: well, i was supposed to meet jeangreydp and bethamphetamines in St. Louis last weekend, but work got in the way
xakko: and work may get in the way of going to NYC too
Amokitty: That reminds me. I was wondering what everybody thought of the idea of an audio chat in the chat room?
Amokitty: I'm sorry Xak. I know that kind of disappointment. Sucks huh?
xakko: audio chat? like, we'd have to have a microphone?
Amokitty: I'll have to ask for opinions from everyone. I'm not sure if everybody has the mic and speakers for a conference call as it were.
darkstorm5000: I don't know, I'm just now getting the hang of regular 'chatting'
xakko: i don't...
Amokitty: Just an idea.... I'm full of 'em.
xakko: and i think some people are on dial up- would that be prohibitive
darkstorm5000: Nothing wrong with that
xakko: we would...ll...tal...ike...th.s
Amokitty: Well Audio chatting wouldn't happen soon anyway. It'll be all I can do just to get a regular to work!!!
Amokitty: Funny.
xakko: heh... computers are evil
xakko: heh... computers are evil
Amokitty: yes. My husband knows this well. It's his career.
xakko: considering i was supposed to be going to work in a little over 2 hours, i'm doing quite fine right now
Amokitty: He dreams of having a career with Poker, but Poker is evil in it's own way too I guess.
Amokitty: It sounded like sun. wound up being free after all.
darkstorm5000: And when you combine the two...
Amokitty: i'm glad.
Amokitty: LOL.
Amokitty: Tell me about it!!
xakko: i wonder what an X-man poker tournament would be like...
Amokitty: He's now teaching my Nephew to bluff.
xakko: since Dan Slott's giving us a Marvel Universe version of the World Poker Tour in a couple issues...
Amokitty: I remember in Uncanny #149 that Logan and Peter were playing cards.
Amokitty: Really?
Amokitty: Sounds very interesting.
xakko: yeah, in Thing #8
xakko: there was one with Gambit and Sam and some others playing at some point too
Amokitty: I'll have to get it. Mark loves Green Lantern, but maybe should broaden his horizons.
xakko: there was an issue a year ago where the Kingpin bought into a Superhero poker game
xakko: and ended up head to head with Spidey
Amokitty: Of course he did!
Amokitty: So how's with cards?
xakko: and he'd given everyone $10K to play with, because he wanted to take it from them.
xakko: With a spider-sense, I imagine he kicks major ass
xakko: I ca- whoa! I fold!
Amokitty: Well if I didn't think he was evil before....
xakko: he said if they won, they could do what they pleased, give it to charity, whatever.
xakko: but he was confident that he was the best.
Amokitty: Still evil!!!
Amokitty: LOL.
Amokitty: You seem interested in super heroes and cards, Xak. Do you play?
xakko: yeah... just with friends and family
xakko: (a little online, but not in a long while)
Amokitty: My husband does too. Not much on-line, but his friends host tournaments sometimes. He usually does pretty well.
darkstorm5000: It's about to hit 3 am in my neck of the woods, so I'm going to sign off. Amo, thanks for inviting me, I really enjoyed being part of this chat and I hope talk to everyone again real soon.
Amokitty: Marcus, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
xakko: it's 4 am here... i'd better just finish tidying up Kit's Laughing and get that baby posted!
xakko: (before ff.net shuts down again!)
Amokitty: You've been so kind!
Amokitty: Ha!
darkstorm5000: Good luck, Xak!
xakko: it really was a blast... i can't wait for the next one!
xakko: hopefully OPF and Lia can make it too!
Amokitty: Get a good night's sleep Marcus, we'll talk soon!
darkstorm5000 Has exited the room
xakko: and Rose, of course
Amokitty: xakko, what can I say? Your patience has helped me hold it together here...
xakko: no problem... you and your husband have been so generous with your time and resources putting this together
xakko: we should all be thanking you...
xakko: (thank you!)
Amokitty: I can promise that the chat will be a different one. Ha, every chat so far has had it's share of screw ups. *sigh*.
xakko: it seems like everyone has a great time, tho'
xakko: the foibles of technology notwithstanding
Amokitty: Xakko, you're a sweetheart. Hopefully I can talk with Deb longer if she'll come for the next one.
xakko: i think she will... she seemed to be interested in us Kiotr weirdos
xakko: (she married one!)
Amokitty: Ninja Deb! i love it.
Amokitty: LOL.
xakko: btw, I'm 6'3 and deb's 5 foot, so we almost have Kitty and Peter height differences
Amokitty: Thank you for coming. I hope to give a proper review for Kit's Laughing soon.
xakko: I wanted to get her to go as Kitty for Halloween...
xakko: thank you SO much for that...
Amokitty: That's so funny!
xakko: it really did mean a lot
xakko: so, tomorrow you will see it up!
Amokitty: That would've been perfect!
xakko: well, thanks again, and have a good night!
Amokitty: Aw it wasn't anything, really. I enjoy the story a helluva lot!
Amokitty: Thank Deb for me, and sleep tight! Good night, Xak!
xakko Has exited the room
Amokitty: Well, it's been frustrating and fun. One of these days I'm going to get it right. Thanks everyone for being so very cool!
monitor: pretty understanding..
Amokitty: Next time: X-3 The Last Stand! See you around, everybody!
Amokitty: I thought so too, dear. I'm pretty lucky that way, huh?
Amokitty: I know good people.
Amokitty: Good night!